Saturday, August 4, 2012

Human Shield

This video alone tells everything, where is the FSA stands for and where criminal assad regime stands for, this is  powerful disclosure, how stupid criminal assay is, what is criminal regime fighting for, not fighting for the Syrian people for criminal assad,   it says all, if they put Syrian people front of criminal gang and then  the FSA  never shoot the Syrian people, it says all,  criminal assad using Syrian people means to end, while The FSA is protecting fighting for their own Syrian people!  

the below images is more narrative disclosure about the criminal assad gangs

Aleppo# FSA has been in Fierce clashes since last night till this morning on the Radio and Television of Aleppo Building where FSA was fighting Assad forces,at the end as we are told FSA has seized control of the Building and has taken over...
Also reports that FSA has strike an Assad helicopter on top of the building as it was firing down onto the building.

It is controlling information very information hoping the FSA effectively control  the broadcasting  station! 


In here from NYT:   also Criminal Assad  Arms Under Strain as Conflict Continues

Getty Image 

Perhaps even more worrying to Mr. Assad, his military has come to rely more heavily on equipment designed for a major battle with a foreign enemy, namely Israel, rather than a protracted civil conflict with his own people. Close observers of his military say Syria is having trouble keeping its sophisticated and maintenance-intensive weapons functioning
“This army is going to start breaking,” said Jeffrey White, a former Defense Intelligence Agency analyst now studying Syria for the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. “Not the whole thing at once, but pieces of it will break.”
At a glance, and for now, the government’s helicopter fleet is an imposing force. Highly maneuverable and able to carry several types of munitions, including free-fall bombs, it allows Mr. Assad’s military to roam above the Syrian countryside, seeking targets beyond the ready reach of its ground units.

Rebel commanders routinely say that what they most need are antiaircraft weapons to thwart government aircraft, especially helicopters.

Many videos have shown fighting groups with what appears to be a growing number of captured 12.7-millimeter, 14.5-millimeter and 23-millimeter machine guns — all of which can be lethal to helicopters, and show the risks to Mr. Assad, whose own weapons have been increasingly turned against the forces that secure his fate.


For Rebel Fight in Syrian City, Baking Bread Is Urgent Task

“The regime has tried to deprive our supporters of water and gas, and now they are using bread,” said Basheer al-Hajeh, a member of Al Tawheed Brigade, one of the main rebel militias in Aleppo. But he said the rebels had learned how to fight back against the government’s attempts to keep bread and other resources out of opposition-controlled areas. 
“We took control of the wheat warehouses in Aleppo’s suburbs,” he said. “We have many of them, in several areas, and they might keep us supplied for weeks.”
 “They are expecting a civil war that will take a long time and you have to sustain the daily life of the areas you are controlling,” he said. “It’s part of the game.”

I think normality is important  for the FSA occupied areas, keep old system remain as possible, only need to  remove few local  Assad shabiha. I think also Syrian National Council they have ceaselessly powerful aggressively lobby to UN, US et al allies nations asked them help. Nothing wrong ask them help when you need the help so that you  can help others when your time comes. Many nations did it, they asked others for help when their countries faced on crisis.  And  make sure sustainable supplies for basics food medical  and fuel,  locally people should  able to  clean up their areas, maintained cleanness that prevent spread  diseases  so while the FSA fighting front and local activist involved organizing all these things daily needs.  Also Syria only 50-60 % urbanization so this mean, the FSA held area of country side able to absorb the people who are fleeting from main cities. Ofcoures foremost these are should be safe, and also working with UN its aid organizations so that aid able to reach these area. That way least people able to stay in side Syria  instead spill all over the places, also we presumed that  UN should also prepares cold season for the refugees. 

 Yes I agree there is two differences  “criminal and prisoner of war” so make sure when  a situation out of control – all possible  as everyone, so many local people  have own personal story of this war, criminal gang rape under age girl and their loved one were killed by  - but it must be discreet. You can imagine everything is possible!