Thursday, August 23, 2012


Few things around about FSA disappointment about Aleppo silence they hoped when they entered city whole city rise with them, that doesn’t happen so far, in my view is “the silence people fear of their life” after seeing criminal brutal attacks inhumanly carried out atrocity  whoever wherever take the uprising. See the below video says, FSA able to set up based on some part of areas.

And there is  news says a man from Christian neighbouring area rang to AFP saying that criminal regime army take over and they welcomed them… and a rich house wife said this and propaganda. 
Lebanon fighting among criminal Assad supporters and the Opposition and” While reporting on the latest attacks by Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) attacks in southeast Turkey…"The Assad regime is backing the Syrian brothers of the PKK - the (Democratic Union Party) PYD," 
So it says criminal Assad is committing atrocity  along with deliberately  provoke i) sectarian, ii) spill over  boarders iii) buying time…or scare tactic for possible US et al intervention …etc