Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Heroes in Control 70%

Wind blow to victors feet....

Fight and Play

Whole world stands for us! Winner takes all!  

Fight can be cosy

FSA ask UN massive aid come thought northern side Turkish boarder so that people Aleppo able to access that food.  All these young heroes  are all fighting for their country while so many still the criminal camp cosy comfy life pieces of mouth pieces for the criminals 


The FSA planted eight explosive canisters in the vicinity of theSyrian military's Central Security Command, timed to explode during their daily meeting, Noor said.

The FSA had intelligence suggesting some 150 high-ranking officers would be attending the meeting. He did not know how many casualties had occurred because the security forces had secured the area.

"We will continue to carry out similar operations in the capital until we reach him [Assad] in the presidential palace," he said.

"If indeed this is the work of the Free Syrian Army, this is a breakthrough for them," she said. "What's interesting is that this is a very secure area." 

Cleary FSA’s  intention clear where and who their targets were !!