Friday, August 31, 2012

Volcano of the North

Rebel forces in the northern province of Aleppo announced the formation of the Revolutionary Transitional Council in a statement aired on Al Arabiya on Friday.

“[The Revolutionary Transitional Council] includes all those working in the revolution; civilians, politicians and military men,” one member of the newly formed council said in a statement recorded on a video. 

Cleary criminal regime indiscrimination shooting is deliberate act  of destruction for driving people out of their town and cities, fleeting neighboring countries so that people overflowing these countries and burdened them so eventually criminal regime hoping these spill effect give these neighboring tiresome, so fed up and stop supporting FSA revolutionary. I don’t think, criminal regime miscalculated this areas, stupid mistake attacking people, fear turn into profound resentment and hate. it is not go back but only forward force of stream no one can stop!