Wednesday, August 15, 2012

World Just Do Nothing

Syria warplanes hammer rebel border town

Fighter jets and helicopters are pounding air strikes at the civilian towns cities indiscriminately   shooting down their missiles bombs, people bodies were scattered  pieces by pieces all directions and fleeing and their hunger,  the sadist criminal have  fun time for millions of peoples agony and their death, while there is talking around hotshots around world, NON-LETHAL arms becase  lethal weapons may well end up al-Qaeda hand( this excuses there not many they know…it), only for information technology  about No-fly-zone, there is . Talking about FIM-92 Stingers The FSA Need, about large refugees hotshots visited there and their expression were horrified noble pathological mis-meanings, and they saying” not FSA but only refugees  we provide….” Well,  THIS IS WAR! CAN YOU SEE YOU ALL?  how could FSA fight the fighter jets helicopters? Unbelievable, they all probably living temple of appalling out of sight out of mind  area. Or their mission of avoidances so that it goes away and FSA seized many weapon possible  and fight the criminal side so that they will win somehow! This rampant fight is deadly, FSA gritting their superhuman strength nails digs into the ground, their superiority of moral and  minds that can not compare to criminal side, FSA need absolutely  essential need ‘LETHALWEAPON FIM-92-STINGERS”  FSA NEEDS! They will win easily so much agony and suffering will end forward, anyone who don’t  want to this? Your well-informed tomb of humanity need a bit invocation!