Thursday, August 9, 2012

Catastrophic Consequences if Criminal Assad in Syria

about an hour ago From Reuters via Al Jazeera 

Iran has launched its latest diplomatic initiative to resolve the intensifying conflict in Syria, warning that the abrupt fall of president Bashar al-Assad would have catastrophic consequences for the country.
At least 12 nations with "a correct and realistic position" would attend a meeting on Thursday in Tehran to discuss the conflict, a senior Iranian diplomat said this week, indicating that no nation that backs the opposition and calls for Assad to leave power would be present.
Russia, which along with Iran has strongly supported Assad since the crisis erupted 17 months ago - has said it will attend the meeting at ambassadorial level but it was unclear which other key players would be present.
 Iranian media has reported that China would also be present, along with Algeria, Tajikistan, Venezuela, Pakistan, India and six members of the Arab League but there was no independent confirmation. 
In an opinion piece published by the Washington Post on Wednesday, Iranian foreign minister Ali Akbar Salehi warned that the fall of Assad would catastrophic consequences for the countries. 

 In the history every single  totalitarians  tranny losers commons  themes song, “ if I leave the country the country will be mayhem!”  blackmailing, manipulate to the people’s mind total control, they don’t need to think, they want people utterly  depend on authoritarian tranny, now how a typical of  criminal terrorist Assad, he saw who were against Yankee at  the UN Assembly few days back votes, 133 countries consider vote for US et al in a way, so quick call the Iran and provoke them and give them task, ofcourse Iran hate Yankee too.  under the banner “ if criminal terrorist leave Syrian will be “catastrophic consequences for the country”! O how nice of them think of Syrian in such way! while they sent bunch of terrorist help the criminal Assad carried out killing Syrian people! how touching their caring- That is  NOT true!   but there will be “catastrophic consequences” if he remain power, as we have seen already,  his ending near he is end  of the story, there is no future Syria with criminal Assad, our 10 years old Syrian friends know this! So stop lying! there will be hard road ahead, as any changes go through that steps when this conflict ends, but Syrian people make their choices, they want to change, they want their Syrian for the everyone equal, free and fair! they are claiming  their ownership of their Syria, they make that choices! they prepare  go through hard road, instead let the criminal strip off their freedom, enslaved them and their children's and their children's, but they know when this conflict all end of the hard road  their children and their children will be living  free fair society where everyone equal!  To be frank west et al not even bother, make sure the meeting will be not important! HEY anyone attending that meeting against the world humanity and against Syrian people! We the Word watching who are attending such ACCOMPLICE meeting! A precious gift you could give Syrian people - applaud what they are doing  their courageous endeavour!