Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Curiosity is Looking for Life

Blue colour area where Curiosity hangs around at the moment 

Curiosity in Exaggerated Color

This color-enhanced view of NASA's Curiosity rover on the surface of Mars was taken by the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) on NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter as the satellite flew overhead. Colors have been enhanced to show the subtle color variations near the rover, which result from different types of materials.

The descent stage blast pattern around the rover is clearly seen as relatively blue colors (true colors would be more gray).

Curiosity landed within Gale Crater, a portion of which is pictured here. The mountain at the center of the crater, called Mount Sharp, is located out of frame to the southeast. North is up.

This image was acquired at an angle of 30 degrees from straight down, looking west. Another image looking more directly down will be acquired in five days, completing a stereo pair along with this image.

The scale of this image cutout is about 12 inches (31 centimeters) per pixel.

HiRISE is one of six instruments on NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. The University of Arizona, Tucson, operates the orbiter's HiRISE camera, which was built by Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp., Boulder, Colo. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a division of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, manages the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Project for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, Washington. Lockheed Martin Space Systems, Denver, built the spacecraft.

Image credit: NASNASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona

The image, hard to know what is in all but deserts, one thing so clear that there is somewhere life, for sure, I always believe  that,  earth is not only one but there are others out there for  looking for us! Isn’t so emotional, out there other planets there are life? They may difference shape because they have to adopt their own unique environment… I don’t mine die early but this kind of thing wish me make me alive littler longer so that I can have chance to make friends other planets, well may be a few centuries down the track  from now,  kids would say” well I received telepathic tmail my friends  from  Mars,  they are going to school excursion to the Moon….bula buala  ....Next generation would be conquer and colonization of other planets! 
Star wars the great star wars begin with everything within us our minds our imaginations....http://www.nasa.gov/


Look at them there is stones soils just like our deserts, wonder some trillion light years ago there was life and dead and will be again, there is another side there is kind of different landscape? Wonder Curiosity will be remains around there or she goes around and across desert and see somewhere more longer distant, she has all the universes herself...may be life there just eat sand and stone like us having a food... or build beneath the sand surface there may be have very very smart ET vacillating  civilizations...


Everyone make Curiosity is their own like me, here is CNN also cool coverages