Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Battle Harden Great Fighters

Libyan rebels inch closer to Zlitan breakthrough

ZLITAN, Libya, July 31 (Reuters) - Libyan rebel fighters from Misrata have pushed closer to entering the coastal town of Zlitan after 48 hours of fierce fighting
Gaddafi cell routed by Libyan rebels

"Things have to move more in Tripoli... the population must rise up,"

Libya action a success, says Hague : Belfast Telegraph
"It's up to the people of Libya what happens in the end. We are not going to stand in their way of an eventual solution," the Foreign Secretary said. "But I also said, as did my colleague the French foreign minister, that... the best feature of any solution will be Col Gaddafi leaving Libya as well as leaving power."


The TNC Chief IN Control

National Council resolves all militias in Benghazi
Thank you Mr Abdul Jalil  you have done a great job! Your leadership shining as ever!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The First Priority

Saturday, July 30, 2011 - 11:28 - Libya

Our correspondent James Bays has posted this picture on his Twitter feed, of rebels celebrating their victory in the western town of Ghazaya on Friday.

Al Jazeera James Bays has postes this picture his twitter 
We have to give a priority to the front line victory. There nothing to compare to the front line victory. Well done my dearest friends. Yes we have buried a solider with a hero burial; life must go on, as we can not afford endless speculations the reason of Younis death. Death is death should let  his soul in peaces. No more mulling over his death as his death was  inevitable, stop  serving to the enemy delightful entree.  Death is death end of the story.  We move on.  Looking at the precious freedom fighters’ creed their unbendable spirit!   

And here's a shot of what it looks like to approach Ghezaya, by James Bays

P.S Treat Younis death no more than just a death, in a war things happens that way. His tribe know which side has their bread and butter. Younis is a hero in Libya (TNC), he is a traitor in Gaddafi side, simple is that. So Younis family and his tribe should think carefully whether their father and their tribe member a hero in the Libyan history or a tainted fitly traitor for Gaddafi family. The Libyan history we are talking about. This conflict is Libya verses to Gaddafi family. All the world technology revolution, this is inevitable process, no one no tyrants no power stop this inevitability, the movement of stream. Younis is nobody, the NTC can only offer a hero regalia toYounis, he was one of the Libyan traitor prior to his defection(questionable) he had lots of blood in his hand. But now he is a hero. Younis is dead so Younis tribe think again. And Gaddafi family has no future. The NTC offer the Obeidi tribe a deal what is consider a good deal for both side.

The satellite dishes served full of diseased propaganda worms to Libyan people as main dishes so their minds are rotten, a great work Nato,  Gaddafi can not  poisoning civilians mind anymore so they can think clearly now!  

Friday, July 29, 2011

Nefusa Mountain Range Victory

Saturday, July 30, 2011 - 00:05 - Libya From Al Jazeera

A Libyan rebel fighter is taken to an ambulance at a checkpoint after being wounded in fighting near the town of Nalut in western Libya, July 29 [image | reuters]


Fighters launch assault in Libya's west

Nefusa mountain here comes the great guys the legend of Nefusa Mountain Range bravery will be alive forever- the Legend of Bravery Nefus Mountain Range, the battle harden great fighters

Younes Burial

 Sleep peacefully my friend in your promised season, at your home at Libya her benevolence soil. We all blame the traitor Gaddafi with his shameful malice. Your love trail is clear and blameless, set the across her fertile soil and her peoples hearts. Your radiance love will shining at her soil and victorious of path to the freedom fighters. Her democracy is the shining golden medallion of her laurel soil!

Libyan Soliders

"Our soldiers in either the government troops or the rebel forces are mostly Libyans," he said.
That’s right all Libyan soldiers,   the Libyan soldiers should fight for Libya not Gaddafi, this conflict Libya to Gaddafi so all the Libyan soldiers should fight for the Libyan democracy not Gaddafi family.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Democrecy is Working


Carefully chosen words are generate more speculation. I think using simple more frank wording in here; e.g
1) The general is killed by people who are unhappy about his continual contact on Tripoli.
2) He is dead, so lets move on, our aim is toppling Gaddafi, the Libyan Army united by New General XXX

This should be done very quickly effectively, lets move on OK.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Deed Of Unfreezing

Libya: Britain cuts last ties with Gaddafi regime: from the Guardain
Britain has frozen £12bn of Libyan assets since the conflict began in February this year, the vast bulk of which will remain frozen until the regime of Muammar Gaddafi loses power. But a proportion of the assets can be released if Britain can prove that they will only be used by the Benghazi-based National Transitional Council (NTC).

The push by the UK, which has temporarily closed its embassy in Tripoli, will raise questions about whether the funds will be used to buy arms. Foreign Office sources said assets would remain frozen if there is any evidence or suspicion that they were being used to pay for arms, even for the Libyan rebels. Arms sales of any description to any quarter in Libya are banned by UN sanctions.

But a source close to the NTC said funds may be used to buy weapons. "We can't," a source close to the NTC told the Guardian when asked how it would make sure funds are not used to buy weapons.

The source added: "We are militarily engaged in removing Gaddafi. Therefore it would be a bit strange to say that we are happy for you to have the no-fly zone, but rather that you didn't buy arms.

"They [the NTC] haven't been able to meet their payroll, which is their biggest problem to keep going. They also desperately need money to buy arms, particularly in the western mountains where there is often one weapon between two fighters, who go into battle hoping to get one from the enemy or a fallen comrade."
If I were the TNC and the civilian fighters, we just yes yes now, get the money first and then we can strongly diplomacy with  the UK terms of the UN mandates, if we need to. e,g. how could the civilian fighters fight with Gaddafi  protecting their homes town their family and liberate whole Libya. But this is not the time. The UK want to legitimately and easy way to release the fund without go thought complex  details of pros and cons about the UN mandates. Meantime write lots of other countries and ask them donation or loan to them some weapons.  Well this time would be different.

Gaddafi Gone Forever

William Hague, the British Foreign secretary, said on Wednesay:

The Prime Minister and I have decided that the UK recognises and will deal with the National Transitional Council as the sole governmental authority in Libya. This decision reflects the National Transitional Council's increasing legitimacy, competence and success in reaching out to Libyans across the country. through its actions the NTC has shown its commitment to a more open and democratic Libya, something that it is working to achieve through an inclusive political process. This is in stark contrast to Gaddafi, whose brutality against the Libyan people has stripped him of all legitimacy.

We will deal with the National Transitional Council on the same basis as other governments around the world. In line with this decision, we summoned the Libyan charge d'affaires here to the foreign office this morning and informed him that he and other regime diplomats from the Gaddafi regime must now leave the United Kingdom. We no longer recognise them as the representatives of the Libyan government and we are inviting the Libyan National Transitional Council to appoint a new Libyan diplomatic envoy to take over the Libyan embassy in London.  From Al Jazeera.

Gosh, Gaddafi has been kicked out from UK.  Whowha and Money rolling in...Unfreezing from freezing everything even their hearts,  Mr Hague was the first high ranking foreign  official who try to contact Bangazhe. You see  if you do right thing everything will follows that is  universal law for!  

Germany lends Libyan rebels $144 million
Germany announced Sunday it has agreed to lend 100 million euros ($144 million) to the rebels in Libya for “civilian and humanitarian purposes” despite staying out of NATO’s bombing campaign against Libyan government forces.
Wednesday, July 27, 2011 - 18:02 - Libya From Al Jazeera

Libya has "an obligation" to arrest Muammar Gaddafi, the International Criminal Court prosecutors' office has said.

I can not tell you how happy I am, to see the freedom fighters have new cool weapons even new cars.  In March, in Misurata there were swords, not much weapons, that was then the world was heartbroken  to see their fighting, sometimes they were fighting top of their mates bodies probably their own brothers then.  They buried so many precious life while still Gaddafi is breathing that is unforgivable. There  is now Libya v Gaddafi. Libya wants to democracy and give her people dignity and criminal gang Gaddafi wants build his own family business, so that they can steal from Libya. Gaddafi should remember Libya is forever ever she will be and Gaddafi momentary, gone with dust

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What Libya Wants?

Rebel fighters take up positions on the outskirts of Gawalich, near Zintan, July 24, 2011.
REUTERS/Zoubeir Souissi

 Official Statement from Mustafa Abdel Jalil, Chairman of the National Transitional Council:

In response to what was quoted in the Wall St Journal re: Gaddafi being held inside Libya, the National Transitional Council would like to clarify a few points:

The discussion regarding this matter transpired three weeks ago with Mr. Abdel Elalah Khatib the special envoy to the United Nations. At that time we had made it clear to Mr. Khatib and the other party that they would have one week to respond to the offer.

Since that time, our official position has been to negate the offer since the time allotted has expired.

We also maintain that we will not accept any direct or indirect negotiations with the regime. We encourage our friends and allies to support us in maintaining pressure on Gaddafi and his family to leave power and the country.

The official position of the National Transitional Council is that Gaddafi must leave power and must depart Libya. Furthermore, the National Transitional Council affirms that the Libyan people have the right to hold Gaddafi and his family accountable for the crimes they have committed. From Al Jazeera
From the Telegrapah
Juma al-Gamaty, the NTC representative in London said that while Mr Hague's comments amounted to a change in tone the dictator's fate was "ultimately up to the Libyan people, not any foreign secretary of any other country".

However Mr Gamaty signalled the NTC's strong doubts that it could rely on an undertaking by Col Gaddafi that he would relinquish all political activity.

"The idea that Gaddafi can stay in Libya alive and not in total control is totally hypothetical, almost a contradiction in terms," he said. "We know the mindset of Gaddafi very well. Gaddafi can only stay in Libya if he is in total control. I don't think he will ever envisage or contemplate the idea of him sitting in Libya watching the Libyan people getting on with building a democratic Libya."
Gaddafi faith is sealed! ( I made the above underlined and bold type).

Rebel fighters pose for a photograph at Bir-Ayyad near the city of Zintan in the western mountains, 120 km (75 miles) southwest of the capital Tripoli, July 23, 2011. REUTERS/Zoubeir Souissi

This from the Guardian:  Gaddafi can't be left in Libya, says international criminal court:

"What happens to Gaddafi is ultimately a question for the Libyans," Hague said. "It is for the Libyan people to determine their own future. Whatever happens, Gaddafi must leave power.

"He must never again be able to threaten the lives of Libyan civilians, nor to destabilise Libya once he has left power."

But Olara said the decision to seek justice had been made in the UN, adding that the ICC's arrest warrants were "legal facts" which "cannot go away".

"Any negotiation or deal has to respect (UN Security Council resolution) 1970 and the ICC's decision," Olara said.

…Politically, immunity would go down badly in rebel-held parts of Libya, where the torture, killings and destruction have caused deep wounds.
"It's too late for such a thing," said Yunis Al-Haq, an 18-year-old art student in the besieged city of Misrata. "Maybe if this deal [suggested by Hague] was made at the beginning, when Gaddafi had killed only 10 people, maybe we could forgive him. But now, after this war, he killed a lot of people, it can't be forgiven that easy."

The "primary responsibility" for respecting the UN and ICC decisions and arresting Gaddafi lay with the national transitional council, Olara said.

Libya is the Victor

the media city of Misurata

Dear my friend you have two different socks in your feet but one flag what an enchanting smile you have! Your healthy smile melt everyone heart and make us happy! Lets go my friend everyone is waiting for your walk, standing up your two strong feet, lets go my friend!


Gaddafi is the loser

Monday, July 25, 2011

Death Note to Gaddafi

Libyan diplomats storm Bulgarian mission, denounce Gaddafi

When people aspirations is owned by the whole  that is the key to the door

Allah Says Fighters Can Have Food During the Ramadan

Nato has said, with the support of the rebels, it will still bomb during Ramadan if it sees targets, though they will likely be more cautious to avoid civilian casualties.

The Koran Says Fighters Are Allowed A Dispensation

Misrata is the middle class at war. The fighters are businessmen, university students, farmers and shopkeepers. They fight hard and they do not run.

Their front lines hold because they have dug in using shipping containers buried in the sand as bomb shelters.
You know if you arm the Misurata fighters they definitely not let you down, as when you see you can judge people their superior, “grit”, or tenacity they have shown to the world. If you are telling them anything other than they are fighting for their Libya democracy that would be wrong. When this conflict over they will comes to the world with their wholesome goodness.

If I were the freedom fighters keep going without break during the Ramadan. The Koran says they can have food during the Ramadan. The reason is that don’t give Gaddafi breathing spaces, if break during the Ramadan, not so good for the freedom fighters, just keep going. This is qa war every minutes is delivery and progressive without stop, there is no such thing is time off or slow down middle of the war. When during the crisis must deal with crisis, while NATO is fighting the freedom fighters not there for coordination that would be mistakes. This is after all Libyan conflict. You are the host, Nato is the guest, while the guest is fighting the host not there for them that would be tactical mistakes, there are many other reasons. So I were TNC their fighters postponed or skip this year Ramadan sake of the freedom.


Libyan rebels in Brega shift focus

Land mine about  "40,000" in Brega,  if that is case, if I were TNC,  should hire a specialist firm clear up these,  pays  per removal, of course a sensor system can be monitor   when the specialists to enter the facilities. So it can be monitors precise manner how many mines have been removed. That way we know the mines have  been removed.    

Continually the freedom fighters tell the Gaddafis that they lost this war also, continually  tell the Gaddafi soldiers defection.  All the towns and cities, through tribes Gaddafi has no future, that is true so we only tell the true while Gaddafi tells lies. Also he is mad he has mentally mad. How many cities they have liberated.  What is going on these liberated cites, and all the oil resources are controlled by the TNC.   Nato  should destroy the Gaddafi broadcasting  systems, that are obviously use them as  propaganda tools for harming civilian. We are dealing with a  mad man so we should deal with him same degree  no mercy and ruthless. Every ting Gaddafi use them as drags on and cling on his power for carrying out atrocity,   that can be  destroyed as  part of protecting civilians.


Yunus: Watches and control of the Brega; Major General Abdel Fattah Younes

I think we can trust Gen Younes now, logically make it no senses after all of this  if he has another agenda than what he is doing now. All these years he has been very closed to Gaddafi, he is one of, few of  the people  who knows  best  what is going on internal of Gaddafis, he knows that Gaddafi has no future, why would he help a loser?  When this conflict end the General become a hero! Why he ruins his invaluable chance? So we can trust him let him beat Gaddafi with all the experience he has and save the Brega. Also Libya v Gaddafi. You know then who is the Winner!  

Sunday, July 24, 2011

God and I

Zoubeir Souissi/Reuters
 I was born into a multiculturism family, as far as I remember whole family was busy to focus my brain washing, my thinking. Start with straight into the uncompromising Confucius doctrine; ethics and honour, worship forebears ghosts, into the self forbearance, I bowed deeply deeply for their guardians and Shamanism, ten thousand gods hangs around from the old squawky houses to the field, mountain and seas, their promises all good season, good harvest and safety of our ships their wealth of catch, and then there is a dark eyed benevolent yet can be terrifying snake god who lives a  watering hole for protecting our streams and ponds, if he angry he brings rain so our land over flooded, and there is a sleepy Buddha, silently was telling me that you are your own teacher, you are your own oppressor or you are your own liberator, and there is Sunday church I went I sang my heart out “ across river…across Jordan river see the Jesus… this breathless godly lessons were continued until the end my formative years. After that my family gracely released me from the above multi-gods to transfer to another god, this time it was called “exam-god” my school exam that is right my school was my then next god, it took over me completely! NOW you can guess what sort multi-gods within in me. Everyone asked “gee you must had or have a heck of confusion!” Not at all, clear very clear to me. Much later I become aware that my formative gods taught me immense invaluable wisdom, they bestowed on me a privilege; the god is untimely One you can determine yourself who you are, god is for me, not for others but only for my, the state of my soul, I free myself above everything, your believe who you are, up to you who to believe. You can categorised yourself Buddhism or Christian, and or Islam, end of the day God is for me just One god, for my convenience, changes all the time, as the above my narration at the moment I am into the Allah, because I was smitten from the Misurata fighting, their superhuman fortitude from their Allah, so I need the benevolent Allah help to the freedom fighters topples Gaddafi tyrant, until Gaddafi’s end my god is the Allah that is for sure! That is non-negotiable!

Freedom Fighters Are More Beautiful!

 Libyan women fight for freedom on the home front

(AFP/File, Patrick Baz)

 When you are fighting for freedom for your country you look more beautiful and smart than dumb  Gaddafi’s flunkies for sure!     I have profound respect mothers and wives of Libyan( all around the world) freedom fighters, their sacrifices and their bravery. You can imagine you only can imagine what is like to be their situation, their beloved husbands and beloved sons to the frontlines for their freedom and their believe. Theirs are untimely heroic endeavour along with their free Libya!


Libya wants more talks as NATO strikes hit capital : Reuters

Credit: Reuters/Zoubeir Souissi

Gaddafi wants to talk to US more, lots of things not properly explained to the US during the Tunis  meeting last week.  So the US answered with hot bombs at Gaddafi’s mouth! Shut up you are expired, no good for use! Bang bang Tripoli!  That was happens.

Cool freedom fighters now have new weapons and new cars that is nice for change. All their cars were rattled, front parts were missing etc…  We the world dearly like to see  their incredible ingenious home made weapons too- that was their masterpieces( functional evaluations leave for the users!). In my eyes they can not do anything wrong!  Surly when all this conflict finishes, their very ultimate super-human and ingenuity will be backbone of rebuilding their Libya. I think Libya will be very smart and creative!


Thinking of true, very subjective, you can everything justifiable almost everything in your prospective. That is right “true is the eyes of the beholder” That means this world can be very dangerous place to live. All the tyrants mess killers in the history, they carried out atrocities in humanity based on their subjectivity.


Have a look this  Gaddafi grandiose delusion. People who has grandiose delusion he has empty self, because the manifestation of  grandiose is   shellshock for his consciousness, he doesn’t  understand the reality but only his deadened delusion  so he become more more grandiose!  Anyone who supporting him you possible believe that he is fit enough  for a leader of a nation, you must kidding yourself.  

Friday, July 22, 2011

Windfall Arms For The Freedom Fighters

Pentagon mulls NATO request for more U.S. drones in Libya campaign

 (Don Bartletti / Los Angeles Times / January 9, 2010)
... The official said sending more Predator drones would require transferring them from war zones in Afghanistan and Iraq, and counter-terrorism operations elsewhere, ...
Gaddafi booby-trapped his troop a huge oil field Brega, and threatening   suicide blowups Tripoli with its population, and blow up  all NATO-Allies  well yes that is a  precisely terrorist.   I am not surprise implanting landmine civilian areas in Tripoli, he is planning mess destructions. Why?  what right he has he carried out a such atrocity for Libyan people, cost of their blood for cling his  own and his family survival.

 Drones Drones slinky goring drones are my best friends they comes with super tech, killer bombs, sonic eyes and slinky wings,  catches  everthing in their sonic eyes,  Gaddafis hidings,  in his ransacked regime platter,  lose their grips, their runway routes, slink drones goes with moon goes with freedom fighters, flying with bluest sky flying high and come down at your face, never miss anything cross stars rivers deserts, reflection his slinky body at the oasis,  to the world find criminals their hidden place their secrets  their sounds, they are ETs so I love  ETs  they are my friends they are friend of freedom fighters.

This song for all the freedom fighters – our world is bright place to live, just and fair… goodness is prevail…

Libya wants more talks with U.S. and rebels

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Grand Implacable march unbelievable keep going keep going my friends, Oh you are magnificence   AWESOME bunch, smash Gaddafi head off, make wholesome Libya 

Gaddafi is expired by Libya people, by the world, by the time and by any mean of humanity. Any countries who  support him, I say  shame on you, you are all lost too! By all mean world politic is faithless whore. Even if a faithless you can be but how could you coddling with pure evil Gaddafi? Obviously he is mad, you can imagine what sort of Libya and world around if ever the world let him have a chance. Luckily to the freedom fighters, his faith is sealed; he is noting more then a terrorist.    He has  booby- trapped his troops on Brega oil field, that is pure terrorism. Why can’t he  one of his son put into that booby-trap.  He also has been threatening Tripoli too. I believe so if let him have a chance. He has been using the Libyan people blood for his survival by all mean. Libya people life mean nothing to him, just useful for  tool for his feeble unsustainable power.  With his insanity, he believes he right rest of world wrong, so he is against whole world now. I think it is time someone or Allies accidently or intentionally have to do the job-  put him down.   All the showy  propagandas, these towns people were forced to participated as he has been threatening them.  So there won’t be any problem even if he has been killed. He showed his hands  truly who he is, he cuts his throat himself.

Ship reaches the port of Benghazi country on board, 150 military and 50 armored


Qatari munition-labelled boxes sent to Libya

Lots of countries are arming the freedom fighters, that is most grateful, Qatar has been a great visionary benefactor from the beginning with all the NATO-Allies.  Lots of countries will follows that will be speed ending his conflict.

The freedom fighters  have infiltrated to Tripoli - is a great, steadily stream of these infiltration will be greatly demoralized  Gaddaifs, if possible assassinated  few of them that would be greatly enhancing demoralisation.  

The Formidable Magnificence Freedom Fighters

The Most Savages Voracious Lions Of Desert Are Feasting Whole Libya

From Wikipedia
Do you see this? Everything will be free; the magnificent desert, magnificent freedom fighters, their Libya will be free! That is fair and just!    Dear every country who loves freedom, please give your spare arms to the freedom fighters.   

I think China movement very calculated one.  Chinese and Russia same, but Chinese bit more subtle. Chinese know that Gaddaifi has no future, but they know and they can  see Western-Allies are getting too much the  post-Gaddafi, as Chinese they didn’t do much contribute the Libyan conflict  but sitting at the fence and watching attentively. This is very crucial period, they don’t want to lose a chance of  bit of pie  of post-Gaddafi. They also  have invested  heavily  on African countries, not only their energy but also food for about soon to be 2 billions people. China and African counties(tyrants) need each other. The later  poorer and hopeless the much better for Chinese.  Head of  AU is a Chinese descendent. As they know Gaddafi is expired. Chinese passive aggression strategy in here. So they make sure their investment is secured in Libya or around that region.  Remember Gaddafi accused China that they colonized African counties. That is true. Still, the TNC actively diplomacy on the China and Russia too, allied with US et al. Oh yes we are indeed deadly flexible our diplomacy in here; the old saying goes” move around  liver to kidney…”  we can offer anything Gaddafi  could have  promised to them, right!  We are genuine, Gaddadfi is not.  Geopolitical diplomacy is caprices and harlotry that is very nature of the game.  Last thing Chinese into this messy conflict. They want stability their energy supply route- the Silk Road, also think of their  internal boiling hot spot, so they have to keep grow their economy —Russian want to sell their multi billion dollar arm deal with Libya. Of course we know what the NATO-Allies want, we just super flexible that is all! You are very attractive that is why everyone wants to have piece of you!  Remember what you want “WIN THE REVOLUTION”. Ok cool, let’s go!  Amazingly we are genuinely getting stronger stronger and well organized, still have lack of ammunitions but that is getting sort it out too, please friends don’t waste your bullets for shooting sky- shoot Gaddafis.  So that make us free from all the sufferings and agonies, victorious humanity, until then we never give up!  


Libya rebels seek arms for pre-Ramadan offensive

During Ramadan, the endurance of even the hardiest volunteers will be tested by desert battle without food and water during the daytime fast observed by the faithful.
Dearest Allah, please let the freedom fighters bit skip the Ramadan ritual.  How could they fight without food and water during the day heat? This is an exceptional circumstance, they have to fit to win this battle, your benevolent guidance they are victories in every steps and every movement they take. So Allah mercy on the freedom fighters they have food, and drink and vitamins supplementary too this special period.  When they topples tyrant Gaddaif they will catch up everything!


Libyan rebels in Zlitan capture key government commander

Esam Omran Al-Fetori/Reuters

General Abdul Nabih Zayid arrested during rebel advance and questioned over Misrata civilian killings, says opposition


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Russia is a Parasite

Why is Obama giving Libya to the Russians?

We should hope that Russia fails. Mediation was never the correct answer here. NATO, once committed, must prevail by force of arms, as it still could with a modest demonstration of American leadership. Make no mistake: Welcoming Russian intercession between NATO and a military opponent like Libya is nothing less than a massive humiliation for the Western alliance. If the Obama Administration’s misguided worldview favors mediation, whatever happened to the likes of Sweden and Switzerland?

Inserting Russia into the middle of the Libyan war gives it an unmistakable advantage in shaping the TNC, and post-Gaddafi Libya more broadly. Moscow (along with Beijing) has a keen interest and now a real possibility to become far more involved in exploiting Libya’s oil and natural gas resources than at present. This opportunity is something Russia could never have achieved on its own. To be handed it by Obama and Clinton, utterly gratuitously, is breathtaking.

Russia today is a troublemaker, not ideologically as in the Cold War sense, but as a swaggering, international bully boy. Increasingly reverting to authoritarianism domestically, Vladimir Putin’s Russia is, among other things, seeking to re-establish hegemony within the former Soviet Union; meddling in the Middle East; and flying political cover for Iran’s nuclear-weapons program. Ironically, Russia’s international assertiveness cannot be sustained, given its aging, unhealthy and shrinking population and an economy resting on little more than oil and natural gas exports.

How troubling and dangerous it is to see NATO members drifting toward Russia after largely waging and winning the Cold War in Europe precisely to keep it out of Moscow’s clutches. Now some are not only apparently seeking Moscow’s embrace, but the Obama Administration, in cases like Libya, is actively abetting Russia’s efforts.
Russian sold $billons of worth weapon to Gaddafi. They had years of cosy relationship with Gaddafi while he was terrorising  the West. They see they have no chance of having that kind of cosy deal with the incoming Libyan Republic government. Well yes LR have NATO-Allies weapons stores for sure. If Gaddafi in power again the whole region would be bloodbath, – along Silk Road- will unstable. Gaddafi had to rearm, that would be billons billions worth business for Russian, Gaddafi would't buy from NATO-Allies for sure, that is why Russian want Gaddafi in power so that they can sell billons worth of arms to Gaddafi. We have seen during this conflict almost al Gaddafi weapon from Russian made. That is why Russia makes bit of feeble noise round traps. Russian is a parasite; try to exert influence somehow in Libya that is where Gaddafi plays his abysmal chess game. The TNC allies with US- allies, Chinese is much sensible more astute option than re: veto (if it needed), - well yes probably much more dangerous than Russian eventually-- but at current, Chinese is much better option than Russia if I were the TNC. We need to success this revolution; we have to choose to allies who are more effectively help us. The TNC, deal into US-NATO allies, as they have seized billons from Gaddafi that should use as credit for bombing. They won’t be having any fatigue for bombing for sure if their money is not spending!We all agree that a war is expensive, all the NATO-Allies leaderships are all seasonal, they are deeply worry about their internal opinion polls, and well that is democracy! The Libyan Republic, the Libya’s future, all the Libyan people welfare. Few billons mean nothing, it worthwhile to spend for the Libyan people. Well all the US, French and UK allies et al, they have a huge lucrative business for arming and reconstruction for new Libya and the Libyan Republic Army for sure! But I am afraid that is reality due course the road of democracy  


He is watching his brother, they fight together front line, all family business, you can imagine what is like to be his watching his own brother fighting his life!   


Nato will commit to protect Libya civilian as long as they are needed – The Nato chief says

Of course any team work they have agreement  and disagreement if not that is not democrac


U.S. says up to Libyans whether Gaddafi stays in Libya
(Reuters) - Muammar Gaddafi must give up power but it is up to the Libyan people to decide whether he would be allowed to remain in Libya, the White House said on Wednesday


Tuesday, July 19, 2011




Freedom boosts Berber boom in western Libya- By Deborah Pasmantier (AFP)
YAFRAN, Libya — "Azul (hello). I'm going to teach you the language of your forefathers," Sara Abud tells the children of Yafran, assembled around her for their first lesson in Berber, once the native tongue of western Libya's mountain folk.
Gaddafi losing control of territory, fuel, cash and international community
THE White House said yesterday that Muammar Gaddafi is clearly losing his grip on power and on his way out after four decades leading Libya.

"Every metric is showing that the situation is moving against Colonel Gaddafi," White House spokesman Jay Carney said.

"He controls less territory, (and) the opposition is on the offensive in a variety of areas of the country," Mr Carney said.

The Libyan strongman is also "cut off from fuel and cash," and the international community "is moving to recognise the TNC

Extraordinary Expeditionary Civilian Troops

Gaddafi landmine, I can not have it you can not have it too!
"Defending Brega is so vital to the livelihood of the Libyan nation," Ibrahim said. "We will turn Brega into hell. We will not give Brega up, even if this causes the death of thousands of rebels and the destruction of the whole city."
All Gaddafis now are getting into insane, their talking is incoherence, so important for Libya therefore they turn into Brega  a hell, well yes definitely they are gone mad. One thing very clear now that, actually Gaddafis has neither military firepower or moral anymore, army and their few loyalists too, they either dug into defence position or land mining, they don’t have power to be  offensive.  They know they lost but they don’t know how to defect.  Wonder we should attack four frontline sometimes,  e.g. Misurata, Nafusa Mountains ranges,  and  Zawiyah and Ras Lanuf, ofcourse  they are all ready and co-operation with NATO   



The freedom fighters, this conflict mean they claim the nationhood for all Libyan,  selfhood for all Libyan and dignity for the all Libyan. Their selfless struggle is finest example of human spirit, their gallant struggles is the beauty we should cherish and aspire therefore dear to all of us who loves democracy and freedom.

Al Zareera: Tuesday, July 19, 2011 - 14:49 - Libya

AP - The International Committee of the Red Cross says medical services in Libya's rebel controlled western mountains are struggling with a flood of casualties from fighting.

Tuesday's statement from the Red Cross said facilities lack medicines to treat patients and vaccines to deal with outbreaks of disease.

If this conflict drags on the innocence  civilians most suffer not only on the front line  causalities but also diseases and lack of  food all imaginable  aspects of hardship they have to endure,  so  NATO must co-ordinate with the civilians fighters on front line end this conflict as soon as possible.  Now also NTC have money, able to buy own weapons, meet the cost of some of these NATO countries bombing cost, war is expensive  so unburden these countries bombing costs, they are only too happy I believe so,  bit of discreet no one need to know this, you can deal into some kind of arrangement with US access their super technology and  know-how forward ending  the conflict.  So that end the Libyan people suffering and preventive causality of the young peoples’ life on the front line, you need them to alive for the future Libya  

I think all the sign, profoundly Gaddafi is mad, as we all know, it is very dangerous what hewould  do if he alives, internally for sure some of allies intelligent there all monitoring this. Do you think anyone able do the job. After Gaddafi I can not see any problem that will be amicably settles everyone for everyone’s’ interests. No one going to fight for a dead tyrant for sure! He killed so many innocent purely his grandiose delusion. The amount of he has been stealing from the Libyan people for his own and spending wrongly that would all goes to the Libyan people, then why should they fighting for a dead tyrant?

Been thinking of, Russian and SA what they are saying is that they are comfortable dealing with mad Gaddafi. What they want from mad man? Another complete distraction or the WWIII? C’mon you are talking about Gaddafi’s madness, insanity here, a mad man can not runs a country, the constitutional disqualification for a mad man  leading a country for sure!    

Monday, July 18, 2011

Brega You are Beautiful

By Lutfi Abu-Aun Mon Jul 18, 2011 8:37pm EDT
TRIPOLI (Reuters) - Libyan and U.S. officials met face-to-face, but while Tripoli said it was seeking talks with no preconditions, Washington said it delivered a clear message: Muammar Gaddafi must go.

Credit: REUTERS/Ammar Awad

We sleep on our shore where lovers dreams of  future, all the foreign ships they bring peaces they settles their due, to respect lovers' bravely, beyond olive trees grove where all the dust settle then we greet our horizon.

Here from WSJ
...Gadhafi's forces seem to have given up the offensive initiative and no longer have the will or the capacity to wage meaningful counterattacks anywhere in Libya.

The point is this, how long  Gaddafi shackled  his soldiers to fight for him. Obviously, officials from his army all defection, they all know what is going on. Another   side they fighting for their country, Gaddafi and his sons are fighting for their family. Gaddafi said “ fighting for their oil” that mean their own family oil,  which his  41 years, he made no distinction between his own family bank account and the Libyan coffer.  

As you can see the freedom fighters all civilians, regardless what they  are wearing, that doen't make any differen so Nato helps them advance for their fighting is all justified accordance of the UN mandate. Their fighting mean protecting  their own family their land their towns, and their very own life and ending of Gaddafi 41 years suppression,  otherwise Gaddafi all kills them and suppress them again, what option they have, do you think?  Either they get rid of Gaddafi or they let him do that. So NATO keep bombing Gaddafi, until his meets his own endings.

Gaddafi is Kicked Out From Brega Forever

(Reuters) - Libyan rebels have routed most of Muammar Gaddafi's militias from the oil town of Brega ...

Libya rebels claim victory in Brega oil town

(Reuters) - Rebel forces have routed most of Muammar Gaddafi's troops in the Libyan oil town of Brega in the biggest boost for the insurgents' military campaign in eastern Libya in weeks, a rebel spokesman said on Monday.

Now the next is  Ras Lanuf.... Lets Go my friends!

I think some of the countries who feebly manipulated by Gaddafi landmine show, which implanted their mind and mind field. Simple things is, there is strong evidences, Tripoli other towns on Gaddafi control that are all human shield. The NTC make strong diplomacy on China allied by US. Chinese changed they need to grow so they can not afford to unstable the Silk Road which they have been investing for their energy strategy. Libya is One Libya.

Made in Misurata The Tank!

Gather from everywhere everything ammunition from ammunition depots, lovers from all over the world what a resourceful bunch, ha ha very odd looking tank for sure! It is called the Misurata Tank!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pround of Libya

Sons of Libya On Duty

Libyan national security officers stand guard at a street in the rebel-held city of Misrata, July 17, 2011.
REUTERS/Thaier al-Sudani

Some of people think Libya turn into Somalia, that underestimated of the Libyan Republic, already every signs of the Libyan Republic endeavour nothing but the genuine, if not why the freedom fighters risk their own their family life doing what they have been doing, instead of exile to another countries live comfortably. I am not saying in here it has been or it will be a perfect one way street, as every changes every revolutions have its own accord; downs ups, but in here the Libyan people is 80% literacy and majority of them urbanized, they have been exposed to the western culture technology, amazing ingenuity carried out their fight. all the front line fighters are professionals and students almost all very well educated. Also they have resources, wealth of natural resources in their control. Also the NTC leadership nothing of sort of greedy power mongering ex-army official but lead by ex-minister justice, statesmen, business men and exile decedent return from their exiles etc…a cool rational yet passionate bunch of people, they want to take back their own sovereign right, claim their own, their future generations birth right of the land where they called their own Libya. Within five months they have achieved immensely, their coordination skill of diplomacy exceptional and also their exceptional leadership. For you who journalists commentators pundits, you have your own opinions in your cosy armchair super-thin blurbs which may be pro-Gaddafis or sake of arguments, but wouldn’t you want?- any decent human being- unless you are an evil - this world free from tyrants they are nothing more than but power mongering, through atrocity, building their own family dynasty, expense of their people's misery, destitute and their people’s blood. So now you should applaud the proud Libyan Republic, its democracy is walking, sake of the world humanity and for all of us, we call it our home - the Earth.

P.S. Gaddafi kidnapped people or shield people or threading families whose family member Gaddafi hold them in his prison and dehumanized them using as puppets for demonstration his  own carefully planned show- invited western journalists,  housed them in a hotel for the very propose.    So you should not so much gullible  for Gaddafis’ show

Incredible Freedom Fighters

Here Comes The Great Lions Of Desert

Image from AP

Gaddafi you surrender, your times up, you are not a leader but a murder, you are expired!


Libya Has $168 Billion Abroad for Financing, Ex-Bank Chief Says: Bloomberg

Libya’s Transitional National Council will seek access to about $168 billion in frozen assets abroad to help oust Muammar Qaddafi and rebuild the country, former central bank chief Farhat Bengdara said.
The assets include $106 billion owned by the central bank, 55-60 percent of which is in government securities, and $62 billion held by the Libyan Investment Authority, Bengdara, who heads the International Libyan Bankers’ Association, said in an interview in Istanbul yesterday.
The association is assisting the TNC in raising finance, he said. “The council now has a legal status; they can raise money, fund contracts and give loans,” Bengdara said. “They can get finance and the collateral could be these deposits

“This is my brother,” he said. “Martyred on June 1.”

The freedom fighters now have awesome of money, they can buy cool weapons that will matches Gaddafi’s, for the Misurata, Nafusa Mountain ranges and also regrouping Zawiya. Holler revolution can be a grand affair! Sorry friends who lost your life but you will be never forgetten.   You now have choices!   Not only scavenge rattled broken stumpages from Gaddafi’s tune into the gory goliard but also you can now buy your own, hooray you have now have choices. I think that incredible creativity spirits should continues along with that fortitude, all now so grown up innocence no longer innocence but a burdensome reality! But we should not betrayed ourselves within that very authentic ourselves that keep us alive no matter hard it is, that gives us hope  so we able to nourish ourselves from the wounds… Lets go my friends

NYT, I think the freedom fighters must guard the weapons depots, there few alarming bells on, and they may fell into the wrong hands.  I think the NTC and deal with allies or hire professional hands to deal with this ammunition depots security hence all the civilian fighters they don’t know what is what! Or town civilian who is not on front line may do the job.