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Defensive Weapon

FSA need defensive weapon for this inhumane shelling 

Defensive weapon for hero FSA  beat criminal assad   Homs

Deadly defensive weapons for the brave FSA attack criminal assad -Damascus

No one has right to this inhumanly terrorizing people! What are you doing  you stinky world? Are you hiding at a sanitation dungeon for your shameful moral debuggery?  You sold your human decency at paranoid whore's  night with ravaged with bipolar disorder, embellished with fearful imperial whores' malice.
How can any human endured this kind terrible shelling, Homs more then 6 months shelling every single day! you lost count how long! Goddammed world, they are all God this God that, all these grandiose so proper humanity is so tearfully at the  caring mongrel pervert cardinals’  ritual, while thousand people are killed, they speak command  regnancy of parrot colony at their fancy talon, well world humanity sternly point out your goddammed  moral debuggers breathless encountering at stinky dungeons and  the world of humanity commands your goddammed breathless transcending in action!  

Spring Comes Always

 All winter she was frosty wind fluted mouth chilling water canonised her knuckled skeleton body, she endured all for her glory! Look at her magnificent she is!   Even the snowy maiden says to the spring maiden Wow! I can not beat you you always beat me  what is secrete of? Well beat you meanness and  cruelness of course  The spring maiden says!

This is how Spring is telling us about her resilience staying power  she is standing her cold feet and  her divine face to the sun, sun loves her more than ever, knowing she needs his warm sunbeam!

Wild flower wild flower willful flower she is not your  flower but she is everyone's flower that is why no season fools her...

Under Name of Defensive

Grumbling grumbling myself...

US Army Patriot air defense missile battery
Latterly, or always been, US et al  saying only arming defensive weapons for the  FSA, but thinking of defensive means can be anything everything at all fierce civil battle  front lines, hundreds of people have been killed every single day. US et al hoping not monocles of along side rest of the world flaking sparing their sneering word game for passing time. Anyway defensive can be also attacking too, how can you defensive without attacking? Attacking is also part of defensive! This not a parrots’ game but you killed them or you to be killed by them, blasting attacking is best defensive sometimes!  Faithless Russia its faithful promises to criminal Assad, provide such defensive  airspace weapons for fatal airstrikes  to innocence  children civilians relentlessly last few weeks was part of criminal  defensive deadly airstrike against so many innocence children. So last 23 month criminal assad deployed deadly weapons to war against the Syrian people was his defensiveness, while the world fold hands watching his killing spectacles  as past time sadists’ defensive diplomacy!
UK defensive nuclear armed submarine 

And unsc permanent members states, under name of defensive, build horded their massive nuclear weapon in their backyards,  defensive weapons at the sky and at deep waters that is called defensive.

In my view, seeing this international community inaptness inaction also dead dumb useless of unsc  to Syria, there is people  around world whoever wish to rise against their tyrants is certainly not encouraging but discouraging them,  that is why many countries perhaps inside their mind wishfully start thinking to build their own nuclear weapons for their self protection! Every countries need to build their own defensive weapons for their own protection! 
A U.S. F-16 fighter jet defensive

SO Who is going to defend the defenseless innocent children and civilance in Syria, if FSA no weapons to defend themselves? Gosh are you not boiling your blood for this dummy world? They are so defensively dimwit!  FSA may be get around  the dimwits!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Warriors, Brothers and Revolutionaries

From peasant sons of the northern plains to rebels at the heart of the Syrian uprising: a family at war

Band of brothers (from left, standing): Mohammed Rias, 37; Ala?a, 23; Anas, 35; Khaled, 29; Quteiba, 30; (front, from left) Rida, 19; Ahmed, 25; Rafat, 21; Issam, 27. A tenth brother, Anwar, 39, runs the administration of the platoon Photograph: Kai Wiedenhoefer

Rias, 37, who is known by his siblings and cousins as Sheikh Nayimi, remembers the moment well. "I told them that the Arab Spring marked a moment for us," he says. "It was not yet time to go public, we had to then remain private. But we could sense that something was coming. Everything we had waited for might soon be upon us.

The Nayimi brothers knew their moment had arrived. "We didn't have to hide any more," Sheikh Nayimi says. Within days, he had been joined by his siblings and their elderly father, all of whom had left jobs in Aleppo or in their home village of Sarmada in the countryside near Idlib. Their transformation from peasant sons of the northern plains to revolutionaries at the heart of the war for Syria's future has been honed ever since.

Brothers of brothers shared same veins blood of fertile soil, deeply rooting mystery of fertility of  heroes’ parable. The indomitable spring, she is coming with warriors duality laurels, deep sounds  from abyss , steam of origin, cracks frost, her divine  faces to the sun, long deep lungful air into her mouth,  then frosty icy maiden open her eyes to the sky and her breasts for sunbeam, greeting her season! O what a dreamless cold sleep was! she says.  She called scent of spring wind, “ come you meanness wind, it is time for my dances, I want green shoes with tingled bird song, hangs on every trees, melt frozen people's hearts and make everyone love and happy, so wind kowtows and  brings her  green ravine shoes  made from spring air, crack branches, bells tingles on rivers clears tainted memories, people will come to me,  boisterous children play with me!  She is sure of it, everyone loves maiden warm air, her breath is sweet jasmine scented, it is called lovers symbols, she will walk down weathered wreckage strewn streets villages towns cities and people faces, at long Roman’s stony faces, waterfalls, stone pavesments, wild blossoming are embroiders her fair maiden bridal gowns, the rich golden dowry wheels wheels of main podia that is how the love maiden come to the heroes’ love nest 

Monday, February 25, 2013

The Only Place Take a Family Picture

Only in #Syria You have to go to the Cemetery to take a Family Picture

Are you laughing or crying? the family photo session, you have laugh Ok?!  Good laugh and cry too!  Fresh soil, world of compassion, world of hopes and dream their enduring love all in here speak loudly and clear what is this struggle mean to them,  the sons like the fathers, transfusion of spirit  fearless warriors, fighters world of goodness  and frontiers of their dreams! What do you speak of name of your father? We shall not give up our fight for our dreams and hope for free man, we owed to you and owed your grand children and their grand children... children of free...

Update: Question; where is the most favorite place Syrian people go for their  past time?  

Happy And Caring Society is The Model Of New Capitalism

새 정부는 '경제부흥'과 '국민행복' 그리고 '문화융성'을 통해 새로운 희망의 시대를 열어갈 것 입니다.

첫째, 경제부흥을 이루기 위해 창조경제와 경제민주화를 추진해가겠습니다. 세계적으로 경제의 패러다임이 바뀌고 있습니다.

창조경제는 과학기술과 산업이 융합하고, 문화와 산업이 융합하고, 산업간의 벽을 허문 경계선에 창조의 꽃을 피우는 것입니다.

기존의 시장을 단순히 확대하는 방식에서 벗어나 융합의 터전 위에 새로운 시장, 새로운 일자리를 만드는 것입니다.

The  new government is going to open a new era of hope,   prosperity of economy   and people’s happiness and cultural flourish.

New trend of world of economic is creativity based on, achieving the creativity  is all about the political maturity so that accommodating and encouraging its creativity.  

Essence of the creative economy is convergence of industry and science technology, fusion of cultural and industry, foster blooming creativity  

Foundation of expending market is must be along side with  creating new jobs new markets.

창조경제는 사람이 핵심입니다. 이제 한 사람의 개인이 국가의 가치를 높이고, 경제를 살려낼 수 있는 시대입니다. 

지구촌 곳곳에서 활약하고 있는 수많은 우리 인재들이 국가를 위해 헌신할 수 있도록 기회를 부여하겠습니다.

또한 국내의 인재들을 창의와 열정이 가득한 융합형 인재로 키워 미래 한국의 주축으로 삼겠습니다. 

Creativity economy is people is the key, a person creativity is a pride of  nation and creates national wealth and its sustainability. 

So many our talented people spread around every corners of the world,  they will have chances to contribute to their talent for their home country.

Internally, foundation of  the future of the Korea, fostering environment that are blossoming creative and  passionate talent people…

어려운 시절 우리는 콩 한쪽도 나눠먹고 살았습니다. 

우리 조상은 늦가을에 감을 따면서 까치밥으로 몇 개의 감을 남겨두는 배려의 마음을 가지고 살았습니다. 계와 품앗이라는 공동과 공유의 삶을 살아온 민족입니다.

We have been through together our difficult times with sharing whatever we had.

Our ancestors, their life based on spirit of sharing with our nature, wise systems that help and co-operation, creates community spirit  that give and take,  creates wealth together. End of autumn when they last harvest  persimmons they left some at the trees for  the birds that is example of.

그 정신을 다시 한 번 되살려서 책임과 배려가 넘치는 사회를 만들어 간다면, 우리 모두가 꿈꾸는 국민 행복의 새 시대를 반드시 만들 수 있습니다. 

그것이 방향을 잃은 자본주의의 새로운 모델이 될 것이며, 세계가 맞닥뜨린 불확실성의 미래를 해결하는 모범적인 해답이 될 수 있을 것입니다.

Reviving our ancestry wisdom, benevolence and sharing spirit, creating society that are caring and responsible to each other,  so that we all happy and determined whatever we want to be we can be.  

The happy and caring society is a model of new capitalism, which is under delusion as lost its merit and its direction, also  that may be the key to solving problems for uncertain its future the world faces on today. 

Also she mentioned educational importance in early age, also Korean society as whole creates environment that are based on people’s merit instead  school degrees...etc...  

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Syrian Revolution Of Human Dignity Commands World Of Consciences!

Thousand of Syrian people was tortured inhumanly sadistically to death by criminal Assad, now world is silences his crime and Syrian people suffering and Russia supports him with money weapon for this kind atrocities!  Warning it is immensely inhuman, to make you angry  human dignity violet in this way!  

From Al Jazeer

I have seen this clip before, it was so unbelievable sadist inhuman torture  I could not post in here before but I have seen  Al-Jazeer post its blog again  so I am posting now for world audience, for their understanding why the world  should not silence for this kind inhuman torture, what the great Syrian people suffering is, why the world should support them! This is one of them, some are more more  gruesome, many more torture gruesome killing clips around!  Syrian people rightfully indignant the world’s  silences of the criminal Assad committing atrocity,  as  their great struggle deserve worldly support  and their revolution of  human dignity commands  world of consciences! 

Lemon for Kidney

Lemon juice can prevent kidney stones

Us researcher that eating lemon juice the best way get rid of the gravel in the kidneys. The researcher John Milner of medical stretch school Loyola University in Illinois, that about 10% of Americans have kidney stones in their kidneys, noting that this disease affects more men than women four times more dangerous after the 1940s. 
Milner said that lemon juice contains a high concentration of alsaytrat acid which prevents the gravel in the kidneys, fresh lemon juice, not the factory that leads to desired results
I thought lemons are only for seafood, salad dressing and cleaning your hand! they are pretty useless to me because sour test like ... umh  

Green Onion for Heart Disease

Eating green onions is the best prevention of the risk of heart disease and stroke.  From Dr Mohammad

According to the study, the green onion contains a "albolotin" one of the major components of the colorful and alflavonidat compounds in the vegetables and flowers, which are characterized by their ability to reduce some early signs of heart disease and prevent sudden cardiac arrest. 
The study said that the intake between 100 and 200 g of green onions at a rate of three times a week to do magic in this regard, given that the onions are a good source of albolotin that use it quickly in the stomach, liver and metabolism in human blood.
This component is also directly related to human tissue and endothelial function as blood vessels which have an impact on the safety of the arteries, reduces inflammation and disorders that cause later in heart disease and stroke. 
The study said that the article "albolotin" also exists in different types of tea and apples, but less than those in the green onions.
I know this name spring onion, they are terrible of bad breath along with garlic...  

Conscience of Humanity!


Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Sunday that his country will "not remain silent" over Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's "crimes" against his own people.
"Every day a large number of innocent children and women fall dead in Syria," Erdogan said in a speech at the Government Communication Forum in the United Arab Emirates.
"We will not remain silent on those committing crimes against their people," he said.
"We will not remain silent on the brutal dictator in Syria," Erdogan added. "Some people are annoyed with the loud voices with which we confront world problems" but "we will not stay silent." - AFP
Great Turkish people benevolence is a finest example of conscience of humanity!   

Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Song Your Song

The Syrian Leader Statement

The below from: the Syrian Leader Mr Moaz al-Khatib Facebook  

Suspend the visit to Rome and the United States and Russia
The National Coalition for the revolutionary forces and the Syrian opposition is that the international silence toward the crimes committed every day against our people is to participate in the ongoing slaughter two years ago.

Hundreds of unarmed civilians, some say because of Scud missile bombardment, and being the destruction of the city of history and civilization systematically Aleppo, in addition to the millions of displaced people, and hundreds of thousands of prisoners, the wounded and orphans.

Protest against this shameful international position leadership of the coalition has decided to suspend its participation in the Rome conference of friends of Syria, and the failure to meet the invitation to visit Russia and the United States of America.

We carry the Russian leadership has a special responsibility for moral and political being still supports the weapons system.

We call on all the peoples of the world since the week of March 15 to 22 is the second anniversary of the start of the Syrian revolution week of mourning and protest all over the world.

The Syrian people with all its components the neighborhood and courageous people, and freedom and dignity will remain a requirement not to give it up.

Bumper tribute to our martyrs, and freedom for our great people, no matter how long the road.

"On the Road to Freedom"

They never give up, because it is a great, they will be great! You know world you should know, this is a freedom fight, like the black slavery or any slavery end... weak and downtrodden we have obligation for our human species, fighting for human right your right born with it. World you should know, Syrian people 40 years without freedom without, they don; t know meaning of  what is like to speak freely  to sing freely to criticize your government if they do wrong…etc.   You should not betray the Syrian people great revolution and their immense struggle, their sacrifices, their matchless courage  and their determination is pinnacle  of human beauty  goodness and their  rightful victory,  is the world of  humanity victory, their struggles deserve great respect and support from the world community.

 The world community must ready and willingly standing for the courageousness people around world who,  up rising and  their fight for their enemy tyrants who took away their freedom for years!

Father Paulo Welcomed

Revolutionary Father Paulo was kicked out Syria  by criminal Assad because he was preaching revolution ask criminal assad “ why are he is killing people?” he was mad, but he could  not go nowhere, as  Syria is his home, he is a  great Syrian people, the  revolution his revolution too,  now he come back  again along side his great people  to fight.for the magnificence light  - the freedom! 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Sovereign State Liberate Area

Syria’s opposition National Coalition decided on Friday to form a government to run areas of the country “liberated” by rebels and will meet in early March to name a prime minister, a spokesman said.

“We agreed to form a government to run the affairs of the liberated areas,” Walid al-Bonni said after a meeting in Cairo.  Read more...

This may solve problems, to get around the bloody dodge  unsc...  the aid able to come in and EU able to protect  the civilan  in that area..., I mean 130 countries recognized  the Opposition.  It may not simple but least try it first, don;t know what hold out on the to sell oil in the Rebel hold area it can be financing...

EU and the Syrian Revolutionary Trading Partner

Germany proposed the sanctions be reviewed, and possibly lifted, in coming months in territory under opposition control. That might allow EU states to resume trade there and create sources of cash for the opposition, EU diplomats said on Thursday.

The move would mark a significant step up in the EU’s support for the opposition group, who had been locked in a 23-month conflict against President Bashar al-Assad. The step could allow rebels to build up local governance and obtain humanitarian aid.

“In the areas where the opposition holds control, it is important to give them more stability as far as their economic situation is concerned,” one EU diplomat, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Reuters. 

“It's not that we are supporting the opposition,” said one EU diplomat. “But we (could) give them an opportunity to trade so they can choose what they spend the money on.”
This kind of idea is not just hangs around edges but straight into action, it is economic activity for the Opposition that can be one of most honourable respective trading, actively recognition of their legitimacy.  EU it is time they should do some honourable action to the Syrian people befitting their images. 

Perfect Excuses

"We are disappointed that, as a result of the United States' position at the United Nations Security Council, the terrorist act in Syria was not condemned," Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told a joint news conference after talks with China's foreign minister.

"We believe this is double standards and see in it a very dangerous tendency by our American colleagues to depart from the fundamental principle of unconditional condemnation of any terrorist act, a principle which secures the unity of the international community in the fight against terrorism.

Russia was looking for justification of their amorous standing by butcher Assad, perfect excuses of “ terrorist attack” because US blacklisted one of  best fighting Islamises group, ever since, criminal assad empowered under the banner “ hunting terrorist"  the reality is  who know some of the Islamist belong to criminal Assad, as he supported the Iraq al-Quad.   

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Criminal Assad Killing Syrain People under the unsc Auspiciousness of Guidance

UN only helped criminal assad, the aid only able to come through criminal assad controlled boarder, what this mean is that effectively criminal assad using the international aid for his  destruction which is helped by unsc,  Russia not only helped criminal assad money weapons and also through unsc veto for criminal Assad justifiable destruction until whole Syria will be completely turn into ash!  So obviously assad calculated first place, the criminal  never intent to  keep promises aid for all areas but only his control area, also UN why not just go across the boarder, million people dying for, why they keep saying " atrocity ....atrocity..." still stand the unbelievable criminal permission for entering to save lives of millions?  what is this mean is the  criminal butcher using the international aid for his surviving   tool under auspiciousness of guidance of unsn,  cost of millions of people agony. befit to their " the world peace of security" So the aid donors is International community, intent for the Syrian people impartial, but this effectively controlled by criminal assad under the custodianship of unsc!

Criminal Assad Dodge Game

Criminal Assad's job, through this destruction butcher Assad try to portray he is  hunting annihilating “ terrorist”. There are few reasons this can not be FSA,  but criminal Assad his propaganda blow up  for the world his justification of war against Syrian people as:
i)                    Yesterday Russia and Arab League made a statement  that they are cohort of  dialog both side of regarding setting up  transitional government,
iii)                World community  referring to criminal Assad to the unsc for war crime trial ICC,
iv)                Russia sitting at fences, evacuation of Russia people Syria,
v)                  Ground lots of Islamist gain( criminal hoping US change its mind to his side),
vii)              The location is near Russian embassy; near Baath Party headquarter, near Iraq refugee and Christian populated area,  aiming evocation hostility feeling of the revolutionary and also credibility to criminal for blaming FSA' job. 
viii)             Immediately after the blow up,  several people speak out, through criminal assad controlled media;  a man very clean shape without much emotion condemned “ Islamist…etc…“  and the woman is very good acting, few blood painting her face, nicely slightly disheveled hair,   speaks of well practiced  a cabaret singer who is tacky sterilized seduction of world audience to condemn  “ FSA…goddam  etc”  without any emotion, she not forget mentioned she come Iraq...etc,  if any woman who is in a real in this situation she would be  completely disoriented hardly  speak any words for sure….   

Sheer of deadly attacking annihilation party  both side, criminal Assad will do  more this kind destruction which he has been many times before.  US blacklisted al-Nusra unpremeditated or premeditated advantage for criminal Assad ( Russia too) war against Syrian people, name of  hunting for “ terrorist” and his annihilation  of Syria.

The FSA is denied its role of  this attack!   

unsc horrible beast

As Syria disintegrates, it threatens the entire Middle East. The outside world needs to act before it is too late...

This was going to happen we predicted,  surprise to you? Nop? Yes? The problems was is  unsc. Russia  so much coddling with butcher Assad and US et al so little doo... idle, both side their dedication of own interests nothing to do " world. peace...etc" Their new honorable banner should be  "world of thug annihilation and  carnage"   Their horrible irreclaimable mission  is a wonderful example of how bully is misusing powers  something that they never own first places! 

The Hero Who Shot Down MIG

(02-20-13) #Douma | Rebel Who Shot Down MIG Gets Hero Reception #Syria

 A great achievement our heroes, many MIG jets will be blow at the sky for sure! Victory Victory Victory Syrian people victory! Victory Victory Victory FSA! fell fell fell criminal Assad!    

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Revolutionary In Love

True Love: Husband & Wife Fighting #Assad Thugs Together - Free #Aleppo #Syria 
Match made from heaven! Their great love victory come fast on their way soon! The lady FSA fighters  have a great beauty hide under their veil!  

So much Syrian people suffering, so many civilian are killed 

Here is another love story - All Syrian people  one country one nation!

Damascus Under Siege

Damascus under siege - live updates from the Guardian  

Rebel fighters in Damascus are disciplined, skilled and brave.
In a month on the frontline, I saw them defend a swathe of suburbs in the Syrian capital, mount complex mass attacks, manage logistics, treat their wounded - and die before my eyes....
This is a description of our heroes  FSA..., in this conflict there is no middle ground but you are our side or enemy side simple is that...!  World with  its universal consciences stand firmly to the Syrian people their great struggle!  Do-Not-Kidding yourself non-lethal singsong game please! 

US Snail Speed Art of Diplomacy

So here's a prediction for the next few months of Obama administration policymaking on Syria:
Kerry will make his trip. He will appeal to Assad to negotiate with the opposition and entreat Russia to end its aid to Syria. But those efforts will show indifferent results.

Then he'll come back to the White House and say it's time to revive the proposal that Clinton and Petraeus made last August for aid to Syria's armed rebels.

Obama will be caught in the middle again. He will have to make the call. But this time there won't be an election campaign underway, and the problems of Syria, along with the spillover problems for its neighbors, will have escalated.

Obama may find it harder to say no this time. But if he says yes, he'll have to explain why he waited seven months, during which both time and lives were lost.

O man people life fleeting within second by missiles bombs, last 8 weeks  refugees doubled, another 8 weeks another  5-6  million will be displace external  internally while US  her snail speed  art of   diplomacy of  swing backward forward middle of nowhere and everywhere kind of spring sparing matches. US should think lighting speed in her head please! We are bit bitter US lethal fire-breathing speed!   Anyway in my personal view, this criminal assad thought  Sectary  of State Kerry was his ally, but it turn out to be criminal calculation is wrong, that is why criminal  lunched  massive attack on civilian and he  tells “he is going to win” hoping  he can change  Mr Kerry thinking, he is so stupid he doesn’t understand  that” if let him alive what is future of Syria?”   that can be alone easily sealed his faith 

 Another articles from Al Arabiya says President Obama may change his mind to arming FSA 

Obama may reconsider arming opposition forces in Syria: report 

...With the situation in Syria continually deteriorating, U.S. officials could re-open the debate on whether to provide weapons to select members of the opposition, the New York Times reported Tuesday.
Hoping, there is no more election and change his mind fast past forward speed!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Syrian Terriable Runis

'Missile strike levels Aleppo neighbourhood'

 Jabal Bedro, Aleppo, Syria, Tuesday 19 February, 2013. Photograph: AP

People suffering is immense, Russia refuse to criminal  assad refer to ICC for hideous crime, you know the world watching  while Russia stand near end criminal assad with weapon and money, while US not to Syrian people, the world is watching, and many countries  may be building their own nuclear weapons for their own protection, no country trust any country after seeing US et al idle   on Syria.

EU Non-Lethal-Arms for Lethal Battle

Criminal Assad using this bomb attacking civilian Aleppo 

Civilian is searching for life from criminal Assad attack 
...The regime has been used against the inhabitants of milking since the beginning of the revolution, sticks, swords and knives, bullets and tear gas, and then mortars, heavy artillery, tanks, and helicopters, and then flying the MiG, and rocket launchers, and more recently-and I don't think it would be the last Scud missile destroyer-...
Here  Criminal Assad troops pour into Syria's Aleppo  a major battle    
The world , thank you very much for super-hypochondria  for arming FSA " just in case they may end up terrorist " fearful shivering under their comfy blanket. You know US and UK and France their terrible inferiority conscious of Russia! their profoundly worry how they look, and shivering terror terror terrorism attack but they forget what outcome might be at Syria! EU sinister foreign ministers ganged only non-lethal minds to the protecting civilians who are in bombshell field, their none-lethal minds can not think of lethal does of  effectiveness.Could we have some lethal does into these EU ministers, evoke them to  some lethal thinking?

Criminal Assad calculates preparing his attacking Aleppo as just before the ICC bring to their findings from Syrian conflicts  to unsc to refer to the ICC,  this from  the Guardian as: 
 "...Syrian leaders should be brought before the International Criminal Court(ICC) to face justice for murder and torture, UN investigators urged on Monday as the EU renewed its blanket arms embargo on both sides inSyria's bloody conflict....Carla del Ponte, the former chief prosecutor for the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, who is working on a rolling UN inquiry into Syria, said high-level perpetrators had been identified and insisted the Hague court should act. 
"Now really it's time ... We have a permanent court, the International Criminal Court, who would be ready to take this case," she said in Geneva. ,  
We are hoping benevolences Gulf States and Turkey lethal arm to FSA...

Monday, February 18, 2013

FSA Lady Fighters

Handsome lady fighters are  part of  hero FSA    After EU meeting result as  "non-lethal weapon" amazing to me, how these obnoxious EU, most democracy of  region of the world, they sit there fold their hands sing song  non-lethal theme song this utterly lethal conflict, sham on you all!  Veils ladies they also beautiful too inside out!  Their great victory come on  their way as they deserve for their great struggle!  When they fight their own country and their people that a great proud and dignity! Other ladies who stand for criminal Assad, they will be soon ashamed of  it!

FSA Fight with Hezbollah

 Hezbollah Lebanese  helping criminal Assad  this conflict is terribly tangled


The chief of staff of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) has threatened "retribution" against the Lebanese Hezbollah party, whom he accused of supporting President Bashar al-Assad's regime. 
In an interview with Al Jazeera Arabic, Salim Idris claimed that elements of Hezbollah are fighting in Homs alongside Syrian troops.
He said adding that the FSA would deal with them as "mercenaries, not as prisoners of war”.
A spokesman for the Syrian Revolution General Commission, Hadi al-Abdullah has also accused Hezbollah of occupying eight villages in Homs, while continuing to attack three more villages in the same district.

What is on Syria

Aleppo Victory

Two Faces of Homs

Some kind  of feel eerier optimism...  

Respectable Nations Or Rogue States?

 "They also agreed to compare calendars to try to set a first bilateral meeting in the coming weeks," State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland said in a statement. 
"On Syria, they discussed the importance of the US and Russia using their respective influence on the parties in support of a viable political transition process," she said. 
"The Secretary (of State) underscored the urgency of ending the bloodshed, preventing further deterioration of the institutions of the state, and protecting the rights of all Syrians and helping them to resist extremism and further sectarian strife," she added. 
 Fancy US now using new words “…respective influence…” or “… respectable nation…”  O man what on their sleeves in this time around? Bombshell?! 

Melbourne is too hot to handles

No complaint - hoping some rain please  drop drops  in my eyes in mouth drops drops in rivers, lovely drop drops green leaves  drops.....airy fancy mouths drops...why are you sky looking at me clear eyes? Have some tearful eyes and wail  please!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

What is On Syria


Nabil Elaraby, the Arab League secretary-general, and Lakhdar Brahimi, the international envoy to Syria, just held a joined press conference in Cairo. 
Brahimi said Syrian government has confirmed it wanted a peaceful solution to the crisis.
He said the regime's acceptance of the initiative put forward by opposition leader Mouaz al-Khatib could signal the beginning of a solution to the crisis in the war-ravaged country. 
Earlier this month, Khatib, the head of the Syrian National Coalition, said he was ready to hold talks with President Bashar al-Assad's representatives if the government released around 160,000 detainees and renew passports for Syrians stranded outside the country. 
always thought vice president of regime may  play a key role. Inside regime they have to understand only one way street, if they come to deal they will save theirs and their families life, unless they owe to their duty to loyal to butcher assad, his family greater than their own life their loved ones well then so be it.   But we can not trust  butcher Assad, so we have to vigilant,   as two ways nailed his coffin, 1) Russia tell him " hey assad you are no longer our fancy boy,,,, 2) Inside regime, calculations, they know they can not win so come to deal to save their lives. They know that they can not afford waste this chance.  ,  

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Russia is the Problems


The UN rights chief said Saturday that the international community was hesitating to take action on Syria because countries were weighing up whether any military intervention would be worth it.
Urging that some sort of international action be taken against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Navi Pillay repeated her call for him to be investigated for "crimes against humanity and war crimes".
Asked by Britain's Channel 4 television whether it would be difficult for the United Nations to intervene in a place like Syria, she said: "It's an intergovernmental decision on what kind of action: intervention, peacekeeping, military intervention or a referral to the international criminal courts.
"We urge that action be taken immediately. If there is doubt or hesitation it is because people are assessing the value of military intervention in places like Libya, Syria and Afghanistan.
"It could become a long, drawn out war with no guarantees that civilians would not be harmed in that process."
The UN high commissioner for human rights said Assad should face international justice.
"War crimes are being committed by President Assad's forces - his security forces - and other groups allied to him," the South African said.
"He is responsible and there should be a referral by the Security Council to the International Criminal Court."
The former ICC judge said Assad had demonstrated a "manifest failure" of his obligation as a head of state "to protect your citizens and that would be the opening for international intervention - of whatever kind."

Apple Cider vinegar

Dr.Mohamed, a revolutionary medic at Homs, runs market-shift hospitals,  often  posting his Facebook page of re: home al of  health benefit from easily accessible vegetables and fruits. So that Syrian people able to do themselves at home.   Amazing Syrian revolutionary medico - have a look!   

Friday, February 15, 2013

Soon to Be Reality!

Picture tells millions word 

One day, somewhere news or someone will call me says " you know  criminal assad is  captured...?!"   or "... do you know assad is killed..."?!  or  news from my search says"...assad is killed or ... assad is captured, he is in  the heroes FSA's  custody and all the Syrian at street dance with joy!  The days is coming, his final is coming...! sounds like  a preacher blackmails his congregation!

Full of Happiness

Full of Happiness 
Hansom hero with his beautiful  bride, full of happiness, life must go on no matter, even if tomorrow is last day we plant a tree! Many joyous beautiful  life together!

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