Saturday, February 23, 2013

"On the Road to Freedom"

They never give up, because it is a great, they will be great! You know world you should know, this is a freedom fight, like the black slavery or any slavery end... weak and downtrodden we have obligation for our human species, fighting for human right your right born with it. World you should know, Syrian people 40 years without freedom without, they don; t know meaning of  what is like to speak freely  to sing freely to criticize your government if they do wrong…etc.   You should not betray the Syrian people great revolution and their immense struggle, their sacrifices, their matchless courage  and their determination is pinnacle  of human beauty  goodness and their  rightful victory,  is the world of  humanity victory, their struggles deserve great respect and support from the world community.

 The world community must ready and willingly standing for the courageousness people around world who,  up rising and  their fight for their enemy tyrants who took away their freedom for years!