Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Defensive Weapon

FSA need defensive weapon for this inhumane shelling 

Defensive weapon for hero FSA  beat criminal assad   Homs

Deadly defensive weapons for the brave FSA attack criminal assad -Damascus

No one has right to this inhumanly terrorizing people! What are you doing  you stinky world? Are you hiding at a sanitation dungeon for your shameful moral debuggery?  You sold your human decency at paranoid whore's  night with ravaged with bipolar disorder, embellished with fearful imperial whores' malice.
How can any human endured this kind terrible shelling, Homs more then 6 months shelling every single day! you lost count how long! Goddammed world, they are all God this God that, all these grandiose so proper humanity is so tearfully at the  caring mongrel pervert cardinals’  ritual, while thousand people are killed, they speak command  regnancy of parrot colony at their fancy talon, well world humanity sternly point out your goddammed  moral debuggers breathless encountering at stinky dungeons and  the world of humanity commands your goddammed breathless transcending in action!