Saturday, February 9, 2013

Traditional Boring Snack

It is equivalence kind of fruit juices, this old home made fruit-herb juice we  were given to drink, dry fruits and home made cookies were our snacks when I  grow up, even school picnic all other children were having nice cool fashionable snacks that from local supermarkets, or brought from near big cities, i.e. all sort of candy sweets, drinks et al but I was forced to have  old boring things,- I was so envy of a girl whose parent  owned a candy shop at near school she always had sweets and chewing gum blow up( her mouth was always untidy I must say), I was never allowed to my pocket money spend in such nice things-   everything home made cookies( I was so ashamed of them with peer pressure!) not only mentioned hand me down complete out of dated old cloths from previous generation I am not so sure that has done good thing or bad things  to me,  disregard my wishes to be part of trend, psychology damaged they never thought of… but for sure I was so ashamed of them so much but now I miss them so much... there no way home made snacks( out of question how to make them) are same as buying these thing from market even if they are look same!