Wednesday, February 29, 2012

World Just Do It!

(Reuters) - Syrian rebels defending the besieged Baba Amro district of the city of Homs reported further fighting overnight and said they faced at least 7,000 troops loyal to President Bashar al-Assad.

You can not just sit do nothing, you have the tool, sometimes using tool don’t need calculations, often you know so much something you can not act so make rough sum decision in here. Just do it! All the Arab, majority of the world “friend of Syria” so just do it. You should make  unethical Russian irrelevant, Russia  never had decency, no human right record, make  phony Russia  phooey Russia, immoral soul contempt of human dinghy, the world condemn  Russia and send Russia conscience their quilted Gulag!  Along with dead Assad!

(Reuters) - Libya will donate $100 million in humanitarian aid to the Syrian opposition and allow them to open an office in Tripoli, a government spokesman said on Wednesday, in a further sign of its strong support for forces fighting President Bashar al-Assad.
 This is really grand isn’t!’  umh! So nice, you see, what a generous Libyan people!

Tool World

The world has lots of tool to do the job, if the world can not prevent a huge possible mess massacre the world should resign its position, and go back to a dark cave, learn  how to use tools. There is lots of tools for sure, world goes around around comes around around…

Tuesday, February 28, 2012



Wow nice Mickey Mouse! But sad faces, you will smile soon, will be sunny shade all your friends and forget all the sadness! Let the world good at your pearly faces as mirrors and  reflect their rotten phony scheme.

Sounds good to me, sounds good to the all the same mind people around world! 

Ok Chinese come around, shrewd Chinese not backing up loser, as soon as sign of losing Chinese runs miles, well they can not afford piss everyone Arab countries off for sure. Well Russian they have to come around, makes sure Chinese and Russian know that they backing up wrong horse! 

13 People’s life For One Person?

God-Dammed World!

How could you say this? Why 13 Syrian Activists lives are less important than one journalist? That is so unfair that is why, I am not saying circumstance, but the mission was that much dangerous, they could have been or should have known that there would be inevitable causalities,  then why not let one person life take the risk which  is much less than sum of 13 lives?   Remember the 13 activists are all precious sons’ brothers and fathers in their loved one. Above of all Syrian people same as rest of world!!!!  Yes world of phonies! Hooray the world of masquerade ball for human right conventions!  Slick their pearl necklaces, gaggling mouthful compassion of lustrous twiddles.   What a appalling world of human right or something…!  Well fairness gangbang bang bang!   Collective decency is the world conscience harlotry.  So many people die each day but few western journalists death were so honored and sensational publicized but all the nameless activists and innocence’s were bunch of corsages world phones masquerade ball. Hoping well use of their life in your snobbish candor!  Unfair Unfair Unfair 

Update: Media a huge publicised on their own kinship the two journalists free! But how about same equal rank of reporting Syrian people suffering! Do you think world media loves the world of conflicts like sadists so that they have plenty of things reporting!They are vultures, but they consider themselves like Tibetan sky burial sacred animals, immense appetiser for the dead rotten meats, smellier and stinker the better, they are not interesting clean fresh meat!  Flee dark room where no one see but their own laxest lenses eyeballing their catch rotten meats clewing maggots!

“ Justices Hurricane Speed”

The unite world must standing for the courageous Syrian Fighters and the united world “to do fast” so that innocence people suffering must end! 

This music was on ABC fm just now!So nice to start today!

Gorgeous rainbow hues spur to the sky along with the unitized world,  hurrahing, their speed, their capability of ending Syrian people suffering and the united world to condemn  tyranny assad regime, bring equitable justices working on hurricane speed. United world strikes to assad tyranny regime with dynamic whip, not their own mutton buttocks!     

Monday, February 27, 2012


I am listening this again! So this is my song for the Syrian fighters their struggles! 

Here is raining, after real heat, thinking over things, there are lots of people Homs cold and hungry, amazing bravery, supreme human spirits, learning from their fortitudes their endurance and super resilience, the archetype of super human.  If I called them they are beautiful and graceful,   I may insult their dignity because that are not enough! But I don’t know any other word better than beauty and graces, to describe of their struggles endurance their patience! A  haunting baby his last breath in his little world, blooms of frosty intended spring, shucked battered  children bodies littered on the concretes streets,  their eyes open to the sky, but their souls are jewel of Syria,  forever ever  blooms promising their spring!  

When you are walking with rain feel soft and comfort, it doesn’t mater how wet it is, becase we come from water, we made from water that is why, cities, streets, wonder around with dusky, neon lights blisters their mouths for sounds, you know there is incredible ugliness I have seen, actually they are stupidest human souls you come across, wonder they begotten too, phonies, who believes their own phonies. Their endings are all the same, cut their own throats. Nice to think that world is not made from  phonies but actually made from genuine ingenuity.      

Here is lots of “DO IT’ going on, all we say is that “speed up your do it!” carried right now!  World is moving snail speed, while  unarmed civilian  are dying with full speed. There is lots of hypocrisy of human right movement too, they are like bunch of phony Michelangelo, painting humanity with phony artist venire. Be practical when innocence civilian are killed by a hopeless tyranny régime, you can not win the game by being phony con-artists full of headgears and sitting phony chair, farting magus and fungus phony crystal ball game. Why don’t you acutely go there and see what the demented assad regime is doing.  

Sunday, February 26, 2012

People Who Know, No Dangers

Hillary Clinton makesdesperate plea for military to turn against Assad as 31 civilians are killed ina day of Syrian bloodshed

…'The longer you support the regime's campaign of violence against your brothers and sisters, the more it will stain your honor.
'If you refuse, however, to prop up the regime or take part in attacks on your fellow citizens, your countrymen and women will hail you as heroes.

Assad was a  bong bong assad,
Killer Dead assad, a sad sad assad,
People had enough of him
He was a man of meaningless
some thought he was a faceless drains
His daddy gave him a chair
Dodgy chair built from people bloods that is rusty busty brainless  
He pretended leader but he was a really little chimney
He drunk  people's blood and steal to people's souls
People hate him

Now people who know, no dangers

So people are bong bong 
So the people so the men of uniform
Death of life there is no law no fear
So the people so the men of uniform 
So people are bong bong




Dear the world media, what is good thing about you having a immense  power of foghorn voice! Why not some good use for your immense boon boon foghorn voice! Knowing you are cool custodian of integrity, freedom lovers!  So why not blow  some a great sounds of  terror  foghorn  Killer Symphony No 5, Op. … Major bang bang terrorizing  Assad….OR you can blow Love trumpet Symphony No 10,  Courageous Syrian People…  I believe that you can help or playing a vital role for ending the Syrian people’s suffering, power of love, power of giving…the world must stand and support Syrian people  unbelievable dynamo  energy, resistance and  resilient and formidable  courage ...


Toppling Assad

Hillary Clinton says Syrian military mayoust President Assad
"We also know from many sources that there are people around Assad who are beginning to hedge their bets … they didn't sign up to slaughter people," Clinton said.
Clinton cited the cases last year of Tunisia and Egypt, where militaries stepped in to remove longtime autocratic leaders after popular protests. 
I think this work, it make sense, if some form of  guarantee Alawite sect, an offshoot of Shiite Islam commanders,  it is highly  like that happen. They don’t want to a long civil war, where there would no winners but only Syria would be suffer most,  there is no possible mediation left over with Assad.   So if the military coup is the best things can happen to the Syrian people.  

The military must work for the nation not the tyranny regime, removal Assad simple and clean, save the nation. Assad killed so many innocence civilians, the military must stand for the nation, stand for the people not the regime, and regime can be changed but not the nation not the people.  Syrian military is protecting the nation that is their honorable duty.  Untarnished reputation of protector of the nation, they must stand before the best interest of the  nation and the best interest of the  people not the killing regime.   

So the Syrian military honorable  duty is toppling Assad, custodian of the Syrian people interest! 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Arabian Thriller


Moreover, the expected collapse of Syria's currency and the regime's inability to pay salaries to its soldiers and bureaucrats will, for all practical purpose, destroy whatever technical legitimacy it commands in the country - and perhaps lead to its implosion from within. ...
 But well yes no pain no gain, in war like this no one win, but what option Syrian people had so far! So to speaking either Syrian people have to put up futile Assaid régime forever ever until his sons grow for next baton or they fight for  their children their grandchildren for  dignity.  We know no one angel, in international politics,  if anyone, angels have its own agenda too, we don’t need angel, we need help even if they are  bad wolfs or eagles if they are our side of game, so even if they have   agenda their  own that is workable to us that is fine by us, that is  Syrian people would say.  It can be unpredictable, what is going to be unfolding of the million of Arabian day-night thriller, but one day-night story is so clear Assad is lost! As we have seen so many tyranny endings. Assad ending will be the same! How long he can afford maintaining his life machine that is question! Mean time we wish  “Friends of Syria” just keep doing what they have been set out to do, keep doing and lots of back door talking and tightening  Assad neck.


Syrian Heartland

Syrian revolutionary must unite. The world support Syrian people, it must not wasted but riding them as a great spring storm, and  ask “ Friends of Syria” help, ask them what you want, ask them everything what you need, just ask them, just ask them what is good thing about having world of friends, you need their help so you ask them. Remember they are your friends, you captured their hearts and respect, hold tightly there, let them love you, care for you and help you, that is all about having a greats friends and hangs around together!!  


Friday, February 24, 2012

Syrian Heroic Struggle is the Supreme of Human Spirit

 -- Officially recognize the Syrian National Council as the legitimate representative of the Syrian people.
 -- Establish a special U.N. Commission of Inquiry along the lines of Darfur.
-- Refer the senior leadership of the al-Assad regime to the International Criminal Court.
-- Provide humanitarian air drops of food and medicine to besieged communities.
-- Keep the global spotlight on the Assad regime and its atrocities....
The heroic struggle in Syria today represents the best of the human spirit. It is fundamentally about the most basic political value we take for granted in the West, the right of a people to self-determination. It deserves our full support.
I would like to add three more to the above as:
-- Arming the Free Syrian Army or the revolutionaries defend themselves. 
 -- Tightening up code around Assad neck sanction tightly, there is no breathing, until chocking and until his death, economical isolation.
--  Diplomacy  isolation,  all the “Friends of Syria call back their  ambassadors and boots out Assad régime representatives   in their countries.

This human spirit is deed of our freedom, torches of goodness, the world should cherishes and support Syrian people struggle and their endeavors!  

Well “ Friends of Syria” they have nice cool things around, up there slinky drone  20,000 or 30,000 meters high, few of the things bang bang… would be very nice,  slinky super nerds can be  killers to Assad but  they are “ Friends of Syria” so bang bang… nice things always nice I love slinky super nerds  drones they are my best friends.  

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Beautifully Famine

What a nice room, cannons of lovely painting, scrambling crystals sounds with finest china,  silver tongue chitchat, ethos finest starched at morning table, beautifully lay back well portioned powerful pillars!!!  But do you see there is no window for sunlit, talking stoic caddies of hunger, piracy and war don’t need sunlight. They need canonization of their mission that is why no window for sunlight. Sunlight can see everything. Dark mirrored wolfish soul searching!  Nice nice power can be beautiful so they are talking about cling crystal glass with silvery plated hunger with snarling lovely painting, hee heee they need sweet candies… they are certainly not coarse little candy kings in your corners street for sure! Grace can afford to finest child hunger on their sliver plate,  Hee hee… grace can be a whore’s garter belt slippery pins.  

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thousands Millions Revolutionaries

The baby is lasting basting of  breathing… hupoo… hupoo… hup… his little body full of bullet wounds, like petals early  spring frost, his little traitorous world of motionless lied under cold revealed  soil but But, spring is coming never stop! Watch him  in his spring  he will grows Giant Red Stars, he will be everywhere, astronomical forbearance, squinted gaps of broken concretes, frosty void cold heartlands, loutish world, slick snarling fierce fearless … his little feet grow, walking with matchless grace in his giant foot steps, you watch him his supreme life…  

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


 'Enemies of humanity your dark night will go and the new dawn of freedom will rise' - in Jerjenaz, near Idlib This is from Voice of America
Photo: Reuters
Indeed dear beloved child you are right! You are right! your NEW DAWN OF FREEDOM WILL RISE in feet of your precious soil, eyes of world that is yours! 

G20 or 20g!

It is very courage people and unbelievably sad to see the children eyes,  as always children suffer most! 

This From Al Jazeera

World armed the Syrian fighters, armed the Syrian people, give them what they want give them weapons, what would you do if you see your child died in that way! 

This From CNN

AND Reuters: G20 or 20g

So this is from ME! 

The 20g leaders would have jovial time under  matron of a great sunshine warm their fat bums,  grace of their impotent unable to kick others ball out of their parable chicken shit! While Syrian children on the dark cold under ground and gritting teeth with hunger, cold and fear. Day after day shelling goes on…!  You know 20g!? What is good thing about having power? Obliviously G20 or if you don’t do anything within next few days you may end up 20g, that is right you are little coward 20g! You may be end up, if not too careful,  the useless loveless piddling 20g,  a nest for doomed tyranny Assad scratched scrambling piddling dish. You are on cross road, whether you are going to be 20g or G20. You know when you are truly powerful G20, you would or should also benevolence. The little Mr buck at the corner street he made a quick few bob at his candy   trade as he may be crown himself king of his candy bar street corner, he may showered his wife for diamond studs etc...,  but he would never become the King of Place at the town center. So what is gonner be? You should help Syrian fighters in any way in everyway!? Or not?  Obviously Russia and China went to see loser kittle-neck Assad and some kind of deals for themselves, in return promising him not cut off his oxygen code for sustain few days longer for his feeble heartbeat, well how long?  Well he is good as dead, he is dead!  Why not rest of Friend of Syrian people you should do the same, you give Syrian people  what they want! Help them whatever they want, Syrian people would most grateful for your kind help for sure! Ever forever! Do not let them down; if you do that you will be forever ever 20g  

P.S. You know international politics very very dirty, two or many faced, you have to wear many masks, there is no principles, there is no credo, there is no friends  just sheer of survival, yesterday enemy today bosom friend, today bosomed friend tomorrow deadly enemy.  Well we all know that from our cradle then why not you just back up wining side, Syrian people, and the Opposition, inevitable, what is going to happen!? We have seen Libya elsewhere what is like to be tyranny endings…    

Monday, February 20, 2012

No Worry About Libya

Beautiful Country Libya


The polling stations were segregated. In one school women emerged from behind curtained-off booths to post their ballot papers. Hesitantly, they dipped their fingers into a pot of deep-blue ink. 

This from Brad DeLong about Libya

All can be true, no one perfect, but one thing so clear every Libyan knows Gaddafi regime could not continues, that is even Gaddafi loyalists would agree. Regime was  guard with falsehood secrecy and suppression lost sustainable foothold.    Yes there would trails and errors, but they paid heavy prices for their freedom. No one forget that no Libyan wants Libya as a failed state, then they knows what they have to do… Yes  river of blood is less than sum of ocean of blood...

World Open Your Eyes

World you see thought right thought into your conscience, people are millions, their suffering,  Assad is only one. Hey you, you hotshots, policy markers, leaders pair of timid spectacles sit on gold rimmed dining table drinking one or two for fat assed timidly conscience, while people immense suffering.  We know who is back Assad and know why they back him. It is so clear, they have own agendas as rest of the world too, but backing its nations people is much safer healthier better return than a doomed tyranny whose life on vigilant akimbo,  so his end near so the lovers’ spring too!!   

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Spring Will Come

Good Morning This from CNN:

"Is today Sunday? Wednesday? Saturday? I honestly don't know all days have become same here in #Homs- they begin and end with shelling #Syria" tweeted @Samsomhom....

Pack of lair just about undo their poison of desire!  Tyranny ending is near! How long world waiting for do something about it, how many more people more die then the world do something?  They sit at their timidly monocles, a uselessly cheer their connivance, grace of cemetery straw! Anyway spring will come to the lovers, as always miraculously in their burial ground, their hiding places their agony trodden land, souls foresees destiny of their future, the stream one way only one way! No go back but forward! 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Korean For Korean Defectors

South Koreans Protest China’s Plan to Repatriate North Koreans

Protesters have rallied outside the Chinese embassy in the South Korean capital against Beijing's plans to repatriate 33 recent refugees from North Korea.
North Korean defector Hue Kang-il says that if these people are returned, they will be publicly executed or sent to a labor camp.
“We Korean people are responsible for North Korean defectors not to be repatriated to North Korea forcibly. China have ignored the international human rights laws, U.N. resolutions and U.N. agreements, and have repatriated North Korean defectors to North Korea forcibly — that is an inhumane and immoral behavior, especially by one of G2 nations.''...
We, Korean people are responsible for North Korean defectors that are our brothers and sisters; China should respect international human right convention. Chinese government should deal with them according the UN resolution and international human rights laws. If they want to enjoy statue of G20, they should maintain their respectability in the world community.   

Gathering Their Spring


Did you see that?  An Assad scumbag  JUST SHOT THE INNOCENT PEOPLE!  And walk away! Unbelievable, you know world, you can not sit in your proffered arm chair, embroidery great forgery orgies and cozy confessional pious nonsense “ do it or do not’  while innocence people are killed by every single day!!! What is gone be?   The people will not stop. Not far from, when wind blow to the lovers four fronts, formidable frost soil thwacks from lovers’ grave, long littorals tides, frost melt gullies valleys, O spring, their lovely spring comes as always, wake up from its dark frost sleep, hear their sounds, their heart beats on stream, one way, the formidable way no gun no tanks no suppression able to stop that stream, then their frosty bare hands grips of laurel, instead of guns  that is theirs, their own, their sacrifices, their courage, their love...forever

Friday, February 17, 2012

Enrich Our Soul

We have some great artists are performing on our streets. I come across similar to this Latin American artists very often.  Every time I see their incredible performance I think of their great culture. Nature, yes evoke our nature, we have forgotten things because of this harsh surfaced of  concrete, our heart and soul are cemented by pack of pretentious and  we are surrendered by pack of  phonies and lairs.   Splendors songs and sounds sources from the nature, they take us to all the way to their homeland, enrich our soul even if that is momentary.  I don’t know meaning of lyric but sound is unquestionably great that I feel deeply and utterly. Their wonderful performances not only enrich us but also evoke  our decency, hoping we see them more often.

Libya Anniversary of 17th Feb

Congregations! Courageous People, Long Live Democracy of Libya!  

Everything goes your way my friends!  

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Become an Animal

As an investor you have know who your  bed mates are as:
1)      Mr Market: he is dark moody asshole or can be incredible charming, the Byronic type, he is the forever lover/hate partner.
2)      The Institutional investors:  the sons of bitches in the world working their charted ass off  graphics burn their candlestick mouth all day long at their PC. World 90% market controlled by stick ass son of bitches.
3)      You: perhaps the most difficult one to conquer of all: You. You are your own worst enemy.

So how you beat them?  Well become beast, find our way. Beasts know when they flee or when they fight as:  
To do well in the capital markets requires developing skills that very often are the opposite of what our survival instincts are telling us. Our emotions compound the problem, often compelling us to make changes at the worst possible times.... [O]ur evolutionary “flight or fight” response developed for a reason – it helped keep us alive out on the savannah. But the adrenaline necessary to fight a Cro-Magnon or flee from a sabre-toothed tiger does not help us in the capital markets. Indeed, study after study suggests our own wetware works against us; the emotions that helped keep us alive on the plains now hinder our investment performance. The problem, as it turns out, lies primarily in those large mammalian brains of ours. Our wiring evolved for a specific set of survival challenges, most of which no longer exist...

So question is how we become all beasts? That is questions!? Or answer??!!
Well Yes I will say now as:
We are all animals so we all know how to beat three enemies! 
That is very simple solution!?  See the monster so you have to wear your own Astrology sign on your head!
 Yes I am a Leo!!!!!!!!!!!!! so you beat one enemy now! two to go....

* I made it.    

We are Winning the Struggle!

The farmers and teachers et al winning!  

Government troops were stretched thin in their effort to control all fronts in the volatile country, while violence raged in the grass-roots anti-government uprising. The revolt has now entered its 12th month and the U.N. General Assembly prepared to take up a symbolic resolution condemning President Bashar al-Assad's brutal crackdown.....
Ok you snail nice world, condemning  al-Assad quickly and effectively,  it take 12 months now how long it take you condemning useless doomed tyranny al-Assad.  Wind blow people’s direction.

The Uptick Rules

Since late last year, a series of positive developments has boosted investor confidence and led to a sharp rally in risky assets, starting with global equities and commodities. Macroeconomic data from the United States improved; blue-chip companies in advanced economies remained highly profitable; China and emerging markets slowed only moderately; and the risk of a disorderly default and/or exit by some members of the eurozone declined.
But at least four downside risks are likely to materialize this year, undermining global growth and eventually negatively affecting investor confidence and market valuations of risky assets.First, the eurozone is in deep recession, especially in the periphery, but now also in the core economies, …
 Second, there is now evidence of weakening performance in China and the rest of Asia. In China, the economic slowdown underway is unmistakable. Export growth is down sharply, turning negative vis-à-vis the eurozone’s periphery. Import growth, a sign of future exports, has also fallen. …
 Third, while US data have been surprisingly encouraging, America’s growth momentum appears to be peaking. Fiscal tightening will escalate in 2012 and 2013, contributing to a slowdown, as will the expiration of tax benefits that boosted capital spending in 2011. Moreover, given continuing malaise in credit and housing markets, private consumption will remain subdued; ….
 Finally, geopolitical risks in the Middle East are rising, owing to the possibility of an Israeli military response to Iran’s nuclear ambitions. While the risk of armed conflict remains low, the current war of words is escalating, as is the covert war in which Israel and the US are engaged with Iran; …
 In addition, he says, middle east is dangerously heated, the Arab spring on the frying pan could go any or every direction.

I think probably the Arab spring and the eurozone periphery will be play major role for economy recovery. So far even though euro melt down, other side of continents growthe have been stable and relative. So world leaders must act together, pushing the fiscal austerity,  restoring  competitiveness the eurozone periphery and  channeling encouraging  positively the boiling  Arab Spring energy is key to the recovery.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Every Day Is Valentine Day For Lovers!

A man in Amouda holds a banner saying Sorry Valentine, Homs is my lover [Reuters]

True  love is forever!  Every days Valentines Syrian fighters

From Syria  with Love - CNN

Nir Rosen: In much of the country, entire communities are involved in the uprising. It is difficult to generalise about their socio-economic backgrounds. The revolution is strongest in rural areas, the smaller cities and the working class,shaabi, areas of Homs, Damascus and Aleppo. But there are also many wealthy and educated activists in the revolution. 
 In many opposition strongholds people are socially conservative. In part this is a function of economic class since working class areas have been most active in the uprising. Residents in such areas generally have more grievances motivating them to rise up and they are more likely to take part in the armed struggle. 

Getting rid of Bashar Assad requires a united opposition, the creation of a safe haven and Western resolve ...
Stand up as one 
To make that promise credible, Syria’s fractious opposition must unite. A contact group of outside powers and the opposition could channel money into Syria, as well as help with communications and logistics. With a single voice and a credible leader, the opposition could seek to reassure the merchants, Kurds and Christians who back Mr Assad that they will be safer and more prosperous without him. The Russians would also begin to shift ground. Mr Putin enjoys standing up to the interfering West, not least for domestic political reasons (see article), but sticking with a doomed leader could cost Russia its naval-supply base in Tartus and its arms exports. The more senior officials and army officers defect from the regime, the more likely Mr Putin is to change sides too.
 To help persuade them, Turkey, with the blessing of NATO and the Arab League, should create and defend a safe haven in north-western Syria. The FSA can train fighters there, and a credible opposition can take shape. Turkey seems willing to do this, providing it gets Western support. The haven would be similar to that created for the Kurds in northern Iraq; Mr Assad would suffer only if he attacked it.
The Economist says most sensible way for your love struggle 

(Reuters) - China said on Thursday it would send a senior diplomat to Syria as it steps up efforts to mediate in the Syrian crisis after being scolded by the West and many in the Arab world for vetoing a U.N. resolution calling for Syria's president to step down.

China's ruling Communist Party mouthpiece, the People's Daily, said in a commentary foreign meddling in Syria risked stirring up a hornets' nest of instability in the Middle East, which could shock markets and derail a weak global economy.
 "The political ecology in the Middle East is extremely frail, a tangled mess of thousands of years of ethnic and religious conflict," the People's Daily said on Thursday.
World powers must realise this and handle bloodshed in Syria and Middle East tension with a sense of realism, it said, noting that the spread of conflict would be a "catastrophe" in a crucial phase of global economic recovery.
"The Middle East is the world's most important fuel depot. If gripped by chaos, oil prices would skyrocket, shocking the stock market, financial systems and economies," the paper said.
Finally China come to senses, well yes certainly China can not afford the world economy slow down again, let alone unable to grow double digit continually, that can be dangerous their own uprising.   

So Syrian it is crucial next few week, it is crucial for the fighters!Must united all side of fighters. 

How to Kill Two Rabbit One Arrow?

Very simple but very difficult tame the beast Nice things always share, that is including  your lovely things from Krugman Blog so I steal and sharing with you! 

As always awesome cool visuals display a tasty feast for you, simple nice! I wish this world mad for all visual so that you don’t have to read all the things but just a scan! I know you would say “you must read… all of them… well I am not a Google slave to read all the stuff on Google”… that is right Google is my wiz slave…!@

Gather Update: It is bit still dark but this may can helpclear up I think

Another thinking update: I have been thinking of this Phillips Curve, relations with North Korea, it is essentially  capitalist market driven economic application? I read somewhere N Korea used have a small scale of open markets around, but the government banned them because prices of  goods went up sky rocket, that is part of inflation but then there is no relations of employment issues.   It is strange diagnoses? All the state owned enterprises, state owned jobs or no jobs, there is no job market, but jobs for all or no jobs for all. whether you have job or not all the same!?  

Monday, February 13, 2012

Syrian People are Winning the War

What world should do? You must act, act fast, why few countries veto for barrage to the movement. There is always the way able to move.  Encourage solders defection… 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

To the World

Dear World

 Dear World you must see the suffering of Syrian civilian, killer Assad regime, do not  blinded your conscience, if you do  that is insulting your  very own  dignity! Open your own heart and mind to see the true!   Do not blinded by tyranny regime their futile  propaganda!    

Hooray the greatest PAPA in the world!

Priceless, very funny funny O yes for him not funny but very serious matters! The very fortunate young lady who has a greatest Papa in world, I think she should looking at other side of world, less fortunate  teens in her age! Need bit of thinking! I think she is better off without her laptop for few years. She will learn lots a good things without the laptop.

Suggestive Solving Problems Update: But then, she need a laptop for her study( about few weeks after), I think need conversation with together go to  walk or  holiday together need a good conversation.   Open and honest.  She may goes completely off the track, she is 16 years old young lady, very sensitive age, also considering she has a step-mum that may be?! So all the consideration Papa and young lady go to a holiday together for few days, nice  cool conversation I think! That is best solution! Have an agreement, she has to live with.  Yes she disrespectable her papa, that is not so good, I don’t have children so I don’t know but…!   I think she has a great Papa in the world; he cares and loves his daughter deeply.  I think she is very smart has lots of potential! Need bit a good guardian that is all! She is very much of  her father's daughter for sure!! Hahahaha  ...

Bit More Update:  I believed this conflict outcome would be very good one! I like her very much indeed! Ub...upppp....!

Another watching up date: It is a great script by the way I have been watching 4 times… 

Cool Papa and young lady update: 'There's NO way I'm going to send my childthe message that it's OK to gain from something like this': Dad who shotdaughter's laptop in video after she complained about him on Facebook speaks out

Why this story is so viral? You know sometimes we come across authentic, not a bullshit but authentic, something that is so genuine, no pretence  but genuine that  touches our hearts. We are living on world full of fakeness , untruefullness , propaganda and phonies so we see something that so chivalrously hilariously seriously funny but gravely true, that still stir us  in deep inside our hearts. I think is  positive sign for viral viewing, that mean lots of people still hold something deep inside their heart.  His undisputable belief that is good for his daughter! Well be my guest! Ha ha ha ha…! She calls her Papa “dude” …ha ha ha ….he found her Facebook posting  by the family dog by accidently!...ha ha ha...

Where is The World?

We are the World! Friend of the Syrian people, we must united send a clear message to the tyranny Assad that he has no place for this earth; he committed grave atrocity to his nation, the people!

 Dear world friend of the great Syrian people,  feel in your heart their suffering what is like to be that situation. Any country who support  tyranny Assad  regime is betting wrong horse in here! Any tyranny  régimes whose interest his own family business not the nation and people, they are gone forever ever! So Russia not too late you should ditch Assad!  Killing regime Assad must go, the UN assembly on Monday must clear message to the world, there is no places to  dictators tyrannic regimes!  

And CNN Talking video

Friday, February 10, 2012

Turkey Double Game

Here from Al Jazeera blog : Turkeyarrests five over Syrian defector's forced return

Turkey is a big player in the region but this is peoples’ movement, Assad is finished.  Why  you wonder  support a deadregime? People stay there forever regime will be gone within short time. 

The UN Chief Promises

Surely there is solution yes so many broken promises. NO more broken promises, must action, so many civilian is dying. I think Arab, Europe and American, or world of  friend of Syria, must action it is take too long civilian suffering immense. The world you can not desert Syrian in such way, I think Security Council should meeting again, Assed regime killing regime that is killing its own people, completely lost its own legitimacy.