Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hello Grandpa

Left, Reinhard Krause/Reuters; Korean Central News Agency, via Korea News Service
Hello Grandpa I am your grandson, son of your son, a grandpa of son of son, I humbly swear I will follow your sum of footstep as a grandson of grand grandpa, a grandpa of son of son I therefore the grandest son of a son, sums of hollowed 25 millions sums of staved souls! 

Wake up! N Korea, you are deadly creativity in your own grave yard ritual and golden plague for your marble tombstone.  And your energy toward for a wrong-Vegas? 25 million people is first,  give them incentive to make them let them work hard!  “Incentive” powerful tool for motivation. You have been polishing ever crumpling squawky bullshit system, playing toothless accordance for your deadly plague song for a grave yard ritual.  In your broken wonderland, an obviation of pavilion, with  broken souls of 25 million people lifeless consignment.   

 By 2050, there will most likely be more than nine billion people. If these people are richer than people today (and therefore using more energy per person), total emissions worldwide could double or even triple. This is the great dilemma: we need to emit less CO2, but we are on a global path to emit much more. We should care about that scenario, because remaining on a path of rising global emissions is almost certain to cause havoc and suffering for billions of people as they are hit by a torrent of droughts, heat waves, hurricanes, and more. We have already experienced the onset of this misery in recent years, with a spate of devastating famines, floods, and other climate-related disasters.
 The benefits of information and communications technologies can be found in every area of human activity: better farming using GPS and micro-dosing of fertilizers; precision manufacturing; buildings that know how to economize on energy use; and, of course, the transformative, distance-erasing power of the Internet. Mobile broadband is already connecting even the most distant villages in rural Africa and India, thereby cutting down significantly on the need for travel.

You know N Korea you cannot  keep 25 millions people on zombie bondage forever. Technology become cheap and accessible make your life much easier, may you are afraid of loss of control but what the hell you live only one life! Hey you?  That is right you! Who has power you can only live very little life least you can do few good things before you die!  You should bit of think about how world move toward certain direction certainly not total totalitarians for sure!