Saturday, February 25, 2012

Arabian Thriller


Moreover, the expected collapse of Syria's currency and the regime's inability to pay salaries to its soldiers and bureaucrats will, for all practical purpose, destroy whatever technical legitimacy it commands in the country - and perhaps lead to its implosion from within. ...
 But well yes no pain no gain, in war like this no one win, but what option Syrian people had so far! So to speaking either Syrian people have to put up futile Assaid régime forever ever until his sons grow for next baton or they fight for  their children their grandchildren for  dignity.  We know no one angel, in international politics,  if anyone, angels have its own agenda too, we don’t need angel, we need help even if they are  bad wolfs or eagles if they are our side of game, so even if they have   agenda their  own that is workable to us that is fine by us, that is  Syrian people would say.  It can be unpredictable, what is going to be unfolding of the million of Arabian day-night thriller, but one day-night story is so clear Assad is lost! As we have seen so many tyranny endings. Assad ending will be the same! How long he can afford maintaining his life machine that is question! Mean time we wish  “Friends of Syria” just keep doing what they have been set out to do, keep doing and lots of back door talking and tightening  Assad neck.