Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Great Syrian People

 It was the second time that permanent members Russia and China have exercised a double veto on the Syria issue. In October, they killed a European-drafted resolution condemning Syria and threatening it with possible sanctions

What a great Syrians, their continues struggle for their right and their dignity. They earned the world respect. The rights and freedom belong to them forever ever regardless a double veto. They are their nation, embodiment essence of soul of Syria. We can see the Assad regime crumbling down its knees to the great people of Syria, for begging for mercy for soon! We have seen that Libya… as we have seen many other places that are evidences.    The great courageous people refuse to be violating their dignity, they refused to be citizen of zombies.    The great people minds wake with their long dreamless sleep, dreaming of their great spring, freedom! Even their land garment with its frost, their warm blood blooms eternity magical power to the sphere, epitomes of souls shudder into their soil to the world,   they refuse to be tails of useless headless futile regime but they want to be the nations of the jewel, the tiara.  That is their rightful place for sure! You, the soldiers of the great nation of Syria, your duty is protecting your great nation, your great courageous people not a mad dog  loser Assad!  The great people love sacrifices never be wasted but the torch of freedom shall be forever burns in their love land!

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