Saturday, February 18, 2012

Gathering Their Spring


Did you see that?  An Assad scumbag  JUST SHOT THE INNOCENT PEOPLE!  And walk away! Unbelievable, you know world, you can not sit in your proffered arm chair, embroidery great forgery orgies and cozy confessional pious nonsense “ do it or do not’  while innocence people are killed by every single day!!! What is gone be?   The people will not stop. Not far from, when wind blow to the lovers four fronts, formidable frost soil thwacks from lovers’ grave, long littorals tides, frost melt gullies valleys, O spring, their lovely spring comes as always, wake up from its dark frost sleep, hear their sounds, their heart beats on stream, one way, the formidable way no gun no tanks no suppression able to stop that stream, then their frosty bare hands grips of laurel, instead of guns  that is theirs, their own, their sacrifices, their courage, their love...forever