Thursday, February 16, 2012

Become an Animal

As an investor you have know who your  bed mates are as:
1)      Mr Market: he is dark moody asshole or can be incredible charming, the Byronic type, he is the forever lover/hate partner.
2)      The Institutional investors:  the sons of bitches in the world working their charted ass off  graphics burn their candlestick mouth all day long at their PC. World 90% market controlled by stick ass son of bitches.
3)      You: perhaps the most difficult one to conquer of all: You. You are your own worst enemy.

So how you beat them?  Well become beast, find our way. Beasts know when they flee or when they fight as:  
To do well in the capital markets requires developing skills that very often are the opposite of what our survival instincts are telling us. Our emotions compound the problem, often compelling us to make changes at the worst possible times.... [O]ur evolutionary “flight or fight” response developed for a reason – it helped keep us alive out on the savannah. But the adrenaline necessary to fight a Cro-Magnon or flee from a sabre-toothed tiger does not help us in the capital markets. Indeed, study after study suggests our own wetware works against us; the emotions that helped keep us alive on the plains now hinder our investment performance. The problem, as it turns out, lies primarily in those large mammalian brains of ours. Our wiring evolved for a specific set of survival challenges, most of which no longer exist...

So question is how we become all beasts? That is questions!? Or answer??!!
Well Yes I will say now as:
We are all animals so we all know how to beat three enemies! 
That is very simple solution!?  See the monster so you have to wear your own Astrology sign on your head!
 Yes I am a Leo!!!!!!!!!!!!! so you beat one enemy now! two to go....

* I made it.