Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Al-Assad Is Finished

End Of Another Dictatorship!   Here is a nice clip

Behind the violence in Syria lies a central irony: the longer Syrian President Bashar al-Assad holds onto power, the likelier he is to put his Alawi minority in jeopardy. Watch part II of the Freeland File, with Reuters Digital Editor Chrystia Freeland in conversation with former Ambassador Dennis Ross

Hooray we are winning!!!  

P.S. Dennis Ross says “ …any regime based coercion  or employee coercion doesn’t  not succeeded   and sooner or later the regime won’t be survival… Hey N Korea do you hear that…!? Yes that is common theme all the history all the places whether that is a nation and an organization, tyrannies'  faith are all the same. Their tragic endings, completely disappears no one want to associated with or anything to do with them.  Recently days or years we have seen so many of them. Gaddafi is one of also example….that is not only tragedy of the nations who have a such stupid futile regime or stupid leaders. Not only tragedy  of the nation but tragedy  of whole humanity. That is why olden days a nation who groomed of their kingship, there were incredible effort make sure he or she was the One. Even though things could always went wrong. This not only happen nations but also organizations that is immenseness cost for the society as a whole.