Thursday, January 31, 2013

How Lovely

Delusion, sorry human specie, after seeing so much killings destruction of. So my solace go to the outback where I am most comfortable with, I go there often,  people asked me why, don’t ask me why but you should go there , see yourself feel yourself and answer yourself, deserts to feel for, desert is become alive most fully, walking daily 8 hours with silences for a week that can fix you up. Yoga retreats become too commercial, mind you I used to stayed temple for while.  Also mind you my tainted soul  not really redeemable, I can say my wicked restless soul can not be tucked away by monkship. My monkship is very earthly sinful one, that is my negligence of religiousness soul.   Go outback, that is best,  abandon yourself for while become a mate of silence bedding with wild flowers, manful whimsical eyeballing with bluest sky, meet  ever so gentle butterflies at shy shade,  nameless chirpy birds, bending tongue tide rocks come with endless timeless horizon, sunset moon stars all these there for you,  wonders that way we made for. Thinking of after all we are part of them then why are we so unkind each other? Bizarre!!! 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dialogue with the butcher

Dialogue with the butcher

Should I cry or should I laugh? This is my dilemma! Great Syrian people find themselves  laughing while they are suffering immensely! So I laugh and cry same time!  

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Where I am going when I am sad?

When I am sad I go there, place where I can turn around look around swing are around all beauties, rise from mighty dreams and  open window say “ good morning!”   flowers their hard work for overnight grooming their pretty faces to me,   dignified pearly tiara dew sloping morning fence elect her sunbeam altar for his majestic grace, nameless wild flowers at old stone fence gazing at the sun rise at their emblematic faces, brooding wind their kindles smile at gentle breeze, dark velvet morning sea her wet tined reddish hair kick her feet to greeting mighty dawn. Sky come to closer, stars clinks crescent eyeclips,  dogs barking hens greeting their day, sweet aroma clinks clinks, solemn chant from the temple  at morning breasts,  sun rise from night of mighty…  I rise like a red giant star!     

Arming FSA is the Solution

HERE and Here  AND HERE  Massacre 

The FSA revolutionary must armed so that they can fight butcher assad  and brings forward precise victory past forward! That is only way end this conflict, before then you should not expect anything that make any different  this tragic humanity! 

 Identified 20 dead people, were one family,  they are  Muslims civilian, only butcher Assad gained from  this tragic sectarian fight no one else.  Because also blames should goes the world as they failed to prevent this earlier so that  prevent this conflict become full blown radicalization and sectarian.  This from CNN

Abu Faris, an opposition spokesman in the Aleppo countryside, said the names of 20 of the victims were confirmed by families, who said their relatives were arrested and detained by Air Force Intelligence in Aleppo. The agency is regarded as one of the government's most important and notorious units.

Gruesome Unbelievable Unbelievable

The bodies of dozens of young men, all apparently summarily executed, have been found in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo, rebels and activists say.

At least 56 bodies were found on the banks of the Quwaiq river in the rebel-held district of Bustan al-Qasr, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported.

For me, everyone is  scums,  try to understand,   when we were so young we were fraud by fair tales story. Always story line end was goodness prevail!  Then I was told and  now I want to still  cling on that and believe that is true. But we have to realise that grown ups world is nothing like what we were told.  Much more nastier than that!  So many precious lives innocence children senselessly  were killed in this way?  While world fold their hands and colossally relaxed about as spectators at their shuddering main!  What a waste!  Both side blaming each other. How any human can do this way!  The world is moralistic scums, try to fair tales game while do nothing! Why not the world a devil  instead who  looking into problems practical point of view, what happen  if the world let the butcher Assad alive? All Syrian people lives meaninglessness to the butcher, so few hundred to kill them off  for a propaganda display at media show while Paris meeting  and unsc, who is gain through this killing?  Death is more than 100 they are saying! Meaningless to you? People are laying at river bank, so many of them there,  they are sons of their fathers and mothers! Very very sad that is all!  Some of dead people were identified as they are civilian...

Here YouTube Clips see yourself!
Images of massacre

Monday, January 28, 2013

UN is Killing Syrian Children

Russia Slimy Stands

Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev has called on the nations backing Syria’s warring parties to refrain from any military support and let the diplomatic peace process take its course.

“We are open for any contacts, but we strongly object to outside players providing opposition and other parties to the conflict with weapons. It’s time they stopped,” Mr. Medvedev stressed.

He said Russia’s stand on the Syrian issue was “absolutely pragmatic.”

“We don’t support [Syrian President] Assad, neither do we support the opposition. We keep in touch with both the opposition and Assad. We have inter-government agreements, economic ties and even military relations with the regime, though we have never said who should rule the country. It’s up to the Syrian people,” he said.


How so atypical Russia is, they preserve their option either side, sitting at the middle of fence! Indication terrorist losing!!!  Or perhaps pre- unsc and the Opposition Paris meetings, Russia are making simply an impression Assad losing so that the world community not drastic action against the slaughter Assad. Slimy sleazily evil! Mind you regardless what Russia said their affection slaughter house butcher Assad  would not change! 

US Trillion Dollar Moral Lesson

President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in their wide-ranging joint interview on CBS’ “60 Minutes,” defended what some critics have called the administration’s unwillingness to engage in the world, particularly on Syria, which Clinton called a “wicked problem.”
“We do nobody a service when we leap before we look, where we take on things without having thought out the consequences of it,” the president said, calling Syria a classic example of how the United States should be clear about its objectives whenever taking any action.

“We want to make sure not only that it enhances U.S. security, but also it’s doing right by the people of Syria and neighbors like Israel that are going to be profoundly affected by it,” he said.
Clinton called Syria a “wicked problem” that highlights the delicate balancing act of how to make sure U.S. foreign policy upholds American values and freedom in situations where the solution has the potential to be worse than the problem.

And as I wrestle with those decisions, I am more mindful probably than most of not only our incredible strengths and capabilities, but also our limitations. In a situation like Syria, I have to ask, can we make a difference in that situation? Would a military intervention have an impact? How would it affect our ability to support troops who are still in Afghanistan? What would be the aftermath of our involvement on the ground? Could it trigger even worse violence or the use of chemical weapons? What offers the best prospect of a stable post-Assad regime? And how do I weigh tens of thousands who've been killed in Syria versus the tens of thousands who are currently being killed in the Congo?

Those are not simple questions. And you process them as best you can. You make the decisions you think balance all these equities, and you hope that, at the end of your presidency, you can look back and say, I made more right calls than not and that I saved lives where I could, and that America, as best it could in a difficult, dangerous world, was, net, a force for good.

President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, sleepless nights, wrestles their dementia moral dilemma, weighty of human life which life is precious than other, or which is more profitable than other, ever so careful after spend trillions dollars lesson from Afghanistan and Iraq, the trillions dollar love not really passionately be appreciated, very hefty cost for the heck of lesson! Now  they play safety,  their own mind chess game, if I move this in here there, leftward or rightward,  or hangs around with Russia bit more…, do nothing…, this minor part in here intent to larger part… or jump few step award… shivering into cascaded moral darkness.  Syria problems, all the oily rich Gulf states the want to open heir coffers why not take ride, which is cost side! Well others things Palestine, Israel, Syria…Iran etc, they can be solved, we human are born to solving problems, Curiosity at the Mar, Apollo went to the Moon, every problems can be solved. Have to change a thinking! Opposite way of thinking!

UPDATE: US underestimation of her power, the world community ask US leadership in practically in solving problems, but after dented by her previous  experience, she puts herself at the lonely centre at land mine field, she can’t stepping out in a inches of her feet, how about she puts herself outside of the mind field with host of friends!   

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Of this Elfin Land

Russia Says Butcher Assad Days are Numbered

 [AFP]  Heroes FSA with nice weapons, getting bigger bigger 
MOSCOW: Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's chances of retaining power are getting "smaller and smaller" every day, according to the transcript of an interview with CNN released by Medvedev's office on Sunday.

Medvedev's remarks were the most vocal Russian statement that Assad's days could be numbered.

But he reiterated calls for talks between the government and its foes and repeated Moscow's position that Assad must not be pushed out by external forces.

Russia has been Assad's most important ally throughout the 22-month-old Syrian conflict, which began with peaceful street protests and evolved into an armed uprising against his rule.
Russia is make a space for themselves " inevitability" butcher children killer Assad fail and the Revolutionary will be King of Syria! Smart movement but I don;t trust Russia until the FSA et al precisely win the ground!

Surprise? Nop!

Terror horrendous slaughter house Syria become.  There is subtle changes and new development  slaughter house terrorist Assad butchering people with massive airstrikes all around Syria, and many places his personal gangs and army carried out massacre after massacres, so many people still fleeting neighbouring countries. Butcher Assad his self serving  utter gruesome slaughters house fantasy show, which befitting butcher’s promises to his client  he will  cleansing up Al-Qaeda  and accusing all the FSA revolutionary are “armed terrorist.” And Russia hold butcher Assad hands,  softly whisper to his ear with encouragement his killing spree in the killing field, gift of  money, vetoes and arms and their warships embanked Syrian waters flanking their equality gruesome feeble meanness.

Butcher Assad   mass releases al-Qaeda related extremists from his jails, mass media coverage of where about, their bravery and their achievement and their active activity front-line,  some of interview clearly out of main stream,  characteristically which against the Opposition  and but aimed to and  benefit to the butcher Assad.
US condemned  al-Nusrsa as a terrorist group association with al-Queda. 
Very timely, butcher Assad offered a dialogue with opposition in his own terms, while Russian condemning, the Opposition, their “unwavering” standing for toppling butcher Assad.

UN announcing all these aid distribution with the butcher regime. And now the butcher said all the people who fled should come back to Syria.

Now we know that John Kerry who met the butcher terrorist Assad many times ( dinned with their wives) and Kerry refers the slaughter house butcher  Assad as his “ dear friend” which he reserves for his only very few friend that was then.

Do you think, butcher Assad  offering baits to his "dear friend"  Kerry that " hey Kerry, come my killing field,  let's slaughter together,  name of al-Qaeda hunting, for old time sake!" 

Bit bizarre!? Surprise? Nop! We will see what is come next, that is all!

The End is NOT Justified Means

The US$519 million (Dh1.9 billion) Humanitarian Assistance Response Plan (Harp), unveiled last week, aims to deliver what the UN says are life-saving food, water and medical supplies to areas affected by the deepening conflict
It was drawn up in close cooperation with the Syrian authorities and the document makes clear Syria's foreign ministry and other government departments will have a leadership role, helping to determine where the aid will go.

Relief funds will be channelled through government-approved organisations working inside Syria, including the Syrian Arab Red Crescent.

Opposition factions say the plan puts the UN openly on the side of the authorities, footing reconstruction bills for damage done by government forces trying to suppress a revolution.

"I'm utterly disgusted by it, I cannot believe the UN is allowing its aid to be associated with the regime, let alone giving the regime a supervisory role in how and where this money is spent," said an opposition activist from Homs. The central Syrian city is among the areas hit hardest by government efforts to crush the revolt that began in March 2011.

"Regime forces destroy the country and the UN will help them clean up their mess," he said.

On Tuesday, John Ging, the UN humanitarian operations director, said no relief money would be given directly to the Syrian government and insisted it would be distributed "with integrity, neutrality and on the basis of need".

However, speaking on condition of anonymity from Lebanon, a senior western aid official admitted those involved in relief efforts struggled over the ethical problems involved in working on Syria.

"I wrestle with this question every day," the official said. "By getting aid through we are, in a way, helping the government - it claims the credit for our work and as far as I'm concerned the regime is to blame for this disaster.

This is dealing with scums, terrorist Assad told UN that only aid should go through his hand while he is destroying the country and killing people, unless go thorough him there is no aid  to Syrian people from UN. So criminal wants to the Aid is as if his own, try to buy off people. UN is stupid ineffective. Why can’t  they try to supply the aid both ways, on the ground through the FSA revolutionary, local coordinators, instead give terrorist Assad regime  monopoly position to controlling “where to or who to”  who know  terrorist sell these aid for buying his arm!   


Beautiful boy voiced chant!  sounds is universal language!  Allah will answer our calling...When we patient Allah will listen to our calling…Allah is victorious... ! 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

I Am a Naturel Born Swimmer

I consider myself a natural born swimmer; I never attended my swimming lesson   at a fully chemically armed indoor pool( or I hardly ever swam indoor pool except few times when I had back problems, but after I got a huge irritation of my skin because chimerical I never go there!), but cobalt sea where she armed with her summer songs taught me how to swim like a rainbow fish. Host of cobalt sky encircled crown our head, her divine arms affectionately and patiently holding me and let me swing my arms and legs to forth that way how I learn swim, golden seashell lullaby wind, green foliaged screened summer bubbled her angelic face, sing her love dwelt her faithfulness, she wear her crimson majestic robe! I saw her bright eyes field with reflection of world, she speaks vision of greatness, impearled emblems in her forehead, let’s go my precious child!   You wonder how good swimmer I am, my best is free styles stroke very fast`, also dive into bottom of sea and come up surface  PUUHAAAAAAA!!!  you never know what I am talking about! 

US, the Biggest Evil?

A new document to Wikileaks that America provided financial support to Al-Assad regime worth 5 billion dollars to cope with the rebels because they prefer the Islamists!!!
We have said in the past "USA pain full your spite of our blood" mother some!!
America is the world's largest demon!!
US is the Biggest Evil? May be, I am not sure is this true or not I ferreted Wikileaks I could not spot the above yet, I can not make any comment, but US did if the above true that would be unspeakable!

Called a slaughter house butcher “ dear friend?” don’t kidding yourself!

John Kerry had no illusion about what kind of government Assad ran; when he co-sponsored the Syria Accountability Act in 2003 he said,:

The Syrian government has historically ruled by methods such as torture, arbitrary arrest and detention, prolonged detention without trial, and limits on freedom of speech and the press.

Yet he bet on that government and he clung to the hope that Assad would survive, and with him, all those plans the two of them had made together, long after the revolution against his rule had begun. In June 2012, Klein Halevy, a Jerusalem-based contributor to the New Republic, recounted a meeting she had with Kerry in 2011:

Last year, I was part of a group of Israelis who met in Jerusalem with Massachusetts Senator John Kerry. Mr. Kerry had just come from Damascus with excellent news: Bashar al-Assad was ready for peace with Israel. When one of the participants mentioned that demonstrations had begun to challenge Mr. Assad’s legitimacy, Mr. Kerry’s response was: All the more reason to negotiate while he’s still in power.

That was then and this is now. Clearly Assad's "still in power" days are numbered. I'm sure John Kerry and everyone else in the Obama administration realize that now. They refused any military aid to Assad's opposition and even did their best to deny them heavy weapons, but that has only delayed, at great human costs, the inevitable defeat of the Assad regime.

One of reason terrorist Assad release   large of al-Quad from jail, a massive media  propaganda of attacking the FSA revolutionary and Opposition as a bunch of terrorist.  We are hoping Mr Kerry should be wise, the world watching, US hard to escape its moral obligation to the Syrian people! Terrorist Assad propaganda of condemning FSA revolutionary are all extremist probably referring his very own al-Qaeda, he always had his own, sent them to Iraq too.  As was warned, the conflict is radicalized which is happening!  Predictably yes some Jihadists groups on the ground, foreigners are small monitory, majority of them are  Syrian, these people are matter of fact as, association with jihadist  accessing weapon and resources within many reason to protect their family themselves their revolution. With terrorist there will be no future Syria and the region. If US open heart to Syrian people, there will be a great relationship with Syria and US that any problems can be solved i.e. Israel.  When US and west come to aid FSA with arms, there won’t be al-Qaeda problems. I must say clearly some of interview in media have been bit of out of characters, you wonder where they belong to, and clearly terrorist Assad has his very own al-Qaeda in his camp.   Called a slaughter house butcher “ dear friend?” don’t kidding yourself!  


Children of Revolution
What a sad thing they have to learn first, carried their friends' biers to burials! Shame on you the world! I bet you sit there plucking cozy air and watching  Syrian news without any remorse, as if none of your own business!
 So many of the children were killed, wounded, lost their family parents! If you are supporting terrorist Assad,  your fate will be exactly suffer like the Syrian children are suffering!

US Moral Obligation To Syrian People Struggle

"I repeat here today: our policy is not containment. It is prevention and the clock is ticking on our efforts to secure responsible compliance," he told the panel.
The above incoming US Secretary of State  Mr Kerry, I like the above, it is my kind of thinking! I used managed project where you were dealing with  hundred of people. First few months into new project I almost always had cold sweats and nightmares! Anyway one of hardest( interesting) thing is  dealing with all sort of people. You have to buckle down if you need to! I can be very very pigheaded!  You have to become a scum when your dealing with a scum. Sometimes a person come to ask “ favour” a middle of crisis.  S/he knows that they are needed at the time, they chose to right time come to and ask her/his favour, if I don’t do their way they will pack their bag! They said, they are almost always same characteristic  To be warned to the readers, you should avoid all cost, they are scums of society and pits! They don;t know meaning of fair-play, they are stupid and coward!  Mind you I am not angel either! I learned from the job how to do deal with these scums! I would say “no problem I will not do your way but you do my way, if you don’t like it, be my guest, do as what you wish!” about 90% occasion they withdrew but 10% occasion they acutely pack their bags left! But end of the cost side it is much cheaper that way than be bargain into by scums' threats! Always that kind of scums better off any place of earth!  This kind of dealing has to learn from experiences! Preventives is much efficient instead fixing problems!

Do you think Mr Kerry may be listen to Sen McCain?( who is  a very ardent supporter of arming FSA and Syrian revolution) said the below as: 
"Witnessing almost daily his exemplary statesmanship is one of the highest privileges I've had here," he said.

The world want some action from US, do not swayed by terrorist Assad and Russia  propaganda, but clearly analysis on the ground. So Homs( many other areas in Syria)  is profound crisis, intensive airstrikes, so many people were killed and wounded people trap inside front lines. It is so unfair, US is the world biggest democracy super power and economy, all the possibilities US has, she is avoiding to meet her moral obligation to Syrian people crisis! The Great Syrian people, their great struggle, their great revolutionary deserve the world community support and attention and US must meet  her moral obligation!  

The Belle Of Syria

 The Belle! Here she comes with her maiden love, she comes with her golden laurel! Her beacon of deed, her temple of hope, to forth with her golden head and dance with her giant feet! Here comes the Belle!  She comes with a splendours torch for her lover!   Here comes the Belle! WITH her victorious love emblem!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Two Difference

Fighting for her terrorist criminal tyrant Assad                                         Fighting for Her beloved Syria and her people!

Would you give your precious one life for a mere criminal?  Or Would you give your one life your beloved country and your people? that is the Question! O Yes fight, some decent fight, no fears,  stand for your little donkey criminal butcher or fight for your beloved country and your people! decent fight! The  history will be the verdict!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Story of My Old Backward Village

When I was a little child, we never heard about the police, of course they were there but we didn’t know what their role was, they never intervene village fights or village people  never went to the police and ask them to intervene. The villages were mostly belongs to two clans , one is our family and one other, our clan is far more out numbered and prospers - owing land and ships- adopted, expended, opened for  new culture through marriages( selective match making), new knowledge into clan.  A village, one clan distinctly powerful than another there is peace for long period of time, maintained the peace is very hard working and costly, always set high standard examples,  a black sheep is  buried, gone with old stinking pathos forever)  - so every problems solved within. 

So they did until the man  with next heir with other old clan –  killed one of  his  son buried alive,  because of his  wife ( second marriage) ran away of his terrible beating, the wife was a cultured  lady with her second marriage too, brought to a staled boring old village a great excitement,  villagers women whispered her past marriage was a some kind of crime with immense thrill, she come from nearing big city with her city life, I liked her  immediately, she feed me with lots of my curiosity about city life,  some times she had blue purple yellow colour her eye shadow. She didn’t like my visits in these days, she was polity avoid my questions! I was a kind of a busybody, my unguarded unchildish endless questioning and curiosity put  some people off!  She didn’t need make up at all; his love beating was a nice gift for days! Anyway village alders would  say “ what a brute he was spoiled  in his childhood  by his father!”  

You see, his very beautiful first wife had an affair with a village guy while he was in the army! So I was told that he was extremely jealousy of his second wife with ornate rages.  Anyway the villagers were shocked his crime, never had happen that kind crime in the old villages, killing his own fresh blood.  The police come and arrest him and took him away for many years.  Every school holiday when I come home, I heard story about the family, now his old mother and his aunt were only resident in his old rambling houses for waiting for his release! His wife moved out with other children, I know them too, older son( from his first marriage) was a year younger than me but he was very timid so I didn’t have much time for him, but sometime I asked him in part because of filling numbers in our play!  His old mother visited our house and see me her teary eyes, with amazement “you grow fast like a pine tree, so tall!” I wished she told me how beautiful I was but  those kind wordings not for other family children in these days in my small village that is my justifications! Well my grandmamma told me how beautiful I am so that was enough!  Anyway, the old respectable clan is completely dismantled, after his release from jail; he sold his inheritances very cheaply to our family and moved out nearing city with his old mother! One of the condition was the deal was that his old mother able to buried her old land along side her husband when she died!   

I remember this event with an amazement shock horror, how an old respectable family is ruined in this way, I still don’t know why he did that way, but clear to me now, he lost his marble a momentary insanity! 

Mopstar's Metaphors Peace and Security

There is was Russian’ foreign minister complained the Syrian Opposition obsession for toppling criminal Assad then he was saying the below as:

“For now, everything is running up against the opposition’s obsession with toppling Bashar Assad’s regime,” Lavrov told reporters.

“As long as this irreconcilable position remains in place, nothing good can happen. Armed actions will continue and people will die.”

What is terrorist Assad doing is that intensive bombing Sunni Muslim areas, evoking sectarians, ethnic cleansing. Russia idea of all the bombing? Russia told terrorist assad carried out this tactic the way the Opposition into submission?  unsc is a mobster gathering, they represent their own interest under the banner of “ world peace and security.” Well that is also drug dealers’ metaphors for their dealing dark seedy under world protecting their own interest!

Intensive airstrike Homs, shelling more than 300 days?   So many innocent people were killed, how many people life unsc want? Why they protecting one this despicable  criminal assad instead innocence people? So it appears that unsc protecting despicable  assad name of " the world peace and security!" Russia every action, every statement is calculated to bid time for terrorist assad remain his power.  Russia is plays a big gamble, take it all or nothing! Even if Syria completely ransacked nothing left for its stands!

UPdate: Next few days unsc meeting is scheduled, so Russia may be  ask to assad airstrike  servery all around  Syria make sure,  extravagant propaganda undermining  about FSA et al " they are bunch of terrorist extremest...etc..."  shows terrorist Assad staying power so that  US et al hesitate or shiver to do anything! In my view this problems will not be  solved by unsc, because of Russia  but  Arabs only! So  no more unsc!

UPDATE: I think the FSA revolutionary the Opposition, must united, I hate say that the Opposition (National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces  membership) is also problems so much focuses their own interest while their people were slaughtered on the ground.  We may focuses on ask gulf countries direct assistant of arming FSA. Other side or Russia they should know it is too unrealistic or too late keep Assad power in any, after all of this?

UPdate: the Syrian opposition inside Syria is controlled by terrorist Assad, so whatever they says is from the criminal mouth!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nice Nice

REUTERS/Joe Penney
I am a farmer too! I know how things work at the field, all the farmers  intuitively know their soil! Feel the soil and some appreciation how to grow things that are eventually end up our dining table!

Dirty Politics

Russian president offers a refugee conference and promises to assist to Lebanon its Syrian refugees. That is sound good, but what a hypocrites Russia is, while they have been an amorous harlotry beneficent to criminal Assad with money and arms with unsc vetoes, so that he able to carry out  killing sprees, butcher more than 60,000 people and destroy whole county, millions of  people has been displaced internally and neighbouring countries.

Today what is Syria, its immense suffering is largely to blame to  the unsc and largely Russia.  Russia ill patched its harlotry of guarding their own selfish  interest and cuddling butcher criminal Assad, under regimental  banner “ its sovereignty or internal problems, meeting outstanding contract….” while Syrian people want international community  intervene. They  want to delay every action what may available to the world community, so that give terrorist Assad bidding time to bombing on the ground, carried out more butchering people, civilian more suffer more flee ( recently 20,000 people cross Jordan within a week), bluffing to the Opposition into a bargain! Russia is try to high-jack the Syrian problem with cold blooded malice and opportunistic way and to punish  Syrian people and US west et al.  Offering assistant of refugees  or conference nothing to do humanitarianreason for truly care about Syrian crisis,  rather protecting their bum inevitability of fail criminal Assad

UPDate: US is the biggest economy( no matter how much suffered last few years! Its rich foundation and    resources, immense possibilities bounce back) the biggest democracy, they are dragged by Russia, Russia hardily superpower outside of unsc, this Syrian problems must solved outside of unsc, any suggestion from Russia is bidding their time to supporting criminal assad!  The world are asking US leadership and carried out its moral obligation for befitting its creed and its position! 

Revolutionary Obsessive Passion

Runway Russians!

Russia'sLavrov discussed about  Syrian Revolutionaryobsessive passion to topples terrorist  criminal Assad and freeing Syria fromoppressive tyrant criminal Assad family rule 40 years! Yeah!  Syrian people obsessives passion is just about become reality! No pain no gain!  You need an obsession, you need mad  to carried out this revolution! Without that madness you can not make impossible to possible, without obsession you can not dreams of dare, without that passion you can not successes!   Be obsessive topple criminal Assad...!

Here NYT also covering up Russian evacuation from Syria
...“Thank God they finally did it,” he said, of the evacuation by Russia’s Ministry of Emergency Situations. “I called and called. And now they really came through for us.”
The above comment is made by an evacuated Russian  to the press! What this mean, Russian government has been  discouraging their people evacuation!  that really look bad to criminal Assad, that is why their warship hangs around Mediterranean Sea in ready! While massive bombing and airstrikes civilian area, accusing the FSA et al terrorist,  Russia have been bluffing the Revolutionary  try to cheap deal!  I think the Opposition should not discrimination of Russian born Syrian citizen because of their country of origin, Russian government support criminal Assad!  They are innocence civilian like other Syrian people! 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Yes, Criminal Assad Used Chemical Weapons!

The [US Istanbul] consulate's own contacts reported that victims had symptoms that were "consistent with poisonous gas inhalation." A reporter for the Syria Life Network (SLN) told the consulate staff the symptoms included burning eyes, temporary blindness, relaxed and numb joints, unresponsiveness, nausea, unconsciousness, difficulty breathing, and temporary paralysis affecting the spine....
 [C]ontacts reported to the consulate that seven people were killed by the dispersed gas and 50 more victims were treated in a field clinic. The seven dead were buried and videos of their burial "clearly show the absence of visual injuries," the cable stated.

Mar Just Like Earth

Curiosity going to dig around there! amazing stones rocks soil, how similar to  the Earth! May be a huge minerals...who-ha!!!

Diversity in Vicinity of Curiosity's First Drilling Target

The right Mast Camera (Mastcam) of NASA's Curiosity Mars rover provided this contextual view of the vicinity of the location called "John Klein," selected as Curiosity's first drilling site. The distance from the camera to John Klein was about 16 feet (5 meters). The scale bar is 150 centimeters (59 inches) long. An unannotated version is also available.

This mosaic was assembled from images acquired on Sol (or Martian day) 138 between 8:30 and 9:25 in the morning, local Mars solar time (on Dec. 25, 2012). It illustrates the diversity of rock types from which the rover team could choose to sample. The enlargements of rocks seen on the right, and denoted by letters and boxes within the left image, represent this diversity. Each box is about 9 inches (22 centimeters) square.

Enlargement A shows a "bread-crusted" rock, whose surface is fractured in a polygonal pattern. This generally reflects a differential change in volume of a rock, with the outer part expanded relative to the interior. Enlargement B is representative of the material that will be sampled at the John Klein site, showing both light-toned veins and dark spots that show the relief of concretions. Enlargement C shows an exotic black rock that is similar in shape to more distant, dark rocks found higher in the local stratigraphy. That rock was probably emplaced here as part of material ejected by a crater-excavating impact.

The image has been white-balanced to show what the rocks would look like if they were on Earth.

Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

Someday, may be all human are programmed like Curiosity, don;t need food don't need to sleep just work work 24/7...!?

When I am looking into this Curiosity expedition, feel very emotional, you can imagine there is life somewhere, we are not alone! I always believed that never doubt that.  Now you can see the Mar, how similar to our earth! Stones rocks soils dust like somewhere dry coast in the earth. Lake there too, there would waters beneath the desert! There is somewhere very advance civilizations, like human, much more immensely advance life through evolution!  Anyway Curiosity is doing marvelous job for this ungrateful human species! She deserve a pecan pie, a big size! 


My  friends & their best pet outback, I love reptiles too beautiful snakes lizards..., so many nice interesting things in outback, sunsets stars moon milky way lovers cross with their love dream.., I have so many lucid dream of all sort of snakes- a huge giant glistering black snakes, swimming cleanest mountain lake, tailing sky...tells me come here, lets says!

Knock out, irresistible  you listen sound of silence, everything there for you!   You can go there any time if you want! 

I have so often go to this kind mountain lake, clear consciousness I can find myself in there if I want! It is so splendorous place to go...

Indisputable King Of Syria

Did you hear that? FSA revolutionary indisputable RULERS of their land! Do you want hear that again? Yeah!  What a great sound of Victor's march! Psychology all terrorist assad gangs are lost!  They are killing more than 60,000 of their own people and destroy their own country for protecting this tyrant criminal's life! So many people suffering because one stupid criminal! Anyway snail bum west must bit of action arming FSA!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Using Al-Qauda In Syria

There is no doubt that the West, in addition to some Arabs, are afraid that the Syrian revolution would turn into another Afghanistan especially due to the flow of jihadists into Syria to aid in combat. But instead of supporting the Syrian rebels, and stop al-Assad regime’s brutalities, they are just watching and monitoring the extremist groups.

The Syrian regime wants the West to accept that al-Assad regime is a guarantee for stability and works as safety valve against terrorism. The regime will therefore intensify the talks about the extremist groups –unfortunately they do exist.

Some of them were formed by the regime itself for this specific purpose, and some others were promoted and circulated by al-Assad regime to scare the world from another Afghanistan.

Recently terrorist Assad intensified bombing civilian all around Syria, and ask the Opposition dialogue while,  while Russia withdrew its consul at Aleppo, their warship at embanked Mediterranean sea, and now sending airplanes to evacuation of their people, an Iran  high ranking officials comment on terrorist Assad is “ red line”  and Assad mother desert him and fled! And now a criminal Assad gang  minister comment was this revolution is  “ Zionist and American lead plot or conspiracy  against Syria…”    There is  lots of evidence terrorist assad desperation of his last carnage struggle to save  his capsize ship, BUT  it will be soon sinking  at a abyss of dark ocean floor!  

End of this month unsc meeting is scheduled  so that terrorist assad give something to  Russia argue about it that is “ jihadists or al-Quad…” now hostage crisis of Algeria and  French fight with Al-Quad lead rebels at Mail, all happens, - while intensified  many car bombs  around Syria surly that may be from Assad regime doing it, also intensive air strikes to schools hospitals bread ques,  reasoning “hunting terrorist”-  so that US et al  hesitate of doing anything to do FSA revolutionary on the ground! I must say when you are looking at some of these jishaist comments are bit out of main steam of its creed or deliberately scaremongering, feed to West!

 Update: West problem solving come from thick cotton blanketed carbonized unimgination  and their courage is neatly arranged with dead chivalry spirits, gilding  its own shivering wind at the grave yard  marble tombstone! Yeah, glittering meaningless words for dead crops only! Dumb West!

Curiosity' Is Our Teacher

Diversity in Vicinity of Curiosity's First Drilling Target

How beneficent Curiosity is?! While earth human are fighting each other their little tiny tiney bit of scraps, while Curiosity work day and night, expend its frontier! I bet if Curiosity let fight with terrorist Assad  at the Syria conflict she will fix him within second and stop killing all these children!

Do you think Curiosity will find some nice forest, with full of trees and fruits and fertile soil? Meet immensely advance ETs colonies, somewhere for sure there would be life! There would a magic potion  for earth every so ungrateful humans their sustainability! 

We All Can Beautiful

We all are  looking for  a beauty, endless craving it, but when you know where to find it, just right there within you! You are the beauty! You just need to know how to discovery it!

No Division


The Ras al-Ain branch of the Kurdish National Council in Syria called on the Syrian opposition on Saturday to intervene over an ongoing jihadist assault on the northern city located on the Turkish border."Since Wednesday morning, some armed groups have launched an offensive against innocent and unarmed civilians in Ras al-Ain using various types of heavy weapons and sowing fear and panic among children and women," a statement said."We condemn these cowardly attacks and call on the National Coalition, the Syrian National Council and the Free (Syrian) Army to pressure these militants to stop this criminal war, which is detrimental to the principles and objectives of the Syrian revolution," it said.The council said hardline rebels were indiscriminately shelling Ras al-Ain with tanks and called on Turkish authorities to "stop interfering and supporting armed groups to implement their own agenda"."We ask our fellow Syrians inside and outside the country to stand beside their brethren in Ras al-Ain," it concluded.Source: AFP.
Knowing, unsc meeting a week ahead and also 57 counties signatory for investigation war crime,  so terrorist Assad is preparing, something his master Russia can hook up defend for him. This time their theme is blaming Al-Nusra Group! this "Village of Haswiya Massacre" showed that they blaming Al-Nursa too! And the above, it is bit too obviously, criminal assad strategically withdrew Kurdish areas, so that Kurdish people and FSA revolutionary fight. FSA and Kurdish people should not manipulate by terrorist Assad. 

When a Mother Deserting Her Children...

Anisa Makhluf, the mother of President Bashar al-Assad, has left the war-torn country and joined her daughter in Dubai, Syrian expatriates in the United Arab Emirates and an activist said on Sunday.
You can imagine when a mother desert her children, that is something drastically wrong! Have you heard of any mother desert their children?
A interview terrorist Assad gang his foreigner minister (has he been forced saying?) were saying, “…the captain of capsize ship never abandon the ship before anyone else….” Well he is not rescuing  the ship but he abandon the ship 22 months ago, he could not runaway as his hostage himself his own gallows when  he started shooting  Syrian people, they challenge his family authoritarian  rule for more than 40 years, any wise leader if he had known that is beginning of his ending! He has no option but he try to save his termite neck, killing more than  60,000 people, cawing his nailing and gluing air tight his own coffin for his ending!

It is compelling evidence of criminal assad ending is near, his mother desert him! 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

O Man What a Majestic ACT of Love

Defected Syrian pilot launches air strikes on regime army positions

A defected Syrian pilot has carried out airstrikes on positions of the Syrian regime forces in an area outside Damascus, the opposition military command in the capital announced Saturday, according to Al Arabiya TV.  
Amr Hamza, of the revolution command council in Damascus suburb, told Al Arabiya eyewitnesses initially thought the plane was bombing regime army positions by mistake, but after several air raids followed by Syrian regime air defense fires, “the hypothesis of mistake was dismissed.”
O man what a great majestic strikes to the criminal assad gang, strike keep strike them until demolish them utterly completely all! airstrike terrorist Assad hiding area too! So kill him! that is most heroic act love, and greatest gift  for the Syrian people,  free of  this immense misery and hardship! Keep strikes, until they turn into ashes! So nothing left for criminal assad  carried out airstrike innocence people and destroy Syria!

Great Syrian People Never Give Up

Rightmost Morales

That is right... world is hypocrite, UN is made up  from bunch of dumb scumbags, as let more than 60,000 Syrian people were killed by terrorist Assad, they fold their conscience on their shelves and watching the inhuman blood bathing as  their past time sparing match!  They are not live up to their creed!  UN is made bunch moral bludgers and moral debuggers! 

A Little revolutionary  with Giant feet

The great Syrian people's  problems are they don;t know meaning of give up give in, they just keep going until their beloved Syria crowned with laurel wreath! Gowned to her with freedom and dignity!  Free from criminal terrorist Assad!