Monday, January 21, 2013

Using Al-Qauda In Syria

There is no doubt that the West, in addition to some Arabs, are afraid that the Syrian revolution would turn into another Afghanistan especially due to the flow of jihadists into Syria to aid in combat. But instead of supporting the Syrian rebels, and stop al-Assad regime’s brutalities, they are just watching and monitoring the extremist groups.

The Syrian regime wants the West to accept that al-Assad regime is a guarantee for stability and works as safety valve against terrorism. The regime will therefore intensify the talks about the extremist groups –unfortunately they do exist.

Some of them were formed by the regime itself for this specific purpose, and some others were promoted and circulated by al-Assad regime to scare the world from another Afghanistan.

Recently terrorist Assad intensified bombing civilian all around Syria, and ask the Opposition dialogue while,  while Russia withdrew its consul at Aleppo, their warship at embanked Mediterranean sea, and now sending airplanes to evacuation of their people, an Iran  high ranking officials comment on terrorist Assad is “ red line”  and Assad mother desert him and fled! And now a criminal Assad gang  minister comment was this revolution is  “ Zionist and American lead plot or conspiracy  against Syria…”    There is  lots of evidence terrorist assad desperation of his last carnage struggle to save  his capsize ship, BUT  it will be soon sinking  at a abyss of dark ocean floor!  

End of this month unsc meeting is scheduled  so that terrorist assad give something to  Russia argue about it that is “ jihadists or al-Quad…” now hostage crisis of Algeria and  French fight with Al-Quad lead rebels at Mail, all happens, - while intensified  many car bombs  around Syria surly that may be from Assad regime doing it, also intensive air strikes to schools hospitals bread ques,  reasoning “hunting terrorist”-  so that US et al  hesitate of doing anything to do FSA revolutionary on the ground! I must say when you are looking at some of these jishaist comments are bit out of main steam of its creed or deliberately scaremongering, feed to West!

 Update: West problem solving come from thick cotton blanketed carbonized unimgination  and their courage is neatly arranged with dead chivalry spirits, gilding  its own shivering wind at the grave yard  marble tombstone! Yeah, glittering meaningless words for dead crops only! Dumb West!