Saturday, January 5, 2013

Crime and Punishment

An Syria Opposition group drafted a legal frame work for how to manage the transitional justice system  how to do with “crime  and punishment” of  Assad and his hard-core inner  circle and forgiveness   for Alawite community   who has been ‘ innocence’ victim of criminal Assad manipulation.  The below is articles fromWashington Post as: 
The goal is to provide a legal framework that reassures Alawites this isn’t a fight to the death and that they will have a place in a post-Assad Syria. The plan would also encourage the rule of law in areas that have been liberated from Assad’s control, stemming the growing trend toward warlordism and revenge killings.
The idea is similar to the “truth and reconciliation” process that helped resolve bitter conflicts in South Africa, Rwanda and Northern Ireland. “It sends a strong positive signal to the people of Syria that victory for the rebels is inevitable” and that the new government “will deliver justice, compensate victims and be compassionate towards all,” explains a legal memo prepared by McCue & Partners, a London firm that is advising the Syrian Support Group.

Alawites who aren’t in the inner circle would be offered “safe passage,” explains a Syrian Support Group memo outlining the plan. “Our intelligence reports show that many Alawites are standing with Assad for their own survival, because of misunderstanding of [opposition] plans for [a] post-Assad transitional justice system. Many feel they will be executed wholesale. ... This fact is helping Assad militarize the whole sect in a life and death fight [for] Damascus, with potential mass destruction of Damascus and gross loss of life.”
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In essence, all the Syrian are innocence victim of terrorist Assad family manipulation last 40 years, the system has no foundation of suitability as  due in course to come to end.  Yes the Opposition or majority Syrian people is  the revolution is their very  personal war-  their scarifies, loved ones blood weaved into essence of  this revolutions- But end of the day, they have to come to terms of their inevitable victory is not only their own personal victory but belong to all the Syrian  people’s as well.