Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Criminal Assad Used Chemical Weapon at Homs

Criminal Assad Used Chemical Weapons In Homs, State Department Cable Suggests

In this citizen journalism image provided by Lens Young Homsi, which has been authenticated based on its contents and other AP reporting, a general view of destroyed houses which was damaged by Syrian government forces shelling, at Baba Amr neighborhood, in Homs province, Syria, Thursday Oct. 18, 2012.

A State Department cable suggests the Syrian army likely used chemical weaponsduring an attack in the city of Homs last month, Foreign Policy's The Cable reports.
According to the website, a cable signed by the U.S. consul general in Istanbul and sent to the State Department described an investigation by the consulate into the Dec. 23 attack.
The Cable writes:
An Obama administration official who reviewed the document, which was classified at the "secret" level, detailed its contents to The Cable. "We can't definitely say 100 percent, but Syrian contacts made a compelling case that Agent 15 was used in Homs on Dec. 23," the official said

You see, even if you  warn criminal assad "... if you used chemical weapon... that is your last breath...etc...." but end of the day it has been already used it, what can you do it about it? Precisely the criminal Assad knows he can use it  and can get away with it!