Monday, January 14, 2013


Jabhat al Nusra says it stands for 'justice'   "...Syria future is up to the Syrian People!" He says! 

As we listened to their voices it was clear the majority of these fighters were Syrian but not all. One man said he was North African, others from Libya, Tunisia and Egypt. Just who this group is funded by, who it is affiliated to, is one of the west's preoccupations.

The US State Department designated the group a foreign terrorist organisation just last month. The fighters are certainly more devout than the regular FSA. So I put it to Abou al Hasan straight. Was Jabhat al Nasra part of Al Qaeda?  
His response was to ask why the West constantly criticizes Al Qaeda. This group fights for its rights and against injustice. They had waited for the Arab League and the US to step in to stop the conflict in Syria.
"Have you seen them accomplish anything?" he asked. "If it's in the US interests they will say we are not terrorists and if not they will say we are terrorists. We are against injustice and anyone who commits injustice. So if justice is Al Qaeda then we are with Al Qaeda. And if Al Qaeda is injustice we are against Al Qaeda. If the US is acting for justice then we are with America. And if America is for injustice we are against them."
It is true. These independent groups are better organised, better equipped and fiercer fighters. And they're at the front of the major battle grounds in Idlib Province. Mustafa, their spokesman, puts this down to their willingness to die in this conflict - the honour of martyrdom. He said before they stormed Taftanaz air base their leader asked his fighters who is willing to die? Sixty fighters stepped forward. 
Ideology is make you awesome superman, fearless courageous, that can be most beneficial too or that can be very dangerous too! According to the history, ideology made people carried out most awesome works or attacks which impact on our civilizations, good or bad!  So an idealist, he can be your formidable ally or can be  he is your most formidable enemy! Which side you are in that is question! Yesterday's enemy today ally, today's ally tomorrow's enemy! It is cost effective if a formidable ally in your side!It is much better return put up with Russian for sure!  

Any system better than killing Assad system for sure! In my view, most of Al Nusra members are Syrian,   they joined because of its resources, achievement and its brand, it is itself hold a high standard formidable fighters- elite special group- they would select certain people for sure, so that  its standard live up to its reputation!  They are not terrorists, they never attacked any other countries but only criminal Assad regime( Assad  regime is terrorist regime),  they happen to adapt al-Qaeda signature suicide-bomb attack. In history many people in many countries carried out suicide bomb attack their foes.   You can not blames them, 60,000 people were killed... probably more,  how many more Syrian people would have to die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!