Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bonfire! To The World US State Dept Secrete Cable

According to report in Foreign Policy, a secret American investigation reveals Assad forces used a poisonous gas against his own people in Homs on December 23, 2012.

The United States on Tuesday poured cold water on a media report that chemical weapons had been used in the Syrian conflict, but reiterated that if Syrian President Bashar al Assad's government did resort to these weapons, it would be held to account.

"The reporting we have seen from media sources regarding alleged chemical weapons incidents in Syria has not been consistent with what we believe to be true about the Syrian chemical weapons program," White House National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor said in a statement. "The President was very clear when he said that if the Assad regime makes the tragic mistake of using chemical weapons, or fails to meet its obligation to secure them, the regime will be held accountable," the statement continued.

US should keep their promises, it is million of people lives not only Syria but also neighboring countries as well. There have been lots indictable evidences  come out at the period of time,  thorough facebook from revolutionaries on the ground. Make sure ground revolutionaries more gathering evidences, up load one specific site this evidences and let the world know this sites so that US et al not excuses this.  

 The below is  what the US State Dept cable says about it

Exclusive: Secret State Department cable: Chemical weapons used in Syria