Saturday, January 19, 2013

O Man What a Majestic ACT of Love

Defected Syrian pilot launches air strikes on regime army positions

A defected Syrian pilot has carried out airstrikes on positions of the Syrian regime forces in an area outside Damascus, the opposition military command in the capital announced Saturday, according to Al Arabiya TV.  
Amr Hamza, of the revolution command council in Damascus suburb, told Al Arabiya eyewitnesses initially thought the plane was bombing regime army positions by mistake, but after several air raids followed by Syrian regime air defense fires, “the hypothesis of mistake was dismissed.”
O man what a great majestic strikes to the criminal assad gang, strike keep strike them until demolish them utterly completely all! airstrike terrorist Assad hiding area too! So kill him! that is most heroic act love, and greatest gift  for the Syrian people,  free of  this immense misery and hardship! Keep strikes, until they turn into ashes! So nothing left for criminal assad  carried out airstrike innocence people and destroy Syria!