Wednesday, January 9, 2013

One Stuipty Criminal to 23 Million People

The international peace envoy for Syria said on Wednesday he did not see President Bashar al-Assad being part of a transitional government envisaged by a peace plan agreed by major powers last year.
"Surely he would not be a member of that government," Lakhdar Brahimi, the envoy, told Reuters in an interview in Cairo, in some of his clearest language yet on the future he sees for Assad.
Why  23 million people life and Syria  are destroyed by this one terrorist stupid criminal? Why? Why the world put up this stupid criminal's ego for 23 million innocence people and their country?  FSA revolutionary should put him down!  Is Syria  owned by terrorist family or  is owned by 23 Syrian people? If the international community can answer this then, they would know what to do! 

There is prisoners exchange in Syria, terrorist Assad exchange 2000 of Syrian people to 48 of his Iranian helpers. Seeing at the glance, he couldn't careless of Syrian people, he never mentioned his personal Syrian military personal caged at the FSA revolutionary camps, also all these 2000 Syrian people may be ordinary civilians who may have been wrong place wrong time or with only suspicion of against terrorist Assad.  FSA exchanged from their own Syrian people and terrorist Assad his own personal allies Iran people, so this make him more clear he is doing for himself instead for Syrian people! So he sold Syrian people for his own personal gain!

Update; Mr Brahimi  should stick into the peace agreement and rolling his bulldozer wheeling it into rail and tell the major power  that is what they agreed and that is what he intent  to do! Otherwise there is no Syria!  And  he also NOT tell that terrorist Assad  and But to tell the GREAT SYRIAN PEOPLE too!   AND  then the WORLD applauders!