Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What I have been reading

Mao Tse-tung  On Guerrilla Warfare
There is also a unity of spirit that should exist between troops and local inhabitants. The Eighth Route Army put into practice a code known as 'Three Rules and the Eight Remarks', which we list here:

All actions are subject to command.
Do not steal from the people.
Be neither selfish nor unjust.
Replace the door when you leave the house.
Roll up the bedding on which you have slept.
Be courteous.
Be honest in your transactions.
Return what you borrow.
Replace what you break.
Do not bathe in the presence of women.
Do not without authority search those you arrest.

Looks like old but common senses all the above, but sometimes when people in power, and desperation with lacking, bad things can be happen. But utmost any revolutionaries they should not compromise what they stand for! Also we have to mindful what other side are telling their  pack of lies too!