Friday, January 18, 2013

Arming FSA is Solving Problems


Some of the fighters are blaming the Syrian National Coalition, which they say has done nothing to help the FSA since it was set up two months ago.
Al Jazeera's Sue Turton reports from Hama Province.

Arming FSA is impending victory to the opposition, there is no way wining this war but precisely victory to the FSA  revolutionary only! US et al can't you understand?! Arming FSA is the also  the solution. Why US and west  so thick dementia their thinking and their idea is crippled, you don;t need much money involved for arming FSA et al, need US leadership, the Gulf states happily to supplier of arms if US ask them do so! Why US is not DOING it?! while so many innocence lives are killed!?  US, YOU have some decency, US has   foggiest idea of how the situation will be unfold in the ground. US should more actively involved in, that is Syrian  people want and all the world want, please!  This is complex issue but we need simple thinking,  ask the children,  all the Syrian children in refugee camps said that they want criminal assad should be killed  and his regime fail, so that they can go home and go to school! that can be done by FSA et al or internally. Every decision has risk, no risk no reward!  US should arming FSA now!  They did't have resources to fight effectively while  so many their loved one were killed, so many of them  were children and Syrian has been destroyed and million of people  displaced,  US must act now, arming FSA please! US is the world biggest democracy and biggest economy, US must fulfill its moral obligation to the Syrian people, help Syrian people dream come true! The world will not forget and deep appreciation of  the US leadership, it will be immensely beneficial to the US!

BTW: the road one way open road, no matter what the FSA revolutionary will win, if US arming FSA et al  the victory can past forward, so that stop this immensely misery of innocence Syrian people!