Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Story of My Old Backward Village

When I was a little child, we never heard about the police, of course they were there but we didn’t know what their role was, they never intervene village fights or village people  never went to the police and ask them to intervene. The villages were mostly belongs to two clans , one is our family and one other, our clan is far more out numbered and prospers - owing land and ships- adopted, expended, opened for  new culture through marriages( selective match making), new knowledge into clan.  A village, one clan distinctly powerful than another there is peace for long period of time, maintained the peace is very hard working and costly, always set high standard examples,  a black sheep is  buried, gone with old stinking pathos forever)  - so every problems solved within. 

So they did until the man  with next heir with other old clan –  killed one of  his  son buried alive,  because of his  wife ( second marriage) ran away of his terrible beating, the wife was a cultured  lady with her second marriage too, brought to a staled boring old village a great excitement,  villagers women whispered her past marriage was a some kind of crime with immense thrill, she come from nearing big city with her city life, I liked her  immediately, she feed me with lots of my curiosity about city life,  some times she had blue purple yellow colour her eye shadow. She didn’t like my visits in these days, she was polity avoid my questions! I was a kind of a busybody, my unguarded unchildish endless questioning and curiosity put  some people off!  She didn’t need make up at all; his love beating was a nice gift for days! Anyway village alders would  say “ what a brute he was spoiled  in his childhood  by his father!”  

You see, his very beautiful first wife had an affair with a village guy while he was in the army! So I was told that he was extremely jealousy of his second wife with ornate rages.  Anyway the villagers were shocked his crime, never had happen that kind crime in the old villages, killing his own fresh blood.  The police come and arrest him and took him away for many years.  Every school holiday when I come home, I heard story about the family, now his old mother and his aunt were only resident in his old rambling houses for waiting for his release! His wife moved out with other children, I know them too, older son( from his first marriage) was a year younger than me but he was very timid so I didn’t have much time for him, but sometime I asked him in part because of filling numbers in our play!  His old mother visited our house and see me her teary eyes, with amazement “you grow fast like a pine tree, so tall!” I wished she told me how beautiful I was but  those kind wordings not for other family children in these days in my small village that is my justifications! Well my grandmamma told me how beautiful I am so that was enough!  Anyway, the old respectable clan is completely dismantled, after his release from jail; he sold his inheritances very cheaply to our family and moved out nearing city with his old mother! One of the condition was the deal was that his old mother able to buried her old land along side her husband when she died!   

I remember this event with an amazement shock horror, how an old respectable family is ruined in this way, I still don’t know why he did that way, but clear to me now, he lost his marble a momentary insanity!