Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cure All Scam

Increasing concerns about the long-term aims of certain Syrian opposition forces may now be leading the international community to “turn off the tap for the rebels.” 
That is according to NPR Foreign Correspondent Deborah Amos, who has just returned from five-weeks of reporting in and out of Northern Syria. 
“I think what is happening is there is some sort of arrangement so that [the rebels] don’t exactly win the war, but they push the regime enough to make them talk,” she told CNN’s Fionnuala Sweeney.
 Last few weeks,  the UN envoy, uncommitted “quick cure all’ harlotry mission  cross  boarders hangs on his fancy vogue talk with Russians et al, left all front open talk- US and Russia under-secretarial scamming coming soon- while terrorists Assad increase bombing every fronts, so many people were killed  on bread and gas queues, and carried out unspeakably brutal sadistic killing everywhere. Now it appears that international leading  countries planed a cozy scam ‘ cure all” solution, part of “ turn off tap for the FSA revolutionary” so that they are desperately enough to get into talk with terrorist Assad.   Surprise!! But not-so-Surprise-scaremongering-scam! That is so unfazed by the Opposition! To be frank, US, west et al should not play cruel game for millions of Syrian people. The Opposition,  Syrian people will not accept any deals “ with terrorist Assad”,  why can’t you get the message, so sooner the revolutionary precisely  winning  which what they have been doing last some months- with plenty of weapons their victory fast forward-  No more play a cruel game with millions of people’s life! No diplomacy,  but only the force, that is right ONLY force can kill terrorist Assad!

Update: You know Yankee, you should not betray Syrian people their yearnings their dreams. Syria is very young countries full of potential, she will be very beneficial to world community, whole world and  Syrian people looking up you as you are the world biggest democracy, we ask your duty- yes ask too much but  who to we ask!- with your help Syrian people dream come true! We have seen world of politics complexly higher wired, yesterday enemy today allies, why can’t you with your intellect turn things around, you can make al Qaeda your ally instead your enemy, why can’t all the jihadists make you allies instead enemy,  why Israel worry about jihadists, surely they can talk?