Sunday, January 13, 2013

Russia Knitting Millions of Syrain People's Agony

Syria is critical, life threatening, 60,000 innocence people were killed, millions of people have been displaced internally and neighboring countries! Russia is instinctively protecting their own interest against West. Under banner of “ Syrian problem should be solved Syrian people by themselves…” while Russia ardent support  terrorist Assad by sending money and weapons for his condemnable carnage for his own people, and saying they are not violated international law!  The below is sum few key areas Russia concern of criminal Assad regime fails:
1)     Trade, arm dealing about 4 billion market, and other things as well so about 4 to 6 billions trade interest.
2)    Possibly Assad family and his cronies stash asset ( billions of dollars)  at the Russian bank etc, if Assad fails this may gone down drain too.
3)    Russia had a navel base in Syria, it is  a only base outside  old Soviet blogs  and also has intelligent system, which is only in middle East, without this they can not spying on this region.
4)    After Assad Syria may be Islam state, traditionally Islam states are allied with West than Russia, this will be give a wrong signal to Chechnya.
5)    So potentially when Assad fail, Iranian people will rise- this IS inevitable, my sincere hope! -   Russia has no foothold at the Middle East!  
It is so clear why Russia  coddling amorously bedding with terrorist criminal Assad, - not because criminal is sexy-  expense of  millions of people suffering, tens of thousands people lives and put  Syria brinkmanship, because purely their own self –interest nothing else!   How could then the interest parties get around this? This question should be ask!  In my view; a) arming FSA revolutionary so that forward the precisely victory for the Opposition, b)Russia is forces to sided( negotiation) with the Syrian Opposition!  Or c) all the interest parties should grantee some of Russia’s current interest to exchange to give up supporting Assad. But item c) will not happen unless FSA revolutionary clearly gain on the ground! But wonder if the FSA et al precisely  victory, do they need to sleep with the stinking enemy? Answer is crystal clear!

Update: I love, grow up with Russian(world) literature, art and music. I read Tolstoy in very early age, he was profound influence on my thinking  O yes the Puskin...etc I thought how could so beautiful Russian people were, now Russian politician are vampires, try to squeeze every drops of Syrian people's blood for their own agenda, well yes  surly they will not get what they want for sure! And also there is also lots Russian who would disagree with  their government's supporting criminal Assad. Russia lose a lots, they will not gain anything!