Monday, January 28, 2013

Russia Slimy Stands

Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev has called on the nations backing Syria’s warring parties to refrain from any military support and let the diplomatic peace process take its course.

“We are open for any contacts, but we strongly object to outside players providing opposition and other parties to the conflict with weapons. It’s time they stopped,” Mr. Medvedev stressed.

He said Russia’s stand on the Syrian issue was “absolutely pragmatic.”

“We don’t support [Syrian President] Assad, neither do we support the opposition. We keep in touch with both the opposition and Assad. We have inter-government agreements, economic ties and even military relations with the regime, though we have never said who should rule the country. It’s up to the Syrian people,” he said.


How so atypical Russia is, they preserve their option either side, sitting at the middle of fence! Indication terrorist losing!!!  Or perhaps pre- unsc and the Opposition Paris meetings, Russia are making simply an impression Assad losing so that the world community not drastic action against the slaughter Assad. Slimy sleazily evil! Mind you regardless what Russia said their affection slaughter house butcher Assad  would not change!