Thursday, January 17, 2013

Greatest Bundle of Hope

Hope is born and her mother died AND after to give birth  Hope! Mother's obligation! 

In the name of God the merciful for this little girl story will not forgotten by history over the centuries I hope girl born 17/1/2013 her immortal hope authorized that Nicole was born to the day she knowing they married twelve years was her birth date is the day and everyone knows what with us that Nicole's mother, born after twelve years you don't see immortal daughter hope hope that name because esmet shells treachery landed on her house and went to the hospital and died but the Medical personnel performed the caesarean section and the child also was on the verge of death, but God wanted to live to see the dawn of freedom shining inshallah

Paneling extract Jenin from his mother's womb after she 17-1-13
Http:// extracts the fetus from the womb martyr immortal hope (Translated by Bing)