Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mangoes Day

Our Australian mangoes are the world best, that is what I am saying, money back grantee! I buy mangoes at a market, we have a  huge open market in Melbourne, I go only one vendor store buy mangoes a box, so I know the best mangoes  sellers in there. the market vendors are very savvy their trade, they know you whether you are best mango buyer or not so you stick into one vendor you know, so you can not go wrong! Also when you buy mangoes you should have some appreciation of the mango farmers(of course every other farmers too) their hard work!  The above is a mangoes tree just in case you don't know what is looks like- I bet you thought mangoes grow from somewhere supermarket backyard!-The below is, I called  "most desirable attractive WHO-HA mangoes". How to eat mangoes I will not describe in details in here, I did it in this blog before- the skill is all of you born into so...all I can say is heavenly fruit. best choice of mangoes is a dozen  in a box is best size. Big but not so big! also shape is not so around, but similar shape the below, around but around, drop-dead shape, slightly greenish golden hard, when you put the box  outside they daily turn into golden and soft, when you touch and  feel for your hand, soft one you should go for first!

Yam yam ... thank to my backward-village up bring,  my food test are simple humble and traditional, I don't drink  instant drink,- like drink my wine of course( thank to the family brewer business)  don’t have instant food, but yes certain things I learn to like i.e. pecan pie macadamia nut pie... O man they are really my weakness spot! O yes ice cream,  if I  left it out  it would be  very sad! My having fruit is very simple in raw and natural.  

When you thinking of mango fruit, you can not help but  Gauguin, the devil rouge of his excursion of pacific paradise, the below is one of them.  

You see the devil mango erotica, filed with pastoral mountains rivers bellies of course his beautiful  muses, he can't help himself chasing his sublimely bedeviled brush strokes are licking the nipples, milking a fearsome of his own mango sensuality!  ahahaha... He was a dirty old man! Wiz of course!

Update: Why politicians are unable to think like artists?!