Saturday, January 5, 2013

Syria Fake Revolutionaries

The Assad regime in Syria has survived for 40 years dominating the country and the regional politics in two ways: a subjugation strategy carried out by secret security services which kill without hesitation, and the creation of fake institutions under various popular titles. This is how it all began when Hafez al-Assad led the coup under the Baathist slogan “one Arab nation, bearing an eternal message.”
Fake revolutionaries 
Assad has a timeworn experience in the “reincarnation” of groups, which he initiated in Lebanon. Back in the eighties, the regime used to train Lebanese groups to abduct Arab and foreign diplomats, and carry out suicide operations under Shiite, national and Palestinian causes. Through these violence workshops, Assad was able to control Lebanon for three decades, then Assad Jr. tried to imitate his father, so he assassinated former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri and 20 other Lebanese figures, to terrorize his opponents and control the entire country, only if it had not been the Achilles’ heel. Hariri was the weakest Lebanese leader military wise, because he had no militias; nevertheless, his death became the beginning of the end, so the fire that was ignited by Assad in Lebanon and the region, extended and reached into Syria as we are witnessing today. 
We should say to those who are engaged by the Syrian revolution and its millions of sympathizers, that they should not judge a book by its cover. There are jihadist and national groups that are fake or infiltrated: they aim at dismantling the revolution’s huge rally, and turn the rebels’ weapons against each other, so the Syrian people will be preoccupied by discord and sedition for many long years and Syrians will wish to go back to Assad’s days 
We have to realize with this huge amount of evidence that Assad is not irresponsible, as some like to describe him, and that he knew for more than a year now that his regime will eventually fall but he refused to step down before destroying Syria and its tolerant and reconciled society, and before igniting the civil war between the rebellious people, in the name of religion, identity, history and conflicting individual interests. Those who accuse al-Khatib of being an agent are nothing but fake revolutionaries employed by Assad to crush his opponents.

We should know all these propaganda, in my view  there is large media coverage of bad mouthing about FSA revolutionaries as well as accusing Jihadist revolutionaries  on the ground are  al Qaeda sympathizers...etc.  Criminal assad  regime built the system over forty decades, but the system no way to sustainable because it  has no foundation of, it has been built top of  sands so when the tide comes it will be washed away!!