Saturday, January 26, 2013

I Am a Naturel Born Swimmer

I consider myself a natural born swimmer; I never attended my swimming lesson   at a fully chemically armed indoor pool( or I hardly ever swam indoor pool except few times when I had back problems, but after I got a huge irritation of my skin because chimerical I never go there!), but cobalt sea where she armed with her summer songs taught me how to swim like a rainbow fish. Host of cobalt sky encircled crown our head, her divine arms affectionately and patiently holding me and let me swing my arms and legs to forth that way how I learn swim, golden seashell lullaby wind, green foliaged screened summer bubbled her angelic face, sing her love dwelt her faithfulness, she wear her crimson majestic robe! I saw her bright eyes field with reflection of world, she speaks vision of greatness, impearled emblems in her forehead, let’s go my precious child!   You wonder how good swimmer I am, my best is free styles stroke very fast`, also dive into bottom of sea and come up surface  PUUHAAAAAAA!!!  you never know what I am talking about!