Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Attacking University

Syria - Al Jazeera 

A student at Aleppo University tweets about the explosions:
A plane hit with two shells. We saw the plane with our own eyes. I am not going to doubt my eyes and believe regime media.
When the plane roamed above the university following the shelling, the university guards and soldiers told us, 'hide, the plane is back!'"
 The below a clip at the University soon after the attack

 In a consensus, the rebel doesn't possesses such powerful explosive, even if they did only  al Nusra have skill and capacity do such job but; A) Against their guerrilla warfare (they are too smart and disciplined to do such stupid  attack university students)  also there were internal displaced their own refugee people sheltering there, why do they are killing their own people? B) In history, every  revolutions throughout world, intellects, students peasants or working class or downtrodden are generally mostly revolutionaries themselves or least same conscience of revolutionary! It is a university! They are students! They know what is going on! 

It is clear terrorist assad job! which they give away their own accords as: 1) Emphatically  immediately criminal Assad regime aired this attack as a” terrorist attack” condemned the rebel Opposition. Ready in waiting for news room calculated immediately aired news, international medias are forbidden inside Syria, they control inside media.   2)  Terrorist Assad UN mouthpiece made his wobbly mouthed condemned the rebel  immediately. 3) Internationally more than 55 countries signed a petition to the unsc for  war crime in Syria, the unsc meeting  is scheduled end of this month.  4) Russia immediately withdraw their  consulate  in Aleppo.  Sum up,  this attack clearly terrorist Assad calculated one which will be past forward his ending!