Saturday, January 5, 2013

Media Fair Game

A pro-Syrian Lebanese newspaper is reporting Assad, in a speech on Sunday, will offer a "solution" to the deadly conflict, which has raged in the country for 21 months.Sources have told the paper that Assad's plan includes the formation of a new constitution - but he will want to contest the next presidential election in 2014.

Assad  is a terrorist criminal,  lost all the lawfulness  of his position, he killed more than 60,000 innocence people, millions of Syrian people suffering from  this  condemn tyrant criminal  clings on his power, virtually destroy 23 million people’s country AND he is losing. Medias, their  objective coverage should be based on world of  conscience  to the world. Least they should not give headline coverage for a criminal dictator for propaganda their own gain against the millions of innocence people suffering, world should not cashed on innocence immense suffering.