Sunday, January 6, 2013

Tyants ACT of Love

This is what terrorist Assad has done to his people at Homs

Terrorist criminal Assad has clinical power addiction.  All tyrants in history addicted power,  like druggies, they purse continual hedonism  for  maintaining their expensive addiction; build gigantic systems- totalitarian or dictatorship or police state - that maintained their addiction apocalyptic way; deprive into submission lies, propagandas, surveillance mass killing, distortions, brain washing, divided conquer,  destroying,  brinkmanship, dehumanization, Yes atrocities …etc  try to maintain their continual existent.  Also they are very good at reading in between line, mood of population. But every step they move that is undoing their own.  Terrorist  Assad father thieved Syria from Syrian people made his own family firm,  made all Syrian people into slavery to serve his own family  Now terrorist Assad like his father he blinded or denied  “ stream that flow one direction “ have you seen any stream standing still? Evenly lake water is endless moving and flowing that is nature of evolution. This criminal is mistaken  if he thinks he con Syrian people and continually  possessively clings on his illusionary power, refuse and denial  all Syrian people demand he should be removed and outage of  whole world his crime against humanity.  Yes joy of power intoxication, but everything is fleeting, there is no such thing permanent. Any leader knows this simple thing, they never made mistake by against his masters’ will, as his master is Syrian people!  FSA revolutionary as his masters they should put him down, as he is nothing more than a terrorist, criminal and druggy who brought a great misfortune to Syria and her people as he has no place in Syria!  

Update:Terrorist assad defiance speech is try to positioning himself better bargaining position, knowing his and his cronies days are numbered. Shapeless speech essentially harbinger of  his own apocalyptic ending. This  criminal fugitives tyrant  wild white lies to  his dumb illiterate audiences  to convey his killing spree is a “moralistic justification” sheer of desperation dead ending his narcissistic game. He is suicidal!  He should commit suicide himself as Hitler did, instead of himself  is captured by his own masters of FSA revolutionary!  We saw Gaddafi endings his dead exhibition, we saw Mubarak sales of century trials, and we saw Saddam Hussein at his gallows...etc... la la la... as we say goodness prevail!