Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year Giga Gift

WOW the above is top secrete, an origin of Wiz as:
1) You have to be alone
2) A cat is your BEST  friend
3) A empty wall(nicely blank paper lightly colored ) around house
4) You have box of pens or crayons
5) Speaking cat(beastly) language
6) And the thing about you(spooky spooky bit ... actually this one is the key thing …innate...)

I am not making it up here is proven!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Another Dictator Verge Of His Neck In The Line

Braves Syrian deserve their freedom

New Year Eve Song

Hoping the bird will be free from the cage. Hey human why are you put birds in cages you put yourself in a cage then you know what is like to be in a cage so let birds free OK? He plays nice and freely his violin and put his bird in a cage and sing song so that human is covering up his ugly sounds but without bird sing song violin alone would be more beautiful!- state of mind
Here song

We Do Not Talking About Politics

North Korea Vows No Softening Despite New Leader
North Korea's powerful National Defense Commission said that the country would never deal with South Korean President Lee Myung-bak, a conservative who stopped a no-strings-attached aid policy toward the North in 2008.
No problems Pyongyang, you are not dealing with South Korean but you are dealing Koreans that is all! We are not talking about politics in here we are talking about doing business togethers, no politics! We don’t need stinking politics while we are doing business. I can see lots of a great top notch cottage industries will be spread around North, crafty industry i.e. Household accessories, old Koran   Korean styles everything from olden days style, beautifully hand crafted things that would be a great export around world.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pass On Today Music

Beautiful things I want to pass on you, pass on others too, so share with others beauty not only soggy popcorn! Just from ABC FM. People who are in expert in brain teasing – i.e. walking with forbidden zone - all condemn to death! I am just saying

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

No Politic But Just Study!

This is Korean Government Scholarships for International Students  2012-2013 Scholarships.

But there is no another Korea on the target lists, bit sad and irony, they are not foreigners but foreigners just few miles across boarder north also Korea, so not eligible? I am not sure it becomes a quite complex, why can we make it easy? No politic but just study!   I bet lots of Korean student from north want to learn nice cool technology. Why NK Government just adopt SK education style, it worked!   

Beauty and Beast

You look… you look so…soo…????????????????????

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

North and South Korean in Business

This is from Donga, it says, North Korea wants  South bit open mined about  Mt Diamond incident(2008) and would like to continues the business!  Wiz –buzz approach!
북측 관계자가남측이 먼저 금강산 관광사업에 대해 조금만 양보해 주면 우리가 크게 화답할 있다 뜻을 전해왔다 말했다. 이어 사장은북측 관계자에게북한 당국의 뜻을 남한 정부에 전달하겠다 했다
The thing about Korean mentality, yes I am one of them, pigheadedness. I think the 2008 incident was unfortunate  but that should not mixed with business( a much bigger fish to  consider). North should learnt their lesson too. They can not fire people off bit out of course. Also if they want to improve their economy and outsiders come to see their beautiful country, spend on fortune bucks…etc,   North must give assurance to  people’ safety.  Who is going to see a death field whether they may never come back from the journey.   Ridiculous!!  I think South also bit practice on patience, like a big wealthy brother tolerantly watching over his younger brother wobbling  steps, he needs us, if we don’t help him he will go to others for a help. We can not afford to loss that chance.   

Today song!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Korean Dance

I must say I don’t know much about dance. I used to dragged to see ballets or avoid is much better word, because I didn’t like it, so I don’t enjoy so it was boring as hell but I have to change my mind now after i see some of Korean tradition dance. They are very beautiful lines of indomitable movement

Selling Smart Phone To The North Korean

Korean are Korean!

We love smart technology, smart phone to our North Korean brothers and sisters! Well Samsung killer phone well do. Hey we South, do we stop bad mouthing our North Korean brothers sisters? Yes they have done some nasty jobs. But we are bit opened mended minded about it. Bigger purpose. Right? We have a mission to selling our cool technology to 25 million market. Right market! If we want to sell our product we must stop bad mouthing our potential customers.This is our basics:

1) North Korea’ economy is failed, our brothers and sisters are staving.
2)North Korea Military want to improve the economy systems, regime can not ignored the military wishes,
3) There will be problems power struggle military and new regime.
4) Korea is essentially Confucianism country, majority of North Korean didn’t have any another system but only based on totalitarian Kim’s Dynasty. ”Juche” is certain extent evolution of Confucianism, so easily assimilated into the mess psychology.
5) Kim Jong-Un Swiss educated and young, we encourage him a new generation leaderships, change is inevitable, that should be positive change.
6) The change should comes with people basic security of their life. ie. food...etc
7) China and US want Korea remain as two Koreas, divided because of their own geopolitical interests.
8) South Korean companies actively doing business in North Korean - do Korean style!
9) Let the politics leave at power-monger stinking politicians.
10) South Korean should be bit of kind to North Korean brothers and sisters.

Share our cool technology our north Korean brothers sisters, I bet they  love  to know  our smart technology  they are far behind now so knowledge sharing is key if we can in anyway, if they want, sharing and  giving knowledge must generous to our brothers and sisters. Surly if we nice to them  how could they attacking us?

Another thing sbefore you condemned North Kims blur blur becase you want to… but reality is Kims are very smart, without brain you can not creates total totalizing totalitarian system that completely control 25 million souls. We have to that straight if we want to sell our smart-tech to 25 millions people market.
Any South Korean companies free broad band available to the North Koreans initially? Can be done easily for sure, so that any North Korean want to access let them access.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Good Morning My Day

Wow yesterday all the people enjoyed immensely feasted wastage! Glittering sunny pearls diamonds, day of bejeweled day of holy grace at an grand oily polis. Fat river was so seamless, vileness overlooking window. Fat wasteful river crest a puffier! An olderly lady sat quietly riverside under tree at reposed, alone wonderer weathered day in her eyes, perfumed wary wind past through her stroll. Day made people all angry lonely and crazy and thundering their belly button and breathless doodling jotting. A feasting competition with Gershwin, stuffy eroticizing oily fingers, air tight as their belly buttons, agitate state of fair, courtesy vile of fat hypocrisy!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hope of The Kaesong Complex

North Korean Economic Lifelines Get Back to Business

The Kaesong complex was founded in 2000 following talks between then-South Korean President Kim Dae-jung and Mr. Kim. It has stayed open during even the tensest times between the two countries, including the North's surprise shelling last year of the inhabited South Korean island of Yeonpyeong. Part of the reason is economic: With output totaling $1.44 billion in the first 10 months of the year and wages averaging $114.30 per month for workers, the complex is one of North Korea's major sources of hard currency. ...
South Korean Government  should finance back up whoever doing business at the Kaesong Complex. This is a great sauce of quality labor at low cost.  They have been for long period time one system they don’t know any other systems, they would be very hard working people.  Korean is Korean, hard workers anyway. Doing business at the Kaesong Complex save lots of money for the labor cost, just cross boarder, probably lot less than  the labor cost than doing business in South( South Korea minimum wage was US$1000 (2008)). I am not say exploitation North Korean or sweatshop but rather, difference economy difference exchange, it is comparative advantage. South has money, know-how, market and the North has the labor and land, simply exchange. Thus South Korean business much more competitive in world market.  South Korean, our generation we should more open mind about our North side people. Remember they are our own people!  Doing business with North!  Yes we are in business! That is for sure, lots of whole sale smart phones, computers etc.. into the North Korean markets I can see next year so? O man we completely   forget 25 millions  market just cross boarder!  We don’t care politics we care ony making money right? We are in business right? Why Some South Korean Universities offer scholarships to North Korean students come to learn some nice technologies.  

By the way if we keep crossing the boarder  will be soon wear-tear so the boarder won’t be there too long for sure

Unquestionable vengeful gift

Unquestionable vengeful music, indeed he is quite mad because he is so pissed off that is all! So he says so everyone go and get stuff!

Special gift

Too hot here! I need some cool stuff, where winter is cool make you more cool so more frizzing frozen

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Total Song

Today song- just was abc fm

Washing Brain At Totalitarian River

Total Cleansing – This is mind controlling from Wikipedia; 

The term punned on the Taoist custom of "cleansing/washing the heart/mind"(洗心, xǐ xīn) prior to conducting certain ceremonies or entering certain holy places.
You know people put into cage and stave them, love bombing, of course there is not much choice but …,

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Believe or Not

From Wikipedia  benefit from Mediation  Meditation

Meditation has been linked to a variety of health benefits. In a study conducted on college students by Oman, Shapiro, Thoresen, Plante, and Flinders (2008), they were able to demonstrate findings that meditation may tend to changes in the neurological process cultivating physiological health benefits. This finding was supported by an expert panel at the National Institutes of Health. The practice of meditation has also been linked with various favourable outcomes that include: “effective functioning, including academic performance, concentration, perceptual sensitivity, reaction time, memory, self control, empathy, and self esteem.”(Oman et al., 2008, pg. 570) In their evaluation of the effects of two meditation-based programs they were able to conclude that meditating had stress reducing effects and cogitation, and also increased forgiveness. (Oman et al., 2008)...

Here are all the religions  practices meditation, as they are many different forms of meditation, whatever method of  fancy  you take place   

Cleary you don’t need to be religious  practicing meditation, purely your own benefit if you want. I am not  enforcing anyone in here but my own experience it is working, I must say I have not being doing this for sometimes. I miss it. People spend on fortune on  weight lose pills, you go somewhere, temple( some temples are only ask donation) up to you, so this holiday if you want to loss some weigh detoxify yourself go to temples, food is good( my type of food anyway) you can see a week you can see yourself getting benefit from it.  You don’t need to be Buddhist to go temples, one good thing about the Buddhism is that,  they never enforce anyone become a Buddhist.      

Rebranding Korean Buddhism

Korean Buddhism Needs Radical Modernization   

Last few decades  Korean Buddhism has been  moderated modernization, not radical  enough captures  main stream religion in Korea, i.e Christianity  thriving  in Korea. While every end of street there are Churches, for example I am talking about my family background, my mother side, they are very successful traders; they owned big factories of main cities, and if they were not preachers they  revolved around churches, had some kind of high ranking titles of accommodation of their contribution of the Church.  Sundays a big white concreted street both side has massive flowers on the way church, families dress nicely , held bibles and  very gracefully walk to the one of most beautiful small church, happy joyful Sunday gathering at the best place of city, swelling flowers wretchedly fencing.  You can hear songs bells,  the town people know that their time of the day.   On the contrary, the Buddhist temple  where is  my grand uncle resided was about half day walking distant from our house. we had  to walk through unmarked bush stone road. Lots of zigzag winding road, deep Mountain there is no sounds but only sound of silence. Cling clings and bells monks hum …etc. Really hard work for claim such deep mountain for long hours,  so we didn’t go often, once or twice for a year.   Now been thinking that is out mind out of sight. Not easily accessable to the public so Korean Buddhism make itself easily available to the people if they want to survival , the Buddda must be handy to the people. Remember Korean do everything  become a smart or known to be a smart.  
Now it is trend, people want learn meditation, also known to be medically good for enhancing increase brain capacity.  Times is exclusives commodity, people don’t have time to go the long way out side of town. Buddha has to come to town. Save people' life and time. Build meditation centers every street corner, or positioning outside of schools, saying  “ one hours meditation increase your brain power by  a megabyte to study etc… bit of harmless bullshit in here, give them what they want…you get it now? Teach them how to become Supreme Being before they die, or before they graduate university so that they have a degree and becoma a supreme being same time, Wow-how to free of themselves. You give them what they want. Don’t say you are only free from yourself when you die.  You give them a “supreme being” title after a season, short cut, peace of mind.  Brand as   a elegant religion, Korean loves exclusiveness, smart and stylish wordings, forget about meanings, just wordings.  All these well-known people now become disciples of Buddha, flaunting their unusual religions as fashion statement. So put few pictures of some  famous people  make sure, not Hollywood stars but Noble Laureates or some well known intellectuals, must be brainy that is how to get into mess of Korean people mind i.e. you can fabricate Richard Dawkins become a Buddhist—that is sensational marketing. Korean people think smart people believe that must be worthwhile to follow. I am saying in here how to brand. SO Buddha is the intellectual being

Friday, December 16, 2011

Free of Yourself

Nirvana” is all about Buddhism.   Archiving Nirvana is only through one’s death. Free from everything this mean, you are not human anymore, but the God the Supreme Being, above everything. When you are become a turf of ash then you are free from everything.   O man I want to be a human, I don’t want  to be the God and become free but I want to be a human and feel the air feel the music sounds, feel sun and moon, want to see ET, want to see another galaxy we can immigrate there, may be panpal other galaxy people, do you think then our passport is our DNA  so our body is passport?  You know future human beings may looks like sexless, neither boy or girl but boygirl, few thousands years down track, the earth become one tribe, fighting another planets, the weapons would be code, beautiful code…    Anyway O I don’t want to be a turf of ash, least not yet! I want to see so many things and want to know so many things. Before I become free!  Who want to be free of everything?  

Mothers and Sons

You know mothers are woman too remember that, prior to be a mother they are first of all woman. One thing women’s undisputable  medallion is   “jealous”  that is born with, ingrain their blood stream. So women  don’t want lose  their husbands or sons to other women.  That is so great   that some  women want to their men dead  instead losing them to  other women, least that way they can have them as their own instead of lose. This is universal  theme of dark side of women’ love of their men. Traditionally in Korea there is few ways into monkhood; i) poor family they can not feed their children so send them to Temple so unburden the family ii) for orphans children for a kind of orphanages, iii)wealthy Buddhist family sons( second or third…ect sons) approached(recruitment) by  the Order, often they come with  large dowries,  iv) a grown person(s)who want to become a monk by their choice. So you see first three are not voluntaries almost no choice but the person(s) who is forced to become a monk, often very young ages, this left out the last. So you can think of how many people want to become a monk. You can ask that question. See the pictures, looking at the mothers’ attire they are all quite well off, everything become a business! Not mentioning “abusing children” in here!

Now days in Korea no longer first sons are looking after their parent, so I think smart mothers are probably preparing their own future,  by investing their sons to the monkhood before they can able to think by themselves planning their own future, by depriving them having their own family. I think the Buddhism in fertile niche in this area.

Bit more of Korean mothers;
By the way I have deep admiration Korean mothers their extra exult fearless ambition,   their contribution after war, they went everywhere, stock trade to property,  even seashore, every markets, education market  went  swing with their skirt, very savvy brain calculator  kill you off if you challenges their calculator that made the today’s Korea, but how about us? The children!  Their emotional blackmail have been  scary and powerful.  They all think their children own their own property, they don’t recognized their children right, they are completely ignored it. You ask Korean parent about their children’ right, they are complete illiterate the meaning of “children’ right”  and later life their children goes their way and having their own life they are deeply bitter…

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Crack the Beauty

The Master Kusan death verse is

As the leaves of fall burn more crimson than the flowers of spring
All of creation is completely laid bare
As living is empty, and dying too, is also empty
I go forth smiling, within the ocean-like absorption of the Buddha
This is one of most beautiful great poem, but thinking again again this is clearly deceiving me. He says spring flower is ugly and autumn leaves are more beautiful. I find spring flowers beautiful too, well I can not see all of creation is not bare, that is why we read read obsessively and wearing glass, making charts, cracking codes to find out things as all of them are hidden, living is not empty but dying is of course becase I am not afraid of living but afraid of dying for sure! Who doesn’t! He is happy because he finally becomes a Buddha, but mind you 74 years took him to find out this that is heck of long time. Probably he never gone to MacDonald, he never gone to pinball paler or nightclubs and had ice-cream, that was hard life just try to become the Buddha himself, I think his beauty model has full of winkles, need bit of polish up by visiting beauty salon; beautifying things up, injection drippings bartox and put plastic nails etc… so that you can be a super beauty. So I am asking who like to become the Buddha?

You can feel, the autumn leaves  comes to your heart choke your throat  make you cry the spring leave make you smile and happy  that is all that differentness is

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lonely monk

Suddenly I’ m captured by loneliness … what is wrong   with this poem?

Think of, you can not empty yourself even the lonesomeness can not empty itself

Humble Is Dumb

I have problems with the “humble is virtue!” Always been thinking we are fraud by this rip off word and washed our brain with disparaging meanness. Mind you I was a nice girl in your age for sure. I listened everything I was told to do. I wish I could gone off the  rail much earlier, but I could not afforded to gone off rail, how could I sustain my life then. So I listened, that was why they had a great privilege washing my brain with fraud soppy “humble is virtue’. Finally I went off  from the straight rail by “ I did it my way” I found out “ humble is dumb” most stupid and self-deprecating word. In the world where we live 100% people don’t understand of the “ humble” means so, if you are humble yourself 100% people believe  you are dumb, if you are shouting loud louder you are smartest think the 100% believes, so what is gone be? So I say to you, the Buddha, Confucius and Jesus and Allah are all wrong. You are all not represented 100% but 0%. So I say to all “ Humble Is Dumb”

Rice, are you dumb?  

What a great looking rice you are, you make everyone happy even the sky!
Thank you, you great rice,  nicely healthy full of nourishment and goodness  in your heads so you vow  humbly   gracefully, you are about save the world hunger!   Are you dumb my rice?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Resides Precisely In The Truth

Theme of Today Meditation from

Who are you? Where are you going? Ganhwa Seon presents an approach to address these questions. It shows that the path of living as a Buddha resides precisely in this truth.
So I asked myself and answer myself
1) Who are you? I am ME
2) Where are you going? What a silly question

This is my Meditation for the day!

Meditations in thrill ...

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Withered Tree Above The Crags

Seon teaches us  humble is virtue, like the healthy rice crops at its harvest time, bend their heads gracefully, if the crops are not healthy they have noting in their heads so their heads are straight.  Benevolence is sagacity. They can not separate one or another. Food for my thought of day so the followings peome is from the masterKusan:

The world's outer appearance is originally emptiness
Do people point to emptiness because the mind resides there?
For the withered tree above the crags, there are no seasons
when spring arrives flowers bloom, in fall, it bears fruit
What a beautiful poem is, I like particularly “For the withered tree above the crags, there are no seasons” I am looking for a music goes with this poem,  any suggestion?

Mind you the monks were fighting each other too, think of, religious wars,  most savages  wars in the history were religious…, still do... because the monks minds resides  elsewhere that is why

The Meditative Buddha at a mall …

image from Google
The Buddha’ past time

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tallness Talent

This is splendors, an epics pieces of sounds …I don’t know what is ...

She plays so beautifully…. Tallness talent   

By the way I found this from my inbox, he thought I should learn something from her….yeie yeie yeie

We say to you

Here  Alexey's Address to Participants of the Rally
Neither of us is a slave nor a sheep. We've got voices and we've got energy to assert them.
All self-respecting persons should sense their solidarity with each other. No matter where they are - at squares or in kitchens or lockups. We feel solidarity with each of you and we know we'll win. It can not be otherwise.
We say to you:
All for one, one for all!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fiscal Union

Kevin O'Rourke from Project Syndicate  

With this in mind, the most obvious point about the recent summit is that the “fiscal stability union” that it proposed is nothing of the sort. Rather than creating an inter-regional insurance mechanism involving counter-cyclical transfers, the version on offer would constitutionalize pro-cyclical adjustment in recession-hit countries, with no countervailing measures to boost demand elsewhere in the eurozone. Describing this as a “fiscal union,” as some have done, constitutes a near-Orwellian abuse of language. ...

It is really, really hard to cut nominal wages, which is why reliance on “internal devaluation” is a recipe for stagnation and disaster.
This is whole point, end of the day they are all suffer together, simply their word and their action are not same direction, probablely the leaders think if they are drag on the problems go away, but  this is a pure logic, yes work on just a simple basic and numbers…   Do you think who plays games then…? Make the answers so oblivious, you know you can not take your money into your grave… Supply and demand, to be frankly southern European  countries they don’t have enough belting their belt up,  you are already staving you don’t need to diet, their northern brothers sisters too much but they don’t want to share with  their stuffed southern brothers and sisters. This called a huge dysfunctional family is called “euro family”. And Valkyrie -Merkel come with her a huge sword and riding air of  blow and telling southern “ you better belting  your belt up!” well what can I say…!  

Lovers' Season

Restless prayer  was tapping my window  all night that,  a crossroad,   he was in his crossroad, O that was he was  a dreamy rain,  come from afar,  tapping on my window and whisper softly softly then I wake up with this beautiful mosaic sound weaving morning, O man what can you want more I say… the world change change for good full of lovers as I said to you….

This clip is beautifully crafted, all the autumn leaves, seamless cloud face on lake, O lovers season that is autumn, it is season of lovers only, knowing all the beautiful things that we can have and we can do lots things...

Friday, December 9, 2011

Alexei Navaly


This is His English Blog

My Song Today

Love take away!

If you love for beauty,
Oh, do not love me!
Love the sun,
She has golden hair!

If you love for youth,
Oh, do not love me!
Love the spring;
It is young every year!

If you love for treasure,
Oh, do not love me!
Love the mermaid;
She has many clear pearls!

If you love for love,
Oh yes, do love me!
Love me ever,
I’ll love you evermore!

O yeah! This is the wining take away song for the day, beauty take away day, feast in here or take away with you feast yourself!I tell you what, you listen this with under sunset and a glass of wine ok. Thinking about things...

You can make yourself your own world within yourself if you want as we all can have the privilege if we want, our mind belong to our own no one able to tell or rule our mind, so we can create everything within….

Wake up with Euro

The world watched the European lenders leader summit like bit of this, they went a talk the talk wend end sad story that is lead a sad story of million of teardrops….

AND the following is a like this

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Face Of Balanced Terror?

Pool photo by Jan-Paul Pelissier

Many economists continue to believe that ultimately the E.C.B. will have to intervene more aggressively in bond markets, to prevent borrowing costs for Italy and other countries from becoming so high that they are unable to refinance their debt.
“We do not rule out that the E.C.B. changes its policy in the coming months,” Jörg Krämer, the chief economist at Commerzbank, wrote in a note. “But we probably need an emergency situation to cause the E.C.B. to aggressively step up its purchases.” For example, the E.C.B. might act if Italy were unable to sell new bonds next year, Mr. Krämer said.
The leaders are playing political game, out of mind out of sight kind of game I think. I am not sure who play who but definitely political that is why.  Mrs Merkel painfully aware her people’s opinion and  Mr  Sarkozy painfully aware his coming election… all too painful...scary scary brinkmanship …but end of the day they have to do right thing, as Aristotle said “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Today music

Bit of listening this to get away this craziness, a  mountain where cloudy sings its song to the sky, and the reposed sky his  face to his  earth, remember we make the beauty!

P.S. I think we should not say to bad thing about the European leaders are being politicians and  playing on political game, of course  their actions  should be political as politicians.  We need their political skill to solving this scary mess. Unbelievable how the leaders can not see the possible clemency  calamity effect on the world economy. So for example we need to Mrs Merkel is using her politician charm to  her hard-working, hard-saving, well-discipline German people that they have to bit of share their hard savings to hard-spending  hard-holidaying Greek friends. Sometimes knowing is sin and agony, not knowing is much better  least that way you are not have to  agonized what is so terriblely wrong that is not only unethical but also impractical but a sheer of craziness.

Monday, December 5, 2011

“Upon Poetry Is Founded The Security Of The Throne.”

...Jean-Claude Trichet, until recently the president of the European Central Bank, liked to claim that money was like poetry, before adding that both give a sense of stability. That unusual but accurate formulation is reminiscent of General August Neidhardt von Gneisenau’s famous reply to the Prussian King, who dismissed as “nothing more than poetry” von Gneisenau’s patriotic concerns in the early nineteenth century. “Religion, prayer, love of one’s ruler, love of the fatherland, what are these but poetry?” von Gneisenau asked. “Upon poetry is founded the security of the throne.”

Indeed...,  well yes that is  right.  

Earth Twin Kepler-22b

Kepler-22b -- Comfortably Circling within the Habitable Zone

"Fortune smiled upon us with the detection of this planet," NASA SAYS

Our Earth is not lonely she finds her twin. Always her brothers sisters out there but it take bit of time that is all. Immense immeasurable our universe, trillion trillion… light years. You see we are not lonely. I strongly believe ET out there, just like us. Probably much more advance than us in every way.   You see the Kepler-22b look very similar to Earth, I think people or human or species  out there other planets is looking for us too.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

For Your Easy Day Easy Treatment

This easy to listen OK just now abc fm

Friday, December 2, 2011


image from google

I listened a music just now fm but I was not sure but I think this, I like this song goes with autumn leaves

Both their loveliness match their beauty that is I am saying.
Autumn is bit far away, I know where all the gorgeous things are; autumn leaves, sunsets, brilliant creative minds and all these things that are makes me very emotional… tearful all that stuff…

Capitalism Is An Senile Fat Old Rich Widow

Kenneth Rogoff from Project Syndicate nicely lockoff capitalism is an old rich window widow who has a young lover, and pack of plastic surgery in her face but she is old and senile as:
Will capitalism be a victim of its own success in producing massive wealth? For now, as fashionable as the topic of capitalism’s demise might be, the possibility seems remote. Nevertheless, as pollution, financial instability, health problems, and inequality continue to grow, and as political systems remain paralyzed, capitalism’s future might not seem so secure in a few decades as it seems now.

Ugliness of ungraceful aging is… all the beautiful music when you listens, which is mostly written by men also this capitalism also men made system or natural evolution both inevitable. Today we are here; we are not worry about our unborn next generation. They will be survival whatever we left over; debt riden dysfunctional systems, resources-less-earth, billions of people, pollution, dead soil, no problems they will be innovative so they find other universe all immigrate there for happily ever after pollute there too…. I am listening music hurry up music… please do not dropping botox the music ok let it be just serendipity...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Genius Oldman

In this beautiful day in this magnificent music. I love the sound of splendorous maiden kick off in his air, flying multihued wings wings. Tears tears of the weeping horn what can you say? Have a say if you can! ABC fm now so you have a nice day!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Free Man Walking

Libya's Berbers warn of campaign against govt - AFP
They also want their rights and language, Tamazight, to be officially recognised in the new Libya...

What a great future this shining young man, indeed he is future of Libya, part of Libya!  

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Moon At Dark Night

Images are from Google
Last few days I have been constantly thinking of midnight seascape, pitch dark sea where is a ghost is standing at a bay she is tenderly gazing at sea  so I searched but I could not find something I like but instead of these. They are acutely very beautiful darkness, all the things in there  to clarify. When you are in the dark you can see more Cleary. Moonlight o yes illuminate moonlight moonbeam is bathing her rite in her ocean, wearing with dark silvery boot walking softy watery land. Naturally she lives at night when night is pitch dark, not many people able to see her becase they are all busy to sleep, so when she wake up walking with her  splendor dark nightly gown, so no one but her lovers only see her.   Her hair is pitch dark and her face is shining white she has so many pearly stores in her treasure box and selling endless evil eyes lucky stories to stars.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Feeling Each Other

Libya’s new rulers offer weapons to Syrian rebels The Daily Telegraph

Syrian rebels held secret talks with Libya's new authorities for aiming to secure weapons and money for their insurgency against tyrant al-Assad's.  Matter of time friends, how much blood need in  his hand? Here is another dead despot walking!

Photo: EPA
They feel each others, so naturally they can offer weapons for  sure. I mean how anyone, so called  a leader can get away from killing so many people, wrecks their countries midst of atrocities. Everyone knows everything there is no such things as secretes. They forget their duty, they are servant of their people to serve, if they forget this holy duty and wrong ideas in their heads, that is end of their terms for sure! Despots’ faith are all the same, digging their own graveyard!   

I think all the ghosts will come to live and haunting all the despots and they will be punished by their deadley sins. Like this heeheha…

Ghosts say, we come from abyss, ten thousand  years afar. There darkness carved into lighting years, sins of sinners, their own killing marbles their  own killing. We come to live punish you all. Your greediness is your own hanging robe, knotting your  sin every grip of your breath into your end.

Signed by the Hell Evil Eye Messenger

Lose A Whole Lot Or Lose A Bit!

Here the Telegraphy-via to Kurgman’ blog, Ms Merkel was talking about punishment first instead extinguish fire first.  Also she refuse ECB as a lender. Wonder all the way what she has been her mind.  But “lose a whole lot or  lose a bit!” That is a question. Yearh, I go to listening my music!   

I was listing this late last night, dark sound of running, edge of soul running away fading away with darkness, shadow hunting you follows,  desperation or something, then I realized when I read euro I feel like this music I am not sure why but  it agitates,  and get all stuffed!! Thriller  

Thursday, November 24, 2011

I and My Amazing Sunset

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When I open my eyes can see $$$$$$$$$%%%  euro meltdown,  so my mind is toward beautiful things that I can have my own without anyone’s bugging.   I know where is the most magnificent sunset I can see, that is my secret so I can not tell you even if you share with your pecan pie with me. Budding wild flowers sounds I can hear sound of night all that belong to me without anyone bugging.

Hey I just listened this ABC FM you can have too!

I think the world  are actually better off without euro I think, the  leaders are so politically driven instead doing right thing

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I and Sunset.

The most beautiful moment  

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Why sunset is the most splendorous and amazing phenomena. Becase simply I love it that is why. I don’t need know why; love it that is good enough for me.  But one thing clear that it is “fleeting” feel utter that is so brief, gone with dusk. Magnificent things that are never remain forever.   When you see or feel thing so splendors you forget everything and you are with them with that moment.   Think of fisherman tied his board shore, squeaky smell to seas chafing sound of dusk prepare to the dreamy night.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pecan Pie and I

I love pecan pie, I am not sure why, but crunch crunch melt into my mouth and I can eat whole lot. I am not regrets that is I am and my pecan pie is. I treat myself, sugary bit weight forget it that is all gone out of window. Fleeting moment only pecan pie and I. The nice taste and small, take away whole my soul and heart.

Picutre from NYT
Sometimes back, I brought pecan pie and went to a bench (mind you I don’t eat food in public), while I was having it there is nice music my ear and sunset O yes sunset set his holy face to the dusk amazing smile was giving  away to his night so, I chocked myself and  taste of  pecan pie was bitter but nicely bitter. Thinking of things…,    heart and soul to pecan pie fleeting  

By the way pecan pie goes with a nice glass of red, try it very nice indeed! Money back guarantee!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

South China Sea is My Sea

Everyone claim over the China Sea so I declare myself of the owner of the Sea too.

Chinese officials have given the most optimistic estimates of resource wealth in the area. According to figures quoted by the US EnergyInformation Administration, one Chinese estimate puts possible oil reserves as high as 213 billion barrels - 10 times the proven reserves of the US. But American scientists have estimated the amount of oil at 28 billion barrels.

According to the EIA, the real wealth of the area may well be natural gas reserves. Estimates say the area holds about 900 trillion cubic ft (25 trillion cubic m) - the same as the proven reserves of Qatar.
The area is also one of the region's main shipping lanes, and is home to a fishing ground that supplies the livelihoods of thousands of people. ...
There is no country has military power claim over the resources rich sea, except China. So China using their manpower building military power along with their economic (billion people is weapon, asset and burden) last decades and increase its presences wherever its interests are.   

Heads of Expression

Narration of Body Language

Talking about China Sea, humh deadly sensitive issues. China is looking for old glory.  Least Yankee, they don’t claim land of their old colonies. They spent on trillions dollars on Iraq and Afghanistan, and the  day they don’t claim these countries’ sovereignty. They have  some resources, economic benefit so as other counters do the same, but wihout spent on penny.  

The below is Mrs Clintons' America's Pacific Century
Harnessing Asia's growth and dynamism is central to American economic and strategic interests and a key priority for President Obama. Open markets in Asia provide the United States with unprecedented opportunities for investment, trade, and access to cutting-edge technology. Our economic recovery at home will depend on exports and the ability of American firms to tap into the vast and growing consumer base of Asia. Strategically, maintaining peace and security across the Asia-Pacific is increasingly crucial to global progress, whether through defending freedom of navigation in the South China Sea, countering the proliferation efforts of North Korea, or ensuring transparency in the military activities of the region's key players.
Just as Asia is critical to America's future, an engaged America is vital to Asia's future. The region is eager for our leadership and our business -- perhaps more so than at any time in modern history. We are the only power with a network of strong alliances in the region, no territorial ambitions, and a long record of providing for the common good. Along with our allies, we have underwritten regional security for decades -- patrolling Asia's sea lanes and preserving stability -- and that in turn has helped create the conditions for growth. We have helped integrate billions of people across the region into the global economy by spurring economic productivity, social empowerment, and greater people-to-people links. We are a major trade and investment partner, a source of innovation that benefits workers and businesses on both sides of the Pacific, a host to 350,000 Asian students every year, a champion of open markets, and an advocate for universal human rights.
Many neighboring countries, boarder with China, the very reason worry about China’s territorial ambitions, along with economic and  military power. The memory is so fresh as not long ago some these courses were colonies of old China empire.  Tibet is a morden story.  Funny with world of politics