Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Gaddafi's Masters

Cheeky Lions – Ha Aha Ha…

Libya's Western Mountains

Scott Peterson/Getty

Major Front Forms in Libya's Mountains
Rebel leaders are urging NATO to enforce a "humanitarian corridor" into the region or airdrop relief supplies.


Free Libya

Watch live streaming video from libya17feb at livestream.com

What a great ambassador for the Revolutionary! Congregations!  don’t need falsehoods, don’t need pretences but truth only you have the mission to tell the world what have happen to Libya, story of story, human story, the tragedies, traitorous sorrow and  suffering and wounds, and  joys you may have, your beloveds, and your friends what have happen to them,  your hopes and dreams, you have the pious mission to tell the truth only!  

Monday, May 30, 2011

Sons of Libya

 From Tripoli message to the world - It is time for us really, the Grand Expulsion March

The Face of Victors

Nato-Allies and the Freedom Fighters  keep encourage this kind  defection, it is good,  circulated text message and pamphlets, broadcasting radio and TV, with contact numbers, email address so that they can easily reached their help, to give them assurance name suppressions if they want and  guarantee their safe. At glance they defect to Roma because they  may worry if they defect inside Libya i) the Freedom Fighters do harm them ii) Gaddafi try to kill them.


Zintan Is A Vital Strategic Asset To The Freedom Fighters, I am never tired of asking Nato more bombing and more weapons  for the  Fighters  and I am never tired of asking for when Nato-Allies release some of their seized money for the Freedom Fighters, economy must going on….

Misrata, Libya (CNN) -- Jose Emmanuel Piaggesi was a teacher in Argentina, but now the piercing staccato of gunfire punctuates his conversations.

When your blood is burning  your mind and body are  time machine miracles!

The Accord



The world leaders are using soft sophisticated wordings “Gaddafi must go, or the Libya future without Gaddafi” I say Gaddafi should be killed. Nevertheless same meaning in this context. There is no point pretending what is not to be, that is suppose to be. Who is going to have Gaddafi now? I bet no countries in this planet want to Gaddafi as their unnecessary killer-monger guest. Well ask Ch├ívez let him have Gaddafi in their Venezuela, I bet he would cry out indebt of his new amnesia. So no point haggling bargaining political level, Gaddafi should be killed.  His violations profound human dignity, his  unspeakable shameful inhuman conduct that he carried out to the Libyan people. The solution is the UN mandate clearly simply set out (I am repeat again this simple beautiful solution).
“… to protect the Libyan population and reaffirming that parties to armed conflicts bear the primary responsibility to take all feasible steps to ensure the protection for civilians.”
AP Photo/Wissam Saleh

How much clear to understand  this simple wordings,  all the solution in there “ …all feasible steps…” that is I believe killing Gaddafi also if necessary. Or bring him to the justice right now! The world unspoken agreement  Gaddafi should be killed.  Even if war we  human don’t do certain thing  that are distinctively their cultural taboo forbidden. But Gaddafi violated these sacred things. He is not a human; the world should deal with him accordingly!   

AP Photo/Wissam Saleh

Misrata fighters they even now wear their cloths colour  to match their surrounding
This Is Beginning Of Victory

One of the most distinguish human gallantry has been contest in here, the world will remember the courageous human spirits stand up for their freedom!     

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Kings of Western Libya


I am the King of Western Libya, my rob are all different shades, types and tattered, my shoes are battered, we scavenged and seized our weapons for guarding our freedom Fortress , As  I am the King of battle, standing and high as our mountains and  upright for my noble deed! The Fighters say.

"Fierce clashes broke out between Gaddafi's forces and Warfalla members in Baniwalid, and at least 11 people died, including the brother of a conference delegate," the source said.
Warfalla Warfalla Warfalla.... Wondrous

Humm Good news yeah yeah a great news, don’t snip around my friend, nice things are keep safe and unknown so that we can count on it

How to Topple Gaddafi


Larbi Sadiki- The battle for Libya: Up in smoke

If NATO wants to get more involved in Libya it could probably operationalise a quasi Bosnia-Kosovo strategy. Its content resonates with 'humanitarianism' by performing combat missions to protect civilians while at the same time fighting Gaddafi specifically. keep reading
Now Gaddafi firepower diminished substantially, Gaddfi knows he can not win this conflict but he can cling on power by stalemate, but this can not be so long while bombing goes on. Before the Freedom fighters effectively control over Misurata, Gaddafi thought he may can have half West-side and while the freedom fighters East, but this is effectively impossible now becase of Misurata and Most Western Mountains, and Tunisian boarders, the Freedom fighters iron-grips. These areas very strategic important to both the Rebels and Gaddfi(that is why Gaddafi fiercely fights and the Rebels try to firm on their iron grips to these areas) As we have seen what has happen Misurata, I believe that Gaddafi never foot into the Misurata. Psychology and physically Gaddafi a huge lost in the Misurata. But he can drags on this conflict by what he is doing right now, take advantage of the Nato-Allies “no boot on the ground”. Hangs around hospitals to occipital to hospitals, knowing Nato-Allies never bombs hospitals. So how to get around this? In my view, the EU foreign policy chief Ashton has suggested that EU troop are ready if ever they are needed, for humanitarian assistant to protect the civilians, so I think that way may be getting around to “boot on the ground” by adding top notch specialists troops, as the UN Resolution clearly mandated that as
“… to protect the Libyan population and reaffirming that parties to armed conflicts bear the primary responsibility to take all feasible steps to ensure the protection for civilians.”  
Also this stalemate goes on, Gaddaifi try to evoke anti-west-colonialism sentiment or anti-rebel Al Qaeda, which already he has been trying to do but so far not successful. It seems Benghazi already has been working on this area. But who knows, that is why Nato-Allies must release some of the frozen money for the humanitarian level, the economy must keep going even if very basic level. Everything is justifiable as the UN Resolution says, as the money effectively belong to the people of Libya, been this atrocity, millions of people are suffering, almost one millions people are displaced. If the money is not for the Libyan suffering, what is for? Virtually most areas the Libyan economy has no functionality, must preventive of post-Gaffafi shellshock, re-construction must start now. We know that even if some of people who worked Gaddafi regime, but Libya has no history of democracy, so The UN, Nato-Allies must provide auspices-civilian advisory group who able to work with Benghazi in these areas. Given circumstance this must start now, not waiting until Gaddafi goes. Also the building stable-strong democracy Libya, who will be ultimately reward to the world by-playing vital role- e.g. for the regions’ stability which also able to provide stable strategic economic partnership with rich oil resources, to the world economy.

Also Nato-Allies has pressure from their home ground to think of, because of their high unemployment while cost fortune on the Libyan conflict, that is why this conflict must not drag on so also by releasing some of the seized money also unburden their cost of commitment of this conflict.


Here Reuters from Western Mountains
The western front of the Libyan war amounts to a chain of towns running more than 200 km (125 miles) from the Tunisian border across the bleak mountain plateau to Zintan, some 150 km (93 miles) southwest of the Libyan capital.

Gaddafi's forces hold the desert plains and, at their closest point, are level with Zintan in Ryayna, some 10-15 km (6-9 miles) from the town center.
With their planes grounded by NATO, forces loyal to Gaddafi are struggling to retake the high ground from the rebels. But the rebels' isolation, and their limited means to resupply through the Tunisian border, will work against them the longer the conflict drags on.
Bothe the Revolutionary and Gaddafi strategic importance of the western mountains, The Rebel must not lose this western front becase to this front, prevention of - along with the Misrata- divide into two Libya, Gaddafi want to the division so that he thinks he can cling on  the west, that is why the Rebel must not lost this  western front to give Gaddafi false hope.  

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Heroic Sons of Libya

Zohra Bensemra/Reuters

The chairman of the National Transitional Council, Mustafa Abdul Jalil, said he has offered amnesty to Gadhafi loyalists who defect before the demise of the regime, but reiterated that there will be "no negotiation for any solution until Gadhafi's departure."
"We see victories emerging at both national and international levels," he said. "We should celebrate what our heroic sons have accomplished in Misrata and the Nafusa mountains, as well as applaud the wide international support for our revolution."
NATO is operating under a U.N. Security Council resolution authorizing the use of any means -- with the exception of foreign occupation -- to protect civilians from attack or the threat of attack. It has been conducting airstrikes targeting Gadhafi's military resources.


The above “the use of any means” I underlined, it says all, to be frankly any means, unlimited open-ended, Nato Allies coy softly start-up has been strategic mistake, if they killed Gaddafi early on all the millions civilian suffering less than what it is now. They have been a “beauty face” goes with Gang-ho bombing cure the Libyan decease early on. Also certain extend the Gaddafi propaganda has been worked, and  Gaddafi has been lying deceiving all along, that may be Gaddafi manage drag on this conflict so far but now on one believes what Gaddafi regime is saying. That is precisely  undoing Gaddafi and he has no option at all.

So I am listening this

So I am listening this too

This from Al-Jazeera

"First they tied my husband up," one woman wrote in her statement for Sergewa. "Then they raped me in front of my husband and my husband's brother. Then they killed my husband.''

Bombing Seizing

By Joseph Logan

"RAF Typhoons, along with other NATO aircraft, last night used precision-guided weapons to bring down guard towers along the walls of Colonel Gaddafi's Bab al-Aziziyah complex in the center of Tripoli,"
"Rebels have managed to seize many weapons. We have put our hands on a small hospital which was full of weapons including tanks," he said. "It took us five hours to move the weapons from the hospital. Five rebels were killed and ten wounded."

The Misrata fighters seized lots of weapons from hospital, where Gaddafi heart belong to, hospital to hospitals, hanging on his dear life.  A huge boost to the revolutionaries friepower, that gives them a huge moral-power, Nato allies bombing Tripoli, that is including Gaddafi’s safe house where he has been conducting this atrocity too, no mercy single minded.  Western mountains still struggle, I think they should be defence position until Typhoons come to them. Helicopters circulated pamphlets, radio announcements to  pro-gaddafi soldiers surrenders   because “Gaddafi on the run”, if they surrenders their life would be spared and safe, they are frighting an enemy they can not win or no  hope of wining. So they are fighting is purposeless, no moral grounding.

Grad Rocket Attacks Civilian

Rocket Attacks on Western Mountain Towns
Grad rocket attacks are launched almost every day into residential areas with no discernible military target. Why would the government think there is a purpose to spraying shrapnel into people's homes, or mosques and hospitals?

By Joseph Logan

I can tell you how happy I am, seeing the freedom fighters have  nice cool weapons, they are really top of their league I can say,  hoping the weapons goes to the Western mountain fighters too, they are  still don’t have much. The Misrata Figthers are actually very confidence of efficiency, amazingly well organised , their body languages  say all,  look at the defence position, a huge steel shelter-barricade  front of their fortress!  

Friday, May 27, 2011

Family Expedition

Children, you are the very witness of birthing of your Freedom, every bullet holes are spirits of the freedom fighters, who fight for the freedom! Papa says

Tripoli Tripoli Tripoli

Gaddafi is on the run...



Gaddafi is "on the run"


From  BBC Prime Minister David Cameron has said it is the right time to be "ratcheting up" pressure on …Gaddafi...hiding in Tripoli hospitals, in the belief he will be safe there.


By Imed Lamloum (AFP): Obama says West will finish Libya fight, as Misrata mined
"Kadhafi and the Libyan government have failed to fulfil their responsibility to protect the Libyan population and have lost all legitimacy. He has no future in a free, democratic Libya. He must go," the draft summit statement said.

Liyban Conflict End

I think just hurry up bombing Gaddafi, that has to be. Everyone knows Gaddafi go or  to be killed, obviously  he should be killed. What right he has he killed so many people what right he has he steal from the people of Libya, what right he has a such sense of entitlement, to be frankly everything justified- completely rooted him out. Gaddafi attitude is “ I can not have Libya so no one can have it either!” well he can not  have it but all the Libyan people have her!

Western Mountain Up Date

Happy  I get a news  from the Western mountain Libya from Reuters, Nato clearly knows about it so that will be right then

Job of Love

Sizzling Buddies: You get the meats I get sources’ we sizzle always together together, "time to turn up the heat" at Libya, Yeah! Killing  Gaddafi softy slowly essentially specially bombastically


From the Australian: US and France united in resolve to finish job in Libya

Standing on firmly solemnly Normandy soil we pledge, remember our sombre friendship remember  to kill Gaddafi as:
"We are joined in resolve to finish the job." 
Confucius said “ you choose the job that you love most then you never work for day in your life” certainly this not confusing job for the Nato Allies, they choose the bombing job which they really dearly want to finish the job! Cleary Confucius was wrong even if you love your job dearly that is work for sure and also you want to finish the bombing job and go home and listening music. I am hoping Confucius not turning up at my dream saying “ you naughty little girl......!”

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gaddafi Sense of Entitlement

WSJ: “Gadhafi makes no distinction between his personal assets and the resources of the country,”

The Gadhafi family asserts significant control over the funds invested in the LIA. “Gadhafi makes no distinction between his personal assets and the resources of the country,” said the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in a document filed at The Hague (pdf).

Al Jazeera; Rebels insist Gaddafi must resign before any kind of talks with the government can begin.

Gaddafi thinks he is the only one, how convenience  for him, he considered Libya is his own family firm, so all the People of Libya are belong to Gaddafi, all the resources strip off and steal from the People  and made his own, whenever suit him he carried out execution without trails  and now he has carried the atrocity. Nato allies bombs Tripoli, toasting his ground, all his army is paralysed, G8 Summit going on and the counties  have been looking into release the frozen fund. So he wants to avoid this moment so he is bidding the time and lying again.  The things make him so difficult give it up is that the sense of his own (delusion) entitlement. The people around him they are nothing more then Gaddfi’s poodles, they don’t have their own voice but Gaddafi’ mouth pieces.   


So the Nato-Allies’ respond of Gaddafi ceasefire increases the bombing,  completely annihilation of Gaddafis! 

THE FREEDOM FIGHTERS ARE GETTING STRONGER STRONGER STRONGER and gaddafi is getting weaker weaker weaker...

Al Jazeera #Libya Government Ready to Talk to Rebels. Rebels ready to kill Libyan govt. Fri May 27 00:52:06 +0000 2011

Gaddafi is unconditionally want to  talk and The Freedom Fighters unconditionally want to  kill Gaddafis, the Freedom Fighters blood thirsty savage Vampires, they want Gaddafi blood in their hands and want to drink his blood and want to nail his coffin

News from Western Mountain et al

Nice to hear from Western Mountain and Tripoli but still there is no news from Yefren & Al Galaa, Nafusa Mountains fighting

Very young and brave indeed, how old do you think one of the young fighter was, I bet barely no more then 15 years old, I think the conflict make them grow up faster than they have to, but where they are going to find their innocence do you think, the young mind pointing gun to their very own kind as their enemy, how they grow up forget the fact that, and going their life as if nothing has happen. The war is strange thing everything justified as its own merit. We human indeed very primitive still we are cave man, our hunting tool is stones to keyboard and guns… not much different

This funny(heartbreakingly) stuff from Tripolie

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cycle of Healing Start Without Gaddafi



If I ware Libyan People I only accept any peace talk that precondition of Gaddafi and his immediate family departure.  His departures necessity for healing, without it that is insulting Libyan people, their sacrifices so much bloodshed. As we have seen he carried out this unforgivable atrocity, now he want to peace, well he can not be trusted, while he is there, that is very much Gaddafi himself talking.

An Enemy Gaddafi Incapable Of Opposing

Victory in Libya is closer than we think

Colonel Gaddafi’s regime has been fatally weakened – now the West must prepare for its collapse, writes Paul Smyth.

For Gaddafi’s troops, in other words, this is not a stalemate at all, but a one-sided conflict against an enemy they are incapable of opposing. The devastating recent attacks against Gaddafi’s warships, or the concerted air raids this week against targets in Tripoli itself, provide ample illustration of that. The increasing damage to such cardinal elements of the regime’s infrastructure may undermine loyalty to Gaddafi among senior military officers, as they are a much clearer illustration of the severe and enduring penalty of remaining loyal to the dictatorship. There will also be a limit to how long mercenaries, with only monetary interests in Libya, and Gaddafi’s troops, who lack effective leadership, will keep fighting.

To make matters worse for Gaddafi, the fighting is only going to grow more unequal. With the announcement that France and the UK will use attack helicopters in Libya, the military imbalance will become acute. Attack helicopters such as the Apache AH-64 used by the British Army are extremely capable weapons systems, which could either devastate Libyan forces with their own armaments or provide pinpoint targeting information for other combat aircraft. While the use of helicopters flying at low altitudes does raise the possibility that Nato crews could be shot down, using their ability to operate at night minimises this risk. ...Keep reading


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Thieved My Own Pocket

What is called if you steal your own money from your own pocket?

By Rodrigo Abd, AP

BENGHAZI, Libya — In the days after Libya’s rebels rose up against Moammar Gaddafi, they faced a vexing challenge: How do you pay for a revolution?

They figured that part of the answer could be found inside the secure vaults of the Benghazi branch of the Central Bank of Libya, where Gaddafi’s government held about $505 million.
So they broke in and took it
“Let me put it this way: We robbed our own bank,” said Ali Tarhouni, the U.S.-educated finance minister for the rebels, who ordered the March heist
By drilling a hole in a wall and hiring a locksmith to play with a safe’s combination, rebel leaders turned the Gaddafi government’s own money into the lifeblood of their uprising. Now they are trying to do much the same thing on an international scale, asking foreign governments — including the United States — to use seized Libyan assets to fund a rebellion that in three months has evolved from political protest into a protracted military showdown.

HA HA HA priceless!!!    Here is serious stuff  

“This is a tough issue,” said Jeffrey D. Feltman, assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern and North African affairs, speaking to reporters in Benghazi. “These are assets that we’re holding in custodianship for the service of the Libyan people, and we’re looking at how we might address the humanitarian needs.”
The money belong to the People of Libya, if anyone thy are doing “custodianship”, you know what is that meaning of “custodianship”. The Libyan people  faced major humanitarian crisis, they need basics for their very existent, their life mercy of other countries’ handout while their own money- billions- frozen by the very countries. The NTC is backed by I would say majority of the Libyan People, so they asked the countries release some of the money for the People of Libya very survival. The thing is most of the countries and the people involved they don’t care about “this humanitarian’s crisis”. Also stupidity of the administrators unspeakable. I am not sure if the money is not for this kind of situation; the very basics surviving, what is for? The economy must functioning, even if basic level, to prevent major catastrophe.

It appear that if the countries have the “custodianship” of the Libyan People’s billions, if not release for the Libyan people now, they are misusing the meaning of the “custodianship”, they have another agenda for their own, the UN Resolution clearly mandates that, (holding their shiveringv hand for decision making) as:
“… to protect the Libyan population and reaffirming that parties to armed conflicts bear the primary responsibility to take all feasible steps to ensure the protection for civilians.”
I can tell you what a leadership is very lonesome position; if you want to lead,  some times, where  you have to make a decision that are unpopular, controversial but you have the vision goes with your integrity,   clearly “good for the whole”  you just trigger the bulldozer wheel, sit in the driver's seat, gracefully straightforward to the inflamed ground, just keep going, do not looking at the sides, that is right you have to do it! You know you are right you have to do it! lonely no one hold your hands  but everyone looking at you goggling eyes, either you are going to be a great leader or you go down drain as a feeble scumbag! Choice is yours mate!  

Beauty of this particular situation is, you will be get all the glory if you are doing it right, expenses of the Libyan  Peoples’ money, not penny of your own money!  The Russian, Turkey also gave the NTC  recognition which they sought after, Russia didn’t spend on a penny so far this conflict in my knowledge- all along sitting at side fence-  as a  nuisance singing bird now, all of sudden try to take highjack the whole show!


Monday, May 23, 2011

Gaddafi Lost His Blanket

Without his blanket Gaddafi is very cold you know  

The freedom fighter took away Gaddafi’s blanket, so he lost his comfort zone and safe ground.

Hunting Gaddafi

This is tales of Nato-Allies’ “Hunting Gaddafi” who is hiding now. Nato-allies deep sighs that their underestimated their time get rid off Gaddafi, a fresh guy in a block has been trying to nice to everyone but it cost them time and money, so they become a cranky notal, if they had killed Gaddafi at their start-up period- accidently- unintentionally – they are now basking Gory Glory, instead now their Gung-ho is bit water down because of their drag-drag queen of desert show…wishful thinking Gaddafi voluntary surrender, e.g. ICC has issued arrest warrants…, they are pleading to -Gaddfi who is hiding under stars at the night sky at his desert lodge- accept their heavenly offer, here is their dialogues;

Nato-Allies: You wanna go to the heaven GaddafieeeHHhhh? We will send you your heavenly land we give you 700 virgins with so you can happily rules them forever ever, no worry about blood thirsty awesome rebels … please let us know, just let us know where you are, make sure you ere safe and well, that is all we want!

Gaddafi: Well guys many thanks for offering the heavenly martyr-dumb, though 700 virgins will drain my fuel, as I need conserve my fuel for bloodsucker rebels and you guys, martyr? Don’t kidding me, you toasted grilled bin Laden at midnight and pickled him at sea at dawn.

Yefren & Al Galaa, Nafusa

IMPORTANT : A Message(TO NATO) On Behalf of the People of Yefren & Al Galaa, Nafusa Mountains

Dear Nato please bomb the Gaddafis  evils at the Yefren & Al Galaa, Nafusa. We never forget your kindess. We will never hate you too for doing nothing.  I can not find any news from Yefren & Al Galaa, Nafusa mountain last few days but only this page.  It is difficult to reached at the mountain whole month, there is so open field, wonder what happening in there.
7000 - 10,000 civilians trapped in Yefren and Algala'a


“The situation in free Libya will revert to its natural state — the natural state of the practice of religion in life, in the morals of the people, their ways, their return to the mosques,” said Osama al-Salaaby, a well-known cleric and professor of sharia in Benghazi, the rebels’ de facto capital.

Our nature, we human are naturally religious and worshipers one or another way, even if one called him/herself atheist, we have our own unique believe system in our mind, it is ingrained our nature.  Without religions there are no civilisations especially when a crisis. We have seen when the during the siege of Misrata, the freedom fighters was chanting all along (other cities as well). I dare says, the fighters  made their battle ground as their altar, the awesome gallantry mission they have been carried out, that was part of their evocation, entrance’ and meditation,  through that they found their ways to another ways and across.  These their sense of unity comrades kinships that was essential of winning the battle.   

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Libya Is Belong To Her People


C.J. Chivers/The New York Times

The Below is from Al Jazeera


That is right you have wipe off your shoes from Gaddafis evil face before you parade through the heart of Misurata!


Yefren and al Galaa!

IMPORTANT : A Message(TO NATO) On Behalf of the People of Yefren & Al Galaa, Nafusa Mountains


Libyan begs NATO to save his small town

(CNN) -- The man in front of me clasping a new satellite telephone tells me he has an urgent message. He's just received a call from his hometown warning him Moammar Gadhafi's forces are on the verge of overrunning it and he's desperate for NATO to do something about it.

This video clip is dated April, the Civilian fighters has been lonely fighting and they killed Gaddafis  mercenaries from Algeria, Chad etc… this is very open field so Nato has no problems bombs the Gaddafis’. Nato you have no day off I am afried you have to bomb on sunday too~!  Nato bombed impressively beautifully precisely Gaddafi’s warships if that kind precision  they can easily wipe off Gaddafi’s warmongering control hide out - See below the video clip from the Guradian

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Western Front Line

If Nato Allies not arming the Civilian they have to bomb pro-Gaddafis  continually and completely wipe off Gaddafi firepower.   How long all the Civilian, they have to suffer in this way. Tragic all of this is, allies paranoia of arming the Civilian, because of the al Qaeda,  even if Gaddafi’s huge amount downgraded fire power still they have better weapons than the Civilian fighters.  You know self-filling prophecy  if you Nato -Allies  not give your trust to the Civilian that they deserve they might go exactly  what your dreaded way they might go.  Speed up all your nice decisions softy with omnipresence speed

So Nato-Allies doing bit of Tao, so their process is growing branching from inside out Gaddafis’, without breaking continuity, processing and striving reaching out and yielding  acceptance of the Civilian fighters, to protect the whole.

You see if this conflict dragging  on and even if Gaddafis dismantled completely in the end, Nato-Allies-the world-and -the Libyan People too  already made their mind up NO-Gaddafi the Libya’s future  so speed up, while you are dragging on  the Civilian suffering in immeasurable. I just can not understand why not arming, should give the Civilian fighter tool and lessons how to catch fishes instead give them dead fishes, they don’t need to even lift their fingers, so  ridiculous. If you don’t want to arm them then kill Gaddafi hurry so that  the Civilian suffering ends.  Today is Sunday, while the Civilan suffering’s  there is no weekend while probably Nato-Allies Chiefs are weekend off for their catching up non-action vicissitudes

His Callings

Calling His Freedom

Friday, May 20, 2011

Gaddafi Regime

Gaddafi’s Regime has full of holes


I am listening this from FM so I let you listening this too  so make your heart bit broken too, OK? Remember a beauty makes you cry too!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Freedom Weavers


Alkis Konstantinidis/European Pressphoto Agency

I am listening this lovely

NO Gaddafi Regime


One Tripoli resident said the everyday machinery of government seemed to have stopped functioning, though Gaddafi's security forces were still cracking down on dissent.
"There is no government any more. You call people and they're just not there ... Even the people around Gaddafi you don't see any more," said the man, who did not want to be named because he feared reprisals.

 This mean Gaddfi lost all brains and organs, paralysed, critical condition. Then what is his life supporting system? If clip that code then end of Gaddafi’s story isn’t?


UK hits Libya bodyguard training base, spy centres
The training base that was attacked was used by Gaddafi's Executive Protection Force, which acts as the bodyguard for Gaddafi's inner circle government and was entrusted with other "sensitive tasks", the British ministry said.

Repent Your Sin

The Telegraph
According to intelligence sources, Moussa Koussa, Libya's most senior defecter, is secretly working with the Allied campaign to topple Col. Gaddafi

The former Libyan intelligence chief, described as the "black box" of the regime, is in Qatar, one of the Arab nations involved in Nato military operations

There he is using his inside knowledge of Gaddafi's military bunkers to help direct Nato air strikes, including missions to target the Libyan dictator.

After defecting to Britain, Mr Koussa was allowed to leave in mid-April for a summit on Libya despite protests by MPs and families of victims over his suspected role in ordering the 1988 Lockerbie terrorist attack in which 270 people were killed.
Thank you, Mr Koussa, if you repent yourself, you truly contribute your knowledge for your country’s future  Libya will forgive you and thankful for your contribution. I think if you are a wise man you would be grateful for this inviolable opportunity is given.   


"Let us use some of our frozen Libyan money to meet our basic needs and to buy commodities, fuel and medicine for our people in the liberated areas," Mr Shamiya of the Transitional National Council said in an interview on Tuesday in Benghazi.
Sense of urgency, Ok when your arses on fire you do still go through your little preciously red tape details?  and avoiding I-don’t-take-responsibilities-for-myself-make- a-bold-decision? Common you non-stick 9-5 jobs,  situation like this you have to be a bit of rascal,  cutting corners, Ok let the money through first and then  you take your  time 9-5 and your precious little details  to details make sure you are doing on your job but you are failed to do your job properly and rightfully, get it? So end of the day you are actually failer, you do your  little  job but you don’t do your goddame job doing what is best for your  country,  dragged into the much bigger mess politicly economically.  Of course cost much more!

Gosh do you think any of these people who make decision re: freezing  unfreezing the billions, do they know what they are getting into? Not alone they know economics? Why not take some advises from economists then they know they have very powerful tool to back up their arses just in cases!  

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Huge Defection

Huge high ranking officials  and Gaddafi’ family  defection will be  parlayed  the Gaddafi regime that is Gaddafi story end
TRIPOLI, Libya — After the NATO bombing and the rebel forces that have pushed forward at Misurata, only 130 miles from Tripoli, the greatest threat facing the Libyan government may lie in high-level defections that undermine morale and set senior officials to wondering who may be next to abandon Colonel Muammer el-Qaddafi’s elite.

Hello the world media please  more coverage  focuses on Gaddafis regime dismantle, encourage more defection, if any of these people unable to defection becase of their family Tripoli, no worries just across the cracking lines, you not have to declare your position until your family safe, just abundance Gaddafi.  Gaddfi’s house on fire fire,  more gasoline at the fire!!

WSJ, Mahmoud Jibril, the interim prime minister of the Libyan opposition government, is a desperate man with a fondness for medical metaphors. "If you're bleeding to death, you need a tourniquet, not another diagnosis," he told the diplomats, lobbyists and pro-democracy activists invited to a reception at the Libyan ambassador's elegant house in Washington, D.C., last Thursday.

I agree Mr Jibrill "If you're bleeding to death, you need a tourniquet, not another diagnosis,"  good on you Mr Jibrill you earn lots of respect for your try and hard work for standing up for the freedom fighters.

ICC Speedy Up

Al Jazeera - Gaddafi forces shell mountain towns, where is the Nato? it is easy to spot Gaddafis in this open area. and also ICC  judges should speedy up their decision the arrest warrant to the Gaddafis, eyes of public, zthere are compelling number of the evidences.
“…prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo's request for arrest warrants for Gaddafi, his son Seif al-Islam Gadhafi, and intelligence chief Abdullah Senussi. The judges will now have to decide whether to issue arrest warrants.”


This is a huge impact on Gaddafi, he is preparing his last, one or another way, there is would be major last attack so the Civilian fighters must fully alert.