Friday, September 30, 2011

OK AFL Grand Final

I am watching AFL Grand Final,  I am a huge fan of the MAGPIE, Collingwood, after my beloved soccer,  AFL is the next game.  


Magpie lost, but it is  a game of natur and end of the day,  knowing that Australia v Australia so that was OK, and always there is a winner and loser in our life. Without it that is not a game. So lose is OK too, because of the way how to lose, not bad things e.g. the AFL game Magpie did a great game but…, you lost to another Australia.  so that was OK, OK?!??????? Yes but it wouldn't so nice if the Magpie won!?

Why I become a Magpie fan? A  friend who immigrate  from Malta  some years ago, he is  an ardent Collingwood supporter, one Saturday afternoon  when he  first arrived  at Australia, he saw the AFL game on TV, which Collingwood played,  at  age of 16, he was smitten the Magpie,  the boy decided that the  Magpie is his team,  ever since he become crazy about Magpie! His story was compelling enough so I decide become a Magpie fan too!   You have problems with that?

 This Year 2011 IMF meeting , dealing wiht eurozone crisis, the goverenments  focus on bandages ankles while the patient orgain failer. While  the United States, where they have been continuse trying  to recicitate the docile patient  same time sucking all the oxyen out of the patient by giving poison  social  insurences ..., Oh man you are stucked by  breathless encountering, you have to chose one or another!  So confusing itn’t it. He hee this very interesting.
But there are two things different about today. First, the US labor market is failing so badly that expanded government spending carries no resource cost to society as a whole. Second, bond investors are being really stupid. In a world in which the S&P 500 has a 7% annual earnings yield, nobody should be happy holding a US government 30-year inflation-adjusted bond that yields 1% per year. That six-percentage-point difference in anticipated real yield is a measure of bond investors’ extraordinary and irrational panic. They are willing to pay 6% per year for “safety.”

I couldn’t agree with re: the bondmongers

Knights of Austerians v Keynesians

WoW Here is Krugman and Wolf armed with Keynesian and raised their  swords  supply and demand, chivalry challenge  saying “…The austerians have brought us to the brink of a vast disaster”  they have stuffed the world economy, thus the world is suffering, from now on all the world monetary policy leave up to the Keynesians.
Austerians v Keynesians set the grand final match,  they are divided by two sides who is going to be a umpire of vimpire? A tuft war, fighting with ferocity and gallantry,  never gives in inch both side! Fight! Rise your sword name of the kingdome of the world of economic!  So they should fighting with gallantry code, armed with wild wizardry sorcerers, calling for supply and demand sword of evils power to help their team win. We have to fix this son of bitch rotten depressive economy sake of the world. The Title is “Rocky 2011, the Ring Cycle!! Here is my encouragement of the grand match of the Knights Code of Chivalry.

Knights Code of Chivalry

The Chivalry  Economist  Knight with his gallantry amour and ready to defend their realm!  Should decent fight!  Yehee Yehee!!

Smart Governments

Here from Jeffrey D. Sachs, if countries are globally competitive they should be smart governments;
What globalization requires, therefore, are smart government policies. Governments should promote high-quality education, to ensure that young people are prepared to face global competition. They should raise productivity by building modern infrastructure and promoting science and technology. And governments should cooperate globally to regulate those parts of the economy – notably finance and the environment – in which problems in one country can spill over to other parts of the world.
The world’s most successful economies today are not in Asia, but in Scandinavia. By using high taxes to finance a high level of government services, these countries have balanced high prosperity with social justice and environmental sustainability. This is the key to well-being in today’s globalized economy. Perhaps more parts of the world – and especially the world’s young people – are beginning to recognize this new reality.

That is right that is proven track record, but also these countries have highest suicide rate and suffer from alcoholism too! Wonder why? Probably too comfortable their existence they have no incentive go out work, thinking too much drinking too much.

Believe or Not

Here the NYT is interesting article about the Arab Spring and emergence of its political systems as:

In Egypt, a similar impulse has begun to fracture the Muslim Brotherhood as a growing number of politicians and parties argue for a model inspired by Turkey, where a party with roots in political Islam has thrived in a once-adamantly secular system. Some contend that the absolute monarchy of puritanical Saudi Arabia in fact violates Islamic law.
“If the Islamic spectrum goes from Bin Laden to Erdogan, which of them is Islam?” Mr. Ghannouchi asked in a recent debate with a secular critic. “Why are we put in the same place as a model that is far from our thought, like the Taliban or the Saudi model, while there are other successful Islamic models that are close to us, like the Turkish, the Malaysian and the Indonesian models, models that combine Islam and modernity?” Keep reading

As I am a believer of the world of religion, all the religion made for us not we made for the religion without human there would be no religion;   Allah, Buddha and Christ…, the world religions teaches us all same thing benevolence, tolerant and against all evils …, why then the world become a such  blood sucker place? Full of biases,  we human are all xenophobia bunches. I think fundamentally we are all racists certain extent, and naturally against others if they are not our own kind… But we have to live together otherwise where should we all go?  The world is one until there is alternative universal is found, so we have to learn tolerance each other.  Put aside political mannoses,  I think.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sick Man Of Europe- No Magic Potion

NYT: Even if Europe Averts Crisis, Growth May Lag for Years!

Now Markel et al have 600 billon voltage needle in ready to inject to the sick man of Europe to cure, but that trillion dollar intervenes injection is not a cure-all, simply buying debts from banks to shift to the taxpayers that doesn’t cure the sick man, that may be buy short term equanimity, but the massive debt still there as a straightjacket for stopping the growth. Thus there is a no magic potion. Aha now we leave up to the irrational-human, the irrational-nature the irrational-economic self- resuscitations for the recovery along its humby dumpy road. Do you think we call for a help from natural healers for a ritual, calling spirits to guide to the recovery journey?

Euro Crisis Has A Treatment!

This from Krugman blog NYT

Krugman Blog

Eurozone sovereign debt default risk has a political treatment before spill all  over the places here how to tamed the risky and volatile sovereign debt son of bitch, before spill over places. As: A shock treatment “shock and awe”. Clemency! Injection voltage €1,000bn, …that way how to tame the crazy mental manic depressive risky scumbag…, Yeah…,! By Martin Wolf from FT via to Krugman. If my language is too colourful would you please stop right here, it is not intent to innocence pure people like you! hee heee you are not innocent becuase you read  THIS!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Amazigh Libyan city Zowara Democracy

What a wonderful to see the process of democracy!   Indeed Amazigh are  movers and shakers, and ferocious fighters too!

It is an old touching picture, the NTC Chief picture when he was  playing soccer!  

The Libyan President number is 6 the picture above.
The revolution belongs to all Libyans, secular or not Politicians' dangerous attempts to exclude some participants in the revolution risk alienating Libya's Islamists

We are grateful for the role played by the international community in protecting the Libyan people; Libyans will never forget those who were our friends at this critical stage and will endeavour to build closer relations with those states on the basis of our mutual respect and common interests. However, the future of Libya is for the Libyans alone to decide. We cannot compromise on sovereignty or allow others to interfere in our internal affairs, position themselves as guardians of our revolution or impose leaders who do not represent a national consensus...

Euro Elegies

Bloomberg: Stocks Advance on Optimism Europe Will Act

We will wait and see what is going to happen,  promises and acting are  two different thing.  

Europe has money but no political will to do it!    US President Barack Obama said to the European leaders "scaring the world" yes indeed.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weathering Height of The Euro

This from Krugman's blog NYT. The faith of the Euro is hand of German;

...If Germany had 4 percent inflation, they could do that over 5 years with stable prices in the periphery — which would imply an overall eurozone inflation rate of something like 3 percent.

But if Germany is going to have only 1 percent inflation, we’re talking about massive deflation in the periphery, which is both hard (probably impossible) as a macroeconomic proposition, and would greatly magnify the debt burden. This is a recipe for failure, and collapse.
If German let the Euro fail there would be another market crisis again but German would be gain, but then ripple effect, eventually collectively the world suffer. US$ would be the king of kings of the result? Or Yuan would be chipping the shoulder of US$. So go to the resources rich countries and invest on resources sector. Chinese staking up gold these days not buying US$ anymore. Wonder where all this end up.

From Al Jazeera, at the IMF World Bank meeting, warning each other another global melt down is possible, if the European countries not act together, they all fighting each other who is doing what. Anyway, all the leaders of the euro zone countries all sufficiently warned for some times, if they let the Euro fail what can we say! Especially Germany.

Wonder all of this, do you think the Euro will be around next decade?  Then which one is king of the kings?

AND afternoon

Here is Krugman’ today  NYT, his deadly warning. Everyone knows“  really really clemency if euro fails”  but they(leaders) are not willing to do the euro survival, or simply they don’t have incentive to do…!

Bit of listing this and make you feel better and btw have a nice glass of red too!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Irrational Human Irrational Economics

Gurus are saying don’t worry be happy, the economy is irrational so as the human being are; it can not be analysis number alone.  Here Krugman says, the economy stuck into “option value: the short rate could move up, but it can’t go down, so the yield curve has to be upward-sloping”:
… any further decline in expected inflation — which has plunged lately — will translate into a rise in real interest rates. And that will be a drag on the economy, leading to further inflation declines. Basically, we can get into the functional equivalent of a deflationary trap long before we reach actual deflation. And it starts around now.
So it can not be that bad, somehow this irrational thing along the way travels upward it may be cured itself along nicely. Could we just bit of narrative things that are bit of out of control? Anyway economic are human story itself therefore human are irrational. So don’t worry the tumbling market be happy!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Human Brotherhood

What a lovely! So gracefully said to his lover. Hee hee Leonard had major crash on Ludwig! Lovingly lovingly hee hee…! Licking all over Ludwig’s immortal grace! We all need infatuation with beauty, major crash on them gaga on crazy on things innocence things! In this rotten world we need to do that for our survival!

BTW hey this world also beautiful too! the other day when I went to the sea, saw a small weathered seaside cottage, just at the sea, crazy waves hair down dark blue and pierce, a very lonely grand stairway heaven, magnificence was really, took my breath away, my heart bumping I tasted the sea, it was salty, didn’t know whether  that was wind, so that was my treat. You know Beethoven was a nasty monster you know true known to be…!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Libya Amazing Beauty
 Garamantes: name of a nation of desert dwellers in the Fezzan (southwestern Libya, near modern Germa).

The country has not always been a desert. Between about 10,000 and 6,000 BCE, the country was more like a savanna, and there were perennial lakes. There were people living here, who are known as the makers of the "Wild fauna" art, named after the animals represented (e.g., Wadi Mathendous). Tools were made of flint stone. The sixth millennium, however, witnessed great droughts, and the area was completely abandoned... more reading in here
Intriguing part of old thing when it comes alive, is a bivalence. Just there sensual, therefore it is.   Benevolence yet destruction. Nothing arbitrary or artificial but a lovingly weathered natural and pure wisdom. It is affectionate and temperament. Immensity charged with profundity a life giver yet life taker. Enchanting emotion is purely wild and savage life itself. The life has been a cycle of  experience, a  depicted with succinct lively bold colours and motioned lines. Here is thousands of years ago, human repulses and struggles, their motive power of action, embalmed energy to drive its impulse, culpabilities to nature, it has been heartless fore yet is a benevolence ally. Unemotional yet full of emotions, inactive soil of destroyer and indomitable will of doer. Fully alive organism within, make its infertile body fully fertile, s/he is the initiator and control its internal force to meet its ever change external force. Extreme,  s/he has no moderation but loves so passionately and hates wholeheartedly.  S/he is so sensual lusty and mystical, unscrupulous and intuitive, know it all worldly and a pure childish,  a giver yet coldly calculative, a tentative friend and demand its majestically solitude; today duty bound  and tomorrow an atheist,  ardently temperamental and cool rational, utterly masculine yet utterly feminine, s/he is the  red desert.  Dream of wheels.

By the way I went the sea few days back, what an enchanting witch, was so  alive, O yes she was so ever caprice temperamental, rollerblading, was fully riding her waves wings of tanner.