Friday, November 30, 2012

Syria Revolutionary Control Oil Field

Oil field last under the control of rebels Syria rebel forces had captured the fourth of this month on the field Roses in the province of Deir ez-Zor, and most importantly in the region

Dear World, stop talking nonsense and DO SOMETHING!

Only when the World stop the killing in Syria, they would prove their so-called worries about Syria. Dear World, stop talking nonsense and DO SOMETHING!

Graphic video clip - terrorist criminal Assad  drone attacked Syrian civilian in Aleppo!  

Sing Beautifully -Lyrical Singers

After the victories of Islam Brigade and edited dozens of pieces in Damascus and its countryside.

Duma forever! terrorist assad will be gone forever! Syria is our prize! Syria forever! .... actually Syrian men are natural singers, beautiful rich  voice lyrical singers, I think that is come from recital Quran  in early age, training their voice! Also this revolution is immense  emotional entrenchment of their purpose, hope, dream sorrow, and passion and love!  They sing everywhere a kind of chant!  You know like me I can not sing my voice is very ugly I admit, even if I trained I could never sing beautiful like my brother, my brother has beautiful baritone voice, wish I could sing!    

What's on Syria

Here is what is going on Aleppo now

Protecting Syrian People

Statement form Khaled ibn al-Walid Brigades - the protection of Syrian civilians

Lovers' Lovers

Beautiful ritual, songs loving words that way lovers make themselves well  and strong again...

Friend of Syria Must ACT - No More Talking

Imagine how dreadful Assad has made it for Syrians to urge them take the initiative to follow their death in Al-Zaatari Camp, leaving them no better alternative !!!!

This dated 2012.11.15, terrorist Assad  fighter jet bomb residential area in Idlib! Unbelievable, no more talking  world should act now! 

Let FSA Defend thier Syria and Their Poeple

‘Friends of Syria’ step up pressure on Assad

1) Arming FSA revolutionary 
2) Recognition of the Opposition from all the Friends of Syria 

that is beginning of move more meeting after meeting, must have some action... not window dressing but tangible action, what is good thing about having lots of friends? you have to help not just talk but help please!

FSA Shot Down Total 61 Aircraft

FSA revolutionery  destroys 61 military aircraft of the terrorist assad army airplane in 7 months

Dara: 1 
Homs: 1 
Damascus: 3 
protectors: 3 
Damascus: 5 
Aleppo: 6 
Deir Ezzor: 10 
Idlib: 32 
Number of aircraft by Month: 
March: one plane 
June: 3 aircraft 
October: 4 aircraft 
July: 8 aircraft 
August 15 aircraft : 30 jet 
aircraft by place of beatings 
on the ground: 21 aircraft 
in the air: 40 aircraft jet 
aircraft by type 
: 24 
helicopters: 37 aircraft

Syria No Internet

Obviously what is going to criminal terrorist Assad, on the ground may be massive attack, but we all know this kind of things happen, so well prepared, US mobile system with FSA revolutionary have they don;t effect this information  black out!   Clearly terrorist Assad regime cornered!

Assault on Rebels Damascus,

Syria's communications cut as troops mount assault near Damascus

Residents carry the body of a girl whom activists say was killed after an air strike by a Syrian Air Force fighter jet loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad in Daria, near Damascus November 29, 2012. 

Syrian troops have mounted an assault on rebels near Damascus, closing off the road to the airport amid a widespread telecommunications outage, as the US weighed what further help it can give the rebels.
You know, ...think of your own children what is like to me in that situation, you can not let this happen continually... world must act, must act...!   

Death of unsc

Question you could ask why Damascus  Christian neighborhood boomed yesterday? Because of unsc, it gives Russia something argue about it, every time unsc meeting or other meeting always Syria has been bombed by terrorist Assad and blame  FSA revolutionary. 

One day before the clip appeared, hackers from the group Anonymous leaked what they claim is a cache of documents stolen from the Syrian Foreign Ministry. As first reported by the non-profit investigative news organization, ProPublica, one set appears to detail shipments from Moscow to Damascus of 240 tons of newly printed Syrian money, which the Russian government has publicly acknowledged printing for the Assad regime. Another document looks to be a flight plan for four shipments of refurbished helicopters, also going from Moscow to Syria. The shipments, whose cargo the document lists in English as “old copter after overhauling,” include one delivery on Nov. 21, a second one on Nov. 28, and two more planned for the first week of December. According to the document, the payment for these shipments was made “in cash,” and their circuitous route through the skies above Iran, Iraq and Azerbaijan would circumvent the airspace of all the countries that have imposed a weapons embargo on Syria.

Read more:

Hoping  the world is not fooled by Russian endless lies and nonsensical  justification ! gosh how much the world hate unsc, it is not dead yet?  

Here is another meeting 

Friends of Syria rebels meet in Tokyo

DELEGATES from more than 60 countries have gathered in Tokyo in an attempt to ramp up pressure on Bashar al-Assad's regime in Syria.
So it appears that very convincing the Damascus bomb carried out by terrorist Assad regime for blaming the Opposition, give doubt these 60 countries of the revolutionary  and at unsc  Russia can argue  nothing out of something to argue

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Just be Normal
Important. Communications and Internet cut off in most of the provinces, but not there anything to worry about so far on all levels ... Please pray for the people inside and not contributing to the deployment of any rumors that may be issued in these timesE or. Communications and the Internet are broken in most provinces but nothing to worry about so far on all levels ... Please pray for the people and not to publish any rumors may be issued at such times

 Very normal process, this can happen, any company provide any alternative?  Easy to set up, around boarders, specialists FSA revolutionary, fertile market, remember  Syria is open road to access  five countries. 

Involving Sense of Urgency

 WASHINGTON — The Obama administration, hoping that the conflict in Syria has reached a turning point, is considering deeper intervention to help push President Bashar al-Assad from power, according to government officials involved in the discussions.

While no decisions have been made, the administration is considering several alternatives, including directly providing arms to some opposition fighters.
Other, more distant options include directly providing arms to opposition fighters rather than only continuing to use other countries, especially Qatar, to do so. A riskier course would be to insert C.I.A. officers or allied intelligence services on the ground in Syria, to work more closely with opposition fighters in areas that they now largely control.
Administration officials discussed all of these steps before the presidential election. But the combination of President Obama’s re-election, which has made the White House more willing to take risks, and a series of recent tactical successes by rebel forces, one senior administration official said, “has given this debate a new urgency, and a new focus.”
“The administration has figured out that if they don’t start doing something, the war will be over and they won’t have any influence over the combat forces on the ground,” said Jeffrey White, a former Defense Intelligence Agency intelligence officer and specialist on the Syria military. “They may have some influence with various political groups and factions, but they won’t have influence with the fighters, and the fighters will control the territory.”
Finally come to sense, all but performance, you see FSA revolutionary winning now US et al sense of urgency to involve, hahaha… good great! Otherwise they may be missed out the opportunity! Oil pumping in,  geographically superb strategic  position and also what else you want more prize than  very well educated young population 23 million friends and they need 60 billion reconstruction Syria, you need play key role to get all these nice things shares.  

What's On Syria Today

Homs moon

Children play at old Jesuit  monastery Homs

Wow heroes kick a killer strike swiftly  to terrorist assad's  face!

AND   Here you  can really see horrors, heroes their family unimaginable suffering

Simple wooden bier carries the hero golden journey to his beloved Syria  free from the shackle!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

No More Airstrike

Your aircraft, O Bashar became like flies in front of blows our heroes .. 
Photo wrecked plane, which dropped in the sky of the city of Dara Aza brigade are free circuit Azza Jundallah's originality and development front

WWWOOOWW antoher one! FSA heroes have killer weapons, anything move their space, it will end up like this wreckage! Hooray! Celebration of FSA cool killer skill! They are so good, every media are saying now that  FSA revolutionary prowess fighting skill is very impressive!

Childern are Most Suffer

No one has right to deprive children like that way, there is 130 countries the UN Assembly  against terrorist regime, but why can't they supporting FSA et al and arm them so that this atrocity  forward the ending faster!

Stirring up Sectarian

Syriaconflict: Twin bomb blasts shake Damascus suburb

At least 34 people have been killed and many injured by two car bomb explosions in a south-eastern district of Syria's capital, Damascus, state media report.
State television said "terrorists" were behind the blasts in Jaramana and broadcast pictures showing several charred vehicles and damaged buildings.
The district is predominantly Druze and Christian, two communities which have so far not joined the uprising
In my view very much terrorist Assad job for stirring up sectarian, the attack is not characteristic for  FSA revolutionary  et al, they never attack civilian, they only attack terrorist Assad regime.   evidently Christian and Druze move quietly to support this revolution so terrorist Assad try to string up!  

Visit father Paolo to the liberated territories of rural idleb during last week, who was kicked out by  terrorist Assad because of his out outspokenness this horrible regime  months back, now he come back! that is why~!

Mass Destruction at Homs

Tuesday, November 27, 2012



Weapon That Shoot Eemeny Heart

This weapon is to kill terrorist Assad regime! he says, we have many he says! We now can kill choppers and jets we now no more hiding under ground! but we shot them! He says!

Arming FSA

Syria from Al Jazeera 

Reuters has provided us with a few images of  the damage at an unfinished refugee camp that the FSA says was destroyed by Syrian government air strikes in Bab Al-Hawa, near the Syria-Turkey border:

look at this, terrorist assad even can not bear Syrian people refugee have feeble camps either, Russia and Iran  sending weapon and money and singsong about their bizarre justification. Hurry up, our side wining, using this powerful motivational of FSA revolutionary wining strike give them what they want, they can  now shot down choppers fighter jets,   blow everything up, that is fastest way end this immense suffering Syrian people! 

Oily Revenge

"This is mass punishment. The regime is striking at civilian areas to make the people pay a price for not standing against advancing opposition forces," Khashan said. "The regime is desperate and wants to make the price of its opponents' victory costly.
"Olive oil is a main staple in Syria. Tens of thousands of tons are produced annually....
Oily revenge now, US et al what is waiting for, do not hangs around not arming FSA revolutionary anymore! 
According to the NYT, apparently, acutely terrorist gangs fighter jet targeting on deliberately the olive oil factory and the people who were working there.

I and the Lightning

Last night I wake up middle of night, I don’t know what time was, I thought  of Kakadu National Park, few years back I went there, and I had an incredible experience of a phenomenon “ all of sudden sky withdrew his blue sky and replacing his dark velvety face and  breathless spewed powerful Lightning millions Lightning  strike into from sky to  dark raining field everywhere all around, yes  Lightning dance, fast dynamic powerful dance  mass dance party”  immensely powerful dark sky was showing off his  magnificent skill of choreography and dancing! I was all alone( everyone afraid and disappeared) standing at the top of this a huge rock,  the only audience his magnificent show and I could see all dimensional sights and sounds his movement, dark immensely powerful phenomenon, he was very ardently angry yet very benevolent so I was not afraid but very comforting something immensely enchanting fascinating of watching his magnificent  heavenly show, heavy rain, I was spellbind by,  just standing there watching with awe!  Indeed I was privileged his magnificent show all alone. Every time I think of the phenomena I am very emotional I am deeply grateful. Anyway last night I was thinking of dark phenomenon and all of sudden this a huge earth shaking noise shake night, my heart was pounding with enthrall and joy, yeah  that was naughty  Lightning,  he come to my dream  wake me up middle of night  too.  And I went to sleep again!

BTW I love Lightning,  when returned the hotel from the rock above, almost washed away because of appalling rain another Lighting strike off the hotel flagpole, WOW that was awesome!

Another BTW, my grandmama used to say, when you are intentionally wrongdoing you will be punish by sky wrath, so anyone feel guilty you should not go out when Lightning hangs around, your head might be strike off by his wrath! Why my Lightning not punish all these despots?   The judgement day is coming! Why so many Innocent people suffer in this way!  

Monday, November 26, 2012

Very Civilized Statement

"I remind you that in line with the principles of international law, no state can take measures aimed at the forced change of a government in another state."

"A desire to change the political regime of another state by recognising a political force as the sole carrier of sovereignty seems to me to be not completely civilised," he added.

Read the above Russia prim minister utter civilized statement, yeah, the principals of intentional law any despot gun point to their people and country  to seize power make their own family firm and personal salve , and years years strip off the people’s freedom and dignity,  make them enslaved with terror, and one day the great people finally waken up and had enough of despots,  they demand their country and their freedom back and  despots shot and kill  them, bomb their house, towns and drive them out their own land and make them stateless orphans instead!   yearh   yearh, yes Russia is holding  hand the terrorist criminal  assad who never have been a lawful in that position first place,  yeah yeahee very civilized indeed! Gosh what a noble civilized  comments! Everyone blood is boiling in  a such hot noble comment! 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Contiguously Payback


Video posted on Youtube appears to show Syrian rebels in control over a military airport base east of Damascus.
It could confirm reports that fighters seized the Marj al-Sultan base on Sunday morning.

If they keep going payback to the terrorist assad with bullets, missiles and bloods  what they received last 20 months with vengeance and end of the day, there is nothing left for they can payback even if they want?!

Farewell Ritual

Every ritual has a beauty  and grace, grand wooden biers with red shrouded wits of wild leaves corsage of the cloud we long for our eternity- farewell heroes, your heroic love is a medallion of humanity

Solving The World Extreme-Extremist Phobia

In Syria, unity proves elusive to oppositionforces:

The U.S. plans to step up its efforts to work with key backers of the opposition -- such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and France -- to build a stronger command structure. U.S. officials specifically applaud the efforts of several military council commanders who have tried to foster unity, such as Col. Abdul-Jabbar Akidi in Aleppo, Col. Afif Suleiman in Idlib and Gen. Ziad al-Fahd and Col. Khalid Alhoubos in Damascus. 
Unfortunately, the rebel military council leadership was not included in the Doha effort. Military leaders such as Akidi thought they would be invited, but the invitations never came. This has added to demoralization.  ( I underlined).

This is a huge mistake and will be problems, because military is instinctively  institution of " command and order". knowing most majority of  FSA revolutionary are defectors, or if not some kind of military style of compliance background,  even  FSA et al not a normal military in this context but they are still follow their commanders, their  loyalty is not “hotel leadership” but to their commanders and their comrade on the ground sharing for hardship of unspeakable war. They are not only fighting but also they managing liberate areas as well and they know the people and the ground( I saw them barking breads and collecting rubbish too for the towns).  I am not sure why they have not been invited by the Doha meeting.  They are the key players on the ground and they are paying their blood for the revolution. Without sincerer  inclusive leadership,  the new opposition leadership will be difficult to control the ground revolutionaries, that is why they called prior or new opposition leaderships as " hotel revolutionary" "who does do you think you are!" that kind of attitude.  The new leadership's top down old mentality, can not command people's hearts. They should going for "people's hearts" not their heads.  I personally have seen so many  organizations were ruined  because of old archive pieces mentality, they don’t know what is wrong with their thinking because they don’t know any other way. But effective successful leadership must earned people's love.  People are not stupid, in this  revolution,   if leadership more of power mongering-hungry( which old SNC failed)  instead of, their sincerity, ready to sacrifice for their revolution as the FSA revolutionary et al  are doing under ground they will be faces a road block. 

I don’t consider, in my view, I don’t think extremists is not a big problems, yes if continues world not intervene and left it as its own course yes it will be naturally, but it is small minority and they are having very good relationship with FSA revolutionary, after all they are very humanistic in Syria, they care Syrian people and very skilled fighters and they love martyrdom which is not FSA pieces of cake. Circumspective the world discrimination but in Syria, while the world dumb deaf blinded, they offers their hearts and expertise specialist skills  to Syrian people. If FSA revolutionary (leadership) is the part of new opposition leadership and restore their truly respective military position and dignity( now they are more than just military but heroes of all trade!)   as they deserve, with money and weapons,  that is not only the revolutionary wining strategy but  also solving the world extreme-extremist phobia too!

All Fronts Besieged Homs

The original copy of the film hours on all fronts Homs inside siege film that aired on Al Jazeera Channel directly was the exclusion of some sections of it the report of the activist Abu Maaz portray Abu Khaled Abu Rami montages

Awesome immensely courageous FSA revolutionary activities on the ground, beneath rubbles,  they are so skinny under weight! Almost most Syrian children too are under weight look!

Wounded Syria

Massive destruction besieged Khalidiya Distraction Homs 2012 11 25

Beautiful Final Touch

Beautiful skillful foot work, yeah yeah around around  and  a powerful medium strike to terrorist assad  head and blow him off, make him headless dumbfound chicken!

 Dar Al Shifa Hospitalf, 72 hours later still they are looking for bodies under rubbles, hoping soon they will bury terriost assad gangs under rubbles too!

And of course yours forever! Worthy of fighting for!

Where is all the people? Wonder where all the sounds of people, dead empty streets only silence is barking its tales louder louder...

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Syria Forgotten Refugees

Syria about 2 hours ago
The number of Syrian refugees registered in neighbouring countries has nearly doubled since the beginning of September to more than 440,000, according to the the UN refugee agency on Friday.

Yet still many Syrians still are fleeing to the Turkish border, Many have fled to a camp in the Syrian village of Atmeh on the Turkish border.

Al Jazeera's Andrew Simmons reports from Atmah.

So everything so bloody politics, all these people immense suffering,   countries politicking their own agendas and endless games, end of the day, humanity is will be the winner! no matter what how much you play geopolitical games, without humanity your foreign  policy will be domed! Watch out your back whoever standing beside terrorist Assad who sustains his  feeble life string of blood and agony of Syrian people!

 families living hell Credit to Bassem Hajkhalid,remarkable man. His school needs support.

Syria for All Syrian People

Syria brings Kurds and Arabs together they are brothers and sisters.


The Dreams That You Dreamed of...

And the dreams that you dreamed of
Once in a lullaby ii ii iii
Somewhere over the rainbow
Blue birds fly
And the dreams that you dreamed of
Dreams really do come true ooh ooooh
Someday I'll wish upon a star
Wake up where the clouds are far behind me ee ee eeh
Where trouble melts like lemon drops
High above the chimney tops that's where you'll find me oh
Somewhere over the rainbow bluebirds fly
And the dream that you dare to,Oh why, oh why can't I?

Friday, November 23, 2012

Should not Manuplated by Sectarian Game

Will Syria’s rebels face a Kurdish front?

...The regime recognizes the historic tensions between Arabs and Kurds, the incompatibility of pan-Islamism and Kurdish nationalism, in addition to Turkey’s escalating ongoing conflict with Kurdish separatists. 
This enabled al-Assad to manipulate these realities to his strategic advantage. By withdrawing from the mainly Kurdish northeast this past summer, the regime opened the gates for a Kurdish escalation. With al-Assad’s enemies now struggling to liberate areas from his tanks, fresh fighting between Kurdish militias and Syrian rebels around Aleppo threatens a second front for the already bruised Syrian opposition. 
While the al-Assads have suppressed Kurds with decades of “Arabization,” Bashar calculated early on that his Kurdish subjects, as a whole, were unlikely to fight alongside the opposition. Not out of any loyalty, but for historic and strategic reasons.  
So far, al-Assad’s gambit has paid off. Kurdish interests vary but often contradict those of their ethnic neighbors. We may call them Syrian or Iraqi Kurds, but their interests are anything but Syrian or Iraqi. That, however, did not stop the opposition from seeking Kurdish fighters to join their ranks.  
Unfortunately for the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and the Syrian National Council (SNC), these negotiations failed. The Kurds were reluctant to shed blood for a mainly Arab-Islamist opposition that was unable to offer autonomy in post-bellum Syria. Since then, Syrian Kurds are charting their own course.  
Not surprisingly, al-Assad has manipulated Kurdish neutrality for his own benefit. His army’s coordinated withdrawal from Kurdish areas in the summer was a serious development. That redeployment purposefully left hard-line Kurdish militias in control, thereby posing serious strategic problems not only for Syrian rebels, but for al-Assad’s new Turkish enemy to the north. Turkey as a rule is opposed to any Kurdish gains in Syria given concerns over its own restive Kurdish population.

FSA should make one front, this is a leadership problems, in early days,  SNC leadership were attacking every fronts, Jews example, when you don't have much resources you have to concentration your energy and resources focus. So question we can ask  as, i) How  FSA revolutionary to make deal with Kurdish? ii) Least let the Kurdish stand as neutral at the moment, so FSA not have to confront another front. iii) FSA revolutionary should think Syria interest comes first(wining this war), not Turkish or any others but theirs first, then make their picture clear, after all Kurdish  are Syrian too remember that.    

West bit of precise action and not swayed by what other saying i.e. Iran and Russia are running the terrorist Assad regime now, and Syrian people or Kurdish or another minority should not played by terrorist Assad sectarian game. 

Here also an article from the economist about this issue! 

Here also ...