Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I and the Lightning

Last night I wake up middle of night, I don’t know what time was, I thought  of Kakadu National Park, few years back I went there, and I had an incredible experience of a phenomenon “ all of sudden sky withdrew his blue sky and replacing his dark velvety face and  breathless spewed powerful Lightning millions Lightning  strike into from sky to  dark raining field everywhere all around, yes  Lightning dance, fast dynamic powerful dance  mass dance party”  immensely powerful dark sky was showing off his  magnificent skill of choreography and dancing! I was all alone( everyone afraid and disappeared) standing at the top of this a huge rock,  the only audience his magnificent show and I could see all dimensional sights and sounds his movement, dark immensely powerful phenomenon, he was very ardently angry yet very benevolent so I was not afraid but very comforting something immensely enchanting fascinating of watching his magnificent  heavenly show, heavy rain, I was spellbind by,  just standing there watching with awe!  Indeed I was privileged his magnificent show all alone. Every time I think of the phenomena I am very emotional I am deeply grateful. Anyway last night I was thinking of dark phenomenon and all of sudden this a huge earth shaking noise shake night, my heart was pounding with enthrall and joy, yeah  that was naughty  Lightning,  he come to my dream  wake me up middle of night  too.  And I went to sleep again!

BTW I love Lightning,  when returned the hotel from the rock above, almost washed away because of appalling rain another Lighting strike off the hotel flagpole, WOW that was awesome!

Another BTW, my grandmama used to say, when you are intentionally wrongdoing you will be punish by sky wrath, so anyone feel guilty you should not go out when Lightning hangs around, your head might be strike off by his wrath! Why my Lightning not punish all these despots?   The judgement day is coming! Why so many Innocent people suffer in this way!