Friday, November 9, 2012

Forced Them United


The United Nations has projected that the current number of Syrian refugees, estimated at 400,000, could reach upto 700,000 by early 2013 if fighting continues at its current pace in Syria.
Below is a breakdown of Syrian refugee levels based on government and UNHCR figures:

112, 939
81,605 registered with UNHCR; 31,182 awaiting registration
Iraq49,032; 40,602 hosted in Kurdistan
Since July 18, 2012, 52,707 Iraqis crossed from Syria into Iraq. The majority are not believed to have been registered as refugees while in Syria
Turkey: 111, 890
Estimate based on government figures dated Nov 06 
North Africa7,844
Registered with UNHCR 
Armenia, Georgia Cyprus, Greece 18,000
Among other European nations

To be frank SNC is out of touch, they must united, and they failed long ago for their leadership, immense cost  and so many people blood. In this instant, the stakes is high let them decide who gets what and failed to united on front! I think US et al tell them or what they want.  Or organized for them their leadership and pick and choose. All of the SNC people come from outside, not inside Syria, I am not undermining their ability but they too occupied their own size of pie. The world community or Syrian people can not afford to wait any longer this abysmal ineffectual people fighting their own size pie and unable to  make their mind up while so many innocent people are dying, paying their blood for this revolution and so many people faced immensely hard winter without properly equip their living condition, this ungrateful out of touch SNC fight for their own piece of pie. Why US et al tolerate this kind of abysmal group, expense of their own people money and millions of Syrian people suffering and agony?  Inside Syria, Syrian people are asking international community help, as the world looking up and expecting Yankee do the job as always has been!  Hence at the Doha meeting,  the Syrian opposition can not make their own mind, well then US et al should tell them what to do! Sake of millions of Syrian and solving problems. the international community should not tolerate the small group of people who are fighting their  lousy piece of pie. They can not make their mind up well then intentional international community make for them!

See how much innocence Syrian people are suffering!