Sunday, November 18, 2012

Gaza Distracting Syrian Atrocity News

When Our Policies in Syria Have Failed…

My Sunday column is from Syria, trying to capture some of the humanitarian catastrophe unfolding there. Partly because it’s a civil war, partly because it’s hard to get the story, it has faded somewhat from the headlines. It’s an interesting contrast with the Gaza, which deservedly is a huge international story — but so is Syria, where about 1,000 times as many have died. Indeed, one of my concerns is that the Israeli strikes on Gaza (and a ground invasion if, God forbid, it happens) play into Assad’s hands by distracting the world from his brutality..... 

Israeli army said it might have killed Syrian soldiers after it fired artillery into Syria late on Saturday in response to gunfire aimed at its troops in the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights.
Yes we only access what is going on inside Syria very few outside  journalists where they able to get into, mostly  FSA revolutionary  liberated areas, now Homs for example we don’t; know how long it has been shelling by the terrorist Assad, but very heavy shelling for month and months, very limited news what is going on there only through few of inside  heroic ground activists risking their life, filmed and documented and post on the Facebook and other medias, some of activists disappeared from public view for months we don’t know what have happen to their where about….( This from Al Jazeera for example, this dairy entry was July 22)…  Syrian people have to have a concentration, singled mined on their revolution so that when their turn they can strong healthy enough to help other too!