Saturday, November 17, 2012

Syria Council Establish Ambassador

France to Let Syria Council Establish Ambassador
Mr. Khatib said the new envoy to France would be Mounzir Makhous, describing him as “one of the first to speak of liberty” in Syria and an Alawite, the minority sect to which Syria’s president belongs. Mr. Hollande said that France would find housing and an office for the new ambassador, since the current embassy is the property of the Syrian government.

Surely no one says the revolutionaries are not united.  Its first Ambassador is  an Alawite, so there!  Hehe the embassy is the same one that the terrorist Assad regimes used to, that make terrorist regime out of joint! Gosh what a start! Merci, France!

Syrian children at a dark class room because no electricity but they are all happy!

BTW all these country “ friend of Syria” they all joint the bandwagon and make endorsements by granting  the  legitimacy of the leadership of the great Syrian people revolution, that make their dream come true fast speed and stop blood shedding!  Every each country’s endorsement will be save many children's life and granting safety of their future!