Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Extremely Worry About Extremists!


President Barack Obama says he's encouraged that the Syrian opposition has formed a new, more representative leadership council.
But he says the US isn't ready to recognise the group as a "government in exile" or to arm it.
Obama said at a White House news conference Wednesday that the U.S. believes that the new council is "a legitimate representative of the aspirations of the Syrian people".
But he says his administration isn't prepared to recognise the group as a successor to Syrian President Bashar Assad's government.
Obama also says the US isn't currently considering sending weapons to Assad foes because of concerns the arms might fall into the hands of extremists and damage regional security.
On Tuesday, France became the first Western country to formally recognize the new opposition coalition.
Good a great step, in fact President Obama made a statement, no one expect US open its arm to first go! It is encouragement, so the Syrian leadership try harder to obtain the international community supporting! President Obama extremely worry about extremists! that is all!  So now the time again FSA revolutionary  change to become bit of moderation, like the blow  below octopus.   

P.S. The Syrian new leadership must persistent, resilient, if US says "no" the Syrian leadership take it as "yes" that kind of attitude! Never give up, give in and saying " We  the best, you can not afford not supporting us, you are the great and biggest democracy in the world you  have obligation for the Syrian people....!!"  What you have been through, for your people and  the future for Syria surly you can do it!  In history most countries with their great leadership born with struggles!!   The world humanity, -set the record straight-  can not afford let terrorist Assad get away with what he has done with his own people and Syria!!