Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wrong Leadership Immense Cost of Humanity

Syria    From Al Jazeera 

Syrian government warplanes have bombarded a building in Aleppo’s al-Shaar neighbourhood , turning it into rubble. Activists sent us the following footage from there:

Destroying bombing their own country and their own innocent people is pure terrorism, that is what terrorist Assad and his criminal regime have been doing last 20 months.  Millions of homes  have been destroyed and millions of people displacement  and tens thousand were killed and missing. History tell us, a stupid  wrong leadership   immense cost of  humanity not  immense only human cost but economic cost,  Syria needs 60 billion to rebuilt  her battered soil, but this is only tip of iceberg, how about the opportunity cost? That is probably much more than that and years to come to  and haunting, all these wounded people physically  psychologically and their education,   but Syria is young vibrant and her resilient   soil will be rebound back when this terrorist  assad and few of his gang are buried, that is why we choose our leadership carefully, not chose a terrorist whose intention has been  terrorist intention if he can not sustain his in power.